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Trump: Impeachment 'Should Not Even Be Allowed to Proceed'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Friday that she was finally willing to transmit two articles of impeachment over to the Senate next week so the upper chamber could begin its impeachment trial of the president. On Sunday, President Trump tweeted his thoughts on the looming Senate trial, echoing concerns that such a trial only gives credence to the partisan House witch hunt that masqueraded itself as a legitimate impeachment inquiry.
Iranian protesters: “We don’t want the Islamic Republic”

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

Iranian protesters: “We don’t want the Islamic Republic”
Jan 12 – Tehran, #IranStudents at Beheshti University debunking the regime's lies. "Our enemy is right here; they lie that it's the US""We don't want the Islamic republic" — Heshmat Alavi (@HeshmatAlavi) January 12, 2020 But the mullahs need not be concerned. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest will do their level best to […]

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Texas Becomes First State to Reject Refugee Resettlement

The first of many where the people actually still have a voice.

Texas Becomes First State to Reject Refugee Resettlement

Lone Star state has taken 10% of all refugees in last decade

By: Charles Fain Lehman, WFB

Texas governor Greg Abbott (R.) on Friday told the State Department that his state will become the first in the nation to refuse federal refugee resettlement.

In a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Abbott wrote that in the wake of the border crisis that rocked the state in 2019, Texas lacks the state and private capacity to deal with even more demand on its humanitarian resources.

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The Ugliness That Is Political Correctness

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Over the years, both together and separately, we have written in our respective blogs and spoken about on our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio show the insanity of "political correctness." In fact, the very term "political correctness" is itself quite telling

To examine the abject insanity of it, the term must be separated into its two parts, and perhaps the best way to go about that is to examine it back to front starting with the word “correctness,” which basically has three definitions. First, “correctness” is “the quality or state of being free from error; accuracy,” and there's nothing wrong in that definition. Second, “the quality of being right in an opinion or judgment” is the second definition of “correctness,” and again, that's perfectly acceptable as a definition. But the third definition, “conformity to accepted social standards,” shows just where the definition of “correctness” goes to “hell in a handbag.”

Then there's the word “political,” the front part of the phrase with said word having two distinct definitions. The first definition states, “in a way that relates to the government or public affairs of a country,”  which seems pretty straight forward and right to the point. The second definition is also straight forward and quite accurate, as in “interested in or active in politics.” But once again it's in the third definition where we see the real issue, and that is “motivated or caused by a person's beliefs or actions concerning politics.”

So now when you put the definitions together in the proper context of the term "political correctness," you have something solely motivated by an individual’s beliefs based upon their choice of a political party...a political party that conforms to their accepted social standards. In other words, "political correctness" has nothing whatsoever to do with governmental affairs nor with our being free from error or accuracy. Instead it's all about how the members of a single political party “feel” based upon "collective conformity" to their party’s accepted social standards.

To be sure, "political correctness" is owned by Democrats and liberals, and over the past decade both have weaponized the phrase. And while it's easy to refer to political correctness as folly, be assured that it's far worse than that for "political correctness" is, in fact, outright dangerous due to its nature of omissions.

And why do omissions render the concept of "political correctness" dangerous...simply because the omission of facts can and does lead to tragedy via the fact that being correct politically takes being truthfully correct morally out of the equation completely. And besides, being politically correct publicly in one's speech or even in one's writings does not mean one is politically correct in one's private thoughts let alone actions. Words themselves can surely be held in check in public to some degree simply out of fear of being called to task and publicly shamed, but one's personal innermost thoughts, feelings, and believed truths cannot and must not be suppressed. In fact, and something we are more than privy to today is the reality that by suppressing the truth...the long-standing calling card of the left...has actually allowed "political correctness" to become the festering catalyst not only for action but for the expansion of hate.

Remember, it's not part of what's called “human nature” to randomly change one's opinion simply because a politician mandates it to be so nor is it in “human nature” to blindly accept something as fact when there's no evidence of proof, thus rendering "political correctness" simply the tangible equivalent of religious blind faith. And religious hatred itself has so dominated the tome of "political correctness" that misguided religious fervor has become the devil itself in the eyes of the left.

