Monday, November 28, 2022

Voting Sanctity and Integrity Lost
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Now that we're 20 days out from the “Red Wave” that wasn't, I've had time to contemplate on the sad fact that we lost across the midterm board because Republican party leaders let us all down. RINOs for the most part, Mitch McConnell and crew were too busy and too cheap to help both Republican and conservative candidates running in what should have been easily won House and Senate races. 

Republicans had the platform, Republicans had the momentum, but Joe Biden's falsely spewed “our democracy is at stake” nonsense drew Democrat voters to the polls in higher numbers than it did Republican voters. And this was no matter that their party did not address the true issues concerning voters, as in record high inflation, rising gas prices, the increase in crime, and the invasion at our southern name but a few. Resonating with Republicans alone, I do not want to hear any Democrat whining about prices at the pump and/or at the grocery store for “Let them eat cake”...and choke on it I might add.

This midterm election, like the election of 2020, was rife with fraud...fraud we knew was coming yet did nothing about even with Republican leaders knowing well that the Democrats would play dirty across the board. And with, as expected, almost all contested elections flipping to the Democrats even when Republicans were way ahead at first tally count, the same excuses were given now as they were before...voter irregularities; malfunctioning machines; mail-in ballots suddenly appearing that needed to be counted; tabulation errors or missteps; and the ever popular the Democrats forgetting to tabulate both the “dead” and the “illegal” vote in what should have been a timely manner.

Yet our Republican leaders stood by not uttering even a peep when we lost the Senate seat in Arizona after Blake Masters suddenly saw his original lead not so slowly slipping away after his opponent, Mark Kelly, in “extended counting” pulled ahead. And the same goes for Arizona's governors race where Katie Hobbs, Arizona's current Secretary of State whose job description includes being Arizona's chief elections officer/overseer...pulled ahead of Republican Kari Lake, again only when counting days were extended. Nice huh...unethical to say the least as Hobbs refused to recuse herself...conflict of interest and all...and yet Republican voices, for the most part, were nowhere then and are nowhere now to be found.

And this very same scenario was seen in many different House, Senate, and governors races...extend the tally time allowing the race for said seat to not so miraculously turn blue even when a Republican was previously ahead. Nevada's Senate seat is another example of late counted and/or suddenly appearing mail-in ballots allowing for the Senate to remain in Democrat control. Also, isn't it odd that the uber liberal 'Associated Press' called the Nevada Senate race for Democrat Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto after a batch of votes from the Las Vegas area suddenly gave her a 5,000 vote lead that they alone determined she would not relinquish even if Republican candidate Adam Laxalt made gains in rural Nevada counties that were yet still counting votes. Simply, Laxalt's 19,000 vote lead on election night fell to but 900 votes because of extended counting time, questionable for sure.

So now it seems the liberal media is allowed to officially call an election even before all votes are counted, it's no wonder that half this country has zero confidence in our election process, and rightly so. And they did this no matter that the December 6th Georgia runoff election between Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock still has to take place. But in the scope of things that race really doesn't matter for all a Walker win would do is allow for a 50-50 Senate split with lamebrain Kamala Harris again being the deciding vote.

However, with some Democrats claiming that a Warnock win would actually allow Joe Biden's agenda to become “Manchin proof” to them 51 votes to Republicans then 49 votes...thereby not needing Harris' tie-breaking vote...they best not count on it for at times Joe Manchin has indeed done the right thing and voted with the Republicans against the Biden agenda. But also know that while we Republicans have gotten our hopes up in regards to Joe Manchin switching over to the red side of the aisle, when push came to shove we were let down when more times than not he caved to the Democrat elite. And yet with Manchin's now being hopping mad at Biden's remarks about completely shutting down America's coal industry...his state of West Virginia's main industry...I can only hope he goes “Tulsi Gabbard” on the Democrats (even if he were to become an Independent) which would not only negate a Warnock win, but send the Senate majority over to our side on many key votes.

A girl can wish now can't she...sigh...especially with it now being obvious that we Republicans need new leaders, new ideas, and new modes of messaging to take place.

So with it having taking a week to announce that the Republicans had officially gained control of the House... something we suspected would happen on election night...albeit now by a very small has to wonder about not just the current lack of election integrity, but how do we restore honor to the election process itself. And the answer is quite simple, as in we follow the law as set down in the Constitution.

First let's discuss who can and cannot vote. According to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, voting is a right afforded to “citizens of the United States,” note the word “citizens” with the Fifteenth Amendment specifically stating, “the right of citizens of the United States to vote.” Again notice the all-important word “citizens” for nowhere in the Constitution does it say that in illegals or even permanent residents...can vote. In fact there are four amendments to the Constitution that while expanding the right vote, as in the 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendments, they all all still include the word “citizen.” And yet we know illegals are indeed voting, most especially in blue important constitutional breech Republican leaders have yet to address or even seem to want to address.

And while the Constitution gives the states under Article I, Section 4, Clause 1, the right to chose the “Times, Places, and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof...” it says not a word about extending the time frame by which votes are cast, harvested and/or counted. In fact, in regards to federal elections...which includes the federal midterms...the Constitution states there is to be a designated “Election Day” in "the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November"...thus setting a real deadline for voting. Simply, there is no mention in the Constitution to an “Election Week” or an “Election Month,” as the U.S. Constitution clearly states that votes are to be cast within a single day, and that said votes are to be counted by the end of a given deadline period with no mention of extensions for suddenly turning up late ballots. And while mail-in ballots per se are not addressed, the constitutional time frame regarding casting one's vote on a single day should apply here as well for no form of voting is more rife with tampering and fraud than is mail-in ballots.

But we all know that in recent elections the Constitution's words have not applied let alone been enforced as our elections have become a free for all cheat fest. Folks are indeed voting illegally and in some cases multiple times, and more so than not it's being done in blue states while election officials in those states look away what with the Democrats quest for power being allowed to override the rule of law that is the Constitution. So I say back to the Constitution we go, and with that in-person voting is done on Election Day early voting allowed...and that mail-in ballots are only for the infirm, the housebound, the military, and young “citizens” away at out of state colleges and universities.

Simply, if you cannot give up one day to do your civic duty maybe you shouldn't be voting at all. And the whining that “I'll miss work” or whatever no longer holds true as most businesses do give time off to vote. And maybe here alone is one place where a constitutional amendment is needed stating that on the day designated as “Election Day” that all polls must remain open until everyone in line is given their chance to vote. This sure would cut down on the fraud committed courtesy of both mail-in and early votes cast.

Also, in today's age of computers there is absolutely no reason why votes cannot be tallied within a single 24-hour time frame. Voting in person on “Election Day” tends to leave little chance of fraud being committed, especially if the rule of law would dictate that everyone voting must present proof, via ID, that they're a “citizen” and of age to vote. You do need proof to open a bank account, or even to secure a credit card or a drivers license, so why is ID deemed racist or voter suppression when asking for ID to vote. Simply, it's not except for those determined to commit fraud by whatever means possible and for those condoning and even encouraging such fraud to be committed in order for Democrats to stay in power.

Simple solutions to what has now allowed our beloved America to become but a laughing stock world over, for the “Home of the Free, and the Land of the Brave,” now sees the sanctity of the vote...the very thing our brave men and women in uniform gave their lives to protect...being but fodder for late night comedians and ubber leftist politicians now joyously heralding the fall of our American “republic”...may she sadly “Rest in Peace.” Case closed.

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