How so...both Christianity and Judaism are but a political albatross that must be cast aside while islam...a political system masquerading as a religion...has now been taken under the Democrat's politically correct protective wing as being something one must never criticize nor mock. And while violent attacks on Christians and Jews are steadily increasing with but cursory reporting on at best, the facts surrounding who perpetrated said attacks are hushed up if said attackers are black or muslim. And why...because to say anything against blacks and especially muslims, even if it's just a means by which to identify the attacker, is now considered to be a “hate crime,” with the fallout being that the victim is turned into the instigator of their own attack just for being of the lefts deemed politically incorrect faith.

And while "political correctness" protects a selectively chosen few, it leaves the rest of us to be thrown under the politically incorrect proverbial bus. Remember, one cannot vocally, in print, or on certain social media sites criticize muslims nor can the words “muzzrat, muzzie, muz, islamic jihadi” or any other such name be used when referencing those wanting to kill or convert us all. And while one dare not say let alone think of the n-word in regards to calling someone within a certain segment of the black population a “nigger”...a word routinely used within the black ghetto and rap culture when describing themselves... it's perfectly acceptable for both muslims and said segments of the black population to use, even on supposedly politically correct social media sites, words like “whitey, spic, kike, Bible thumper,” etc. with no fear of banishment, shaming, having their post removed, or even being called to task.

And why...because the “PC police” have deemed them to be on the correct side of the political aisle. And while the old adage that “sticks and stones might break my bones but words will never hurt me” is but a remembrance of days long past, we now are bearing witness to the fact that it's the very politically incorrect deemed words themselves that have become not only the antithesis of common sense and decency, but an excuse for those with overly sensitive feelings to help initiate an action of the very worst kind...the action called censorship..."political correctness" to the nth degree.

Sadly, we can no longer argue let alone disagree with each other and then shake hands and peacefully walk away, for today it seems that if even one individual reports that they're offended by the words of another the “PC powers that be” will shutdown the voice of the perceived offender by claiming it's a personal attack on another not understanding that there will always be differences of opinions between individuals. Remember, freedom of speech...the freedom to say what we chose to a vital part of America's remaining a constitutional republic. And with politicians together with self-perceived do-gooders dictating what words “We the People” can or cannot say no matter the context in which they were said or to whom they were directed to...what was once but a simple act of disagreement has now been politically manipulated and blown out of proportion into being an overt act of racism.

Take for example the most politically incorrect of all politically incorrect deemed words...the powerful, emotionally driven word “nigger”...the “n-word” if you will. What was once just the Latin word for black, a word translation never meant to be derogatory per se, has over the years morphed into just that through no fault of its own. And with today's rap artists throwing said “n-word” into “whitey's” face as often as they can, they not only continue to resurrect the ghosts of hate but don't allow that hate to be put to rest. But the fact remains that “nigger” is but a simple six-letter word whose power to inflame emotions was long ago decided by politics, economics, and the slave trade itself into meaning the supremacy and favoritism of light skinned black individuals over the inferior deemed, even by some their own people, dark skinned individuals...simply the slave master ruling over the slave.

And while today the word “nigger” is used by blacks mostly in a show of solidarity with their ancestors past, and by whites in what blacks consider to be both an unacceptable cultural appropriation as well as being insulting and/or contemptuous, that does not mean the word should be banned from modern day vernacular for to do so is censorship at its worst. Removing words some don't like...removing words some find offensive...does not now nor will it ever change a word's history or original meaning nor does it eliminate the deeply-set smoldering emotions of both the word itself and the act of its removal.

And "racism" has now become the catch-all “no-no” word of the day, even though most banned words have nothing at all to do with someones race. Banned now, especially from social media sites, are the a fore mentioned words “muzzie, muz, and islamic jihadi” but with a caveat, for like with blacks being able to use the word “nigger” with no fear of reprisal, muslims themselves can use most any vulgarity of their choosing when describing we infidels... when describing we Christians and Jews...again with no fear of reprisal. In fact, anything negative or what we infidels consider to be truthful about muslims or islam cannot be said for how dare we offend those who relish in not only cutting off people's heads but seeing pictures of such spread far and wide on major social media sites.

A politically correct censorship double-standard based solely upon one's political leaning and especially ones religious followings. Another case in point...according to the left we must be not only politically correct but be inclusive of people of all faiths so we must say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”...with the real reason for the season be damned.

And it's not only words themselves that are being labeled as either politically correct or politically incorrect but inanimate objects as well are being categorized as such by the politically motivated PC police. Now being deemed not only “culturally insensitive” but hateful and thus are being removed from public perusal, are Confederate statues and flags simply out of fear that they might not only stir up long gone hatreds, but that such inanimate objects might offend the modern-day sensibilities of those who never bore the pain of the slave masters whip.

Trying to change America's history does not and will not change America's past no matter how long one kicks and screams or has their hand out for “reparations” for acts they were not part nor party too. And such acts reek not only of trying to be politically correct, but truly reeks of "political correctness" running amok. And that alone is a dangerous thing in its own right for words and artifacts... whether they're in good or bad taste...whether they're culturally right or wrong...tell not only a country's and its people's history at a given point in time, but speak of the mindset and the reality of said times in which they lived. And nothing conveys that reality better than the words put to paper before the advent of television, movies, and such, for a country's classic literature is a time machine to that country's past.

However, today in the name of "political correctness" even the words of classic American literature are being changed to meet modern day standards of what's now deemed to be politically correct.

While "political correctness" is out of control, as a matter of social commentary, it is not at all relegated to new ideas, or to current discourse. Today’s political correctness has also invaded our past, and the discourse of history.

From a literary standpoint, we have the time honored writings of great authors like Harper Lee and Mark Twain just to name a couple. Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” is a true classic, as is Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn,” but both have come under assault by "political correctness." In the case of Lee’s classic, it is now deemed politically incorrect to have a black character accused of a sex crime, and due to that supposed stereotype libraries have been encouraged to pull the book from their shelves.

In the case of Twain’s classic, we find the character of "Nigger Jim," and that too has become a target of the politically correct. “Huck Fin” has been removed from libraries, and schools because some people claim it to be offensive.

In both cases, the stories actually go toward erasing racist stereotypes. In both cases the characters in question are shown to be good, decent people who rise above the bigotry, and those who assist them along the way who ignore the preconceived notions of the day, are the true heroes. None of that matters to the terminally politically correct. All they care about is pretending to be offended by something which is, in no way, offensive.

The language used in both literary works and the social standards reflect the words and social discourse of the times in which they were written. Both are matters of history, and in their time both were considered somewhat radical as both works took a stand for minority rights even against the mainstream way of thinking. Both those great works should be held aloft by the politically correct as examples of good and showcases of morality. But both contain the word “nigger” and are therefore the targets of idiots.

Art has always imitated life and has always been a reflection of the times from which it was created. Pop culture is nothing new but because of our access to it, it has become ground zero for the scorn of "political correctness." Today, we see old movies and television shows being remade, but updated to reflect the politically correct standards. While nothing was wrong with the original versions, they lack today’s politically correct forced diversity, and therefore we see updated versions of time honored classics like “The Wizard of Oz” remade into “The Wiz” featuring an all-black cast, or “Cinderella” remade into a racially diverse shadow of its former self.

“About Last Night,” “Death at a Funeral,” and “Annie” are but a small handful of other movies that received the politically correct reboot treatment, and to be perfectly honest, the politically correct, racially diverse versions paled in comparison to the originals because they were obviously and transparently contrived knock-offs serving only to make Hollywood feel good about itself.

That really is what political correctness is all about, feeling good about one’s self for dancing around reality and feeling morally superior about chastising others for not playing "make believe."

Politically correct standards do not allow us to keep score in playground games lest we offend the losers. Those standards have also resulted in a grading curve in our public schools that eliminates failing grades lest students feel offended by their inability to keep their grades up. Schools, public or otherwise, should be about education not about perceived fragile feelings, but in today’s politically correct curriculum the purpose of our system of education has been turned upside down.

“Common Core” has replaced actual education and has become the public school version of “Affirmative Action” as "political correctness" has replaced high standards in the classroom with a substandard acceptance of abject ignorance. “Common Core” came about because kids in inner cities were struggling with test scores, and rather than raise the bar by finding a way to turn out highly educated young students, political correctness dictated that those who excelled in the classroom be “dumbed down” so that fragile feelings wouldn’t be bruised. Black kids in urban areas were testing lower than white kids in the suburbs or rural areas, and political correctness demands equality at the lowest common denominator not at the highest rung on the ladder.

Congratulations to the politically correct, as 2+2 can now equal whatever the dumbest kid in the room wants it to equal, and that kid gets to pass on to the next grade with those who know the answer is 4.

And while there will always be those smart enough to achieve success in the real world, those stupid bastards who have been coddled throughout their early lives are in for a very rude awakening when real life sets in, and that is where political correctness goes from being an annoying exercise in tip-toeing around the truth to being dangerous with potentially deadly consequences.

Take a young adult who has been reared in the politically correct fog of delusion, who has never failed an exam or a class, never lost a baseball game, and has always been told that they are right, smart, special and successful when they aren’t any of those things, and then set them loose in the real world. What have you got then? Sociopaths, psychopaths, and ticking time bombs to whom the rest of the world is hurting their feelings.

"Political correctness" has seen to it that such people have no basis in reality, and no reason to strive for economic success or social acceptance. They have been led to believe that they are entitled to the same status as those who actually prepared themselves for real life, but they were never told that "political correctness" was all just pretend nonsense.

Nikolas Cruz, Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, and James Holms are but a few classic examples of the deadly danger of political correctness. People in such cases knew that the perpetrators of their crimes were way off center. People knew of the problems they had, their sociopathic tendencies, that they weren’t smart but were potentially dangerous, but because of political correctness, nobody said or did anything about it. They wanted to spare the future mass shooter’s feelings.

How many times have we heard that such people “fell through the cracks?”

Well, there’s a big part of the politically correct problem right there. Those people and so many others just like them didn’t fall through the cracks at all, but "political correctness" doesn’t allow itself to be scrutinized or challenged. “Falling through the cracks” is the politically correct term for how the very system that thrust those people into the general population by mainstreaming and coddling them is an abject failure.

So, how do the politically correct deal with the Cruz’s, Lanza’s, Loughner’s and Holms’ that they themselves created? They don’t blame them, do they? No, they blame the guns they used, and they blame the rest of society that had nothing to do with it. In fact, the proper politically correct way to deal with their dangerous spawn is to print up and distribute more “Gun Free Zone” signs, and then they try to apply to the intelligent, highly functioning members of society the same standards they used to create the sociopathic, low functioning dregs of society.

The politically correct clamor for laws that will punish the law abiding by taking away their rights so that the criminal element of their own design won’t do it again. To the politically correct it’s never the fault of the sociopath with the gun, it's always, somehow, the fault of the law abiding righteous in society who have risen above the make believe nonsense and don’t go on killing sprees.

And that brings us back to where we started, to both the root cause of the problem and the politics of "political correctness." And really what is "political correctness" but a blanket term used to describe and then inhibit language, policies, and/or measures in an effort to avoid offending the disadvantaged members of certain groups of society. And to that we add "political correctness" is nothing but the catering to the whims of minorities in the hopes of garnering their vote. Also, "political correctness" is also a way to mold language and behavior to meet and check off the items on a given political party's agenda.

And "political correctness" cannot exist without a modicum of narcissism being involved for if anything "political correctness" is not about the whole but about the accepted way of thinking, one accepted way of acting and speaking. And dare we not forget the hypocrisy that is part and parcel of the PC crowd for without its roots in hypocrisy "political correctness" simply could not exist.

What's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander as per the left side of the PC political aisle.

Remember, "political correctness," if we look at it without the filter of absurdity, is societal suicide for those who adhere to it, and yet it's societal homicide if it’s being forced down our collective throats. And forced down our throats it is no matter that while the Constitution itself does guarantee us freedom of expression it does not guarantee anyone protection from being offended.

And lastly, the ugliness that is "political correctness" is also rooted in historical tenets for without some semblance of history "political correctness" would be seen for the abject failure that it is for if "political correctness" actually succeeded in doing what it was designed to do, we Right Side Patriots would not be forced to write about the absurdity that is the hallmark of "political correctness." Case closed.

Copyright @ 2020 Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots / All Rights Reserved.

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