Monday, December 12, 2016

Netanyahu Ready to Team Up With Trump to Dismantle Iran DealIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemed very hopeful that Donald Trump would be an ideal partner in helping him dismantle the Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran. When the deal was being drafted, Netanyahu repeatedly warned the White House that it was a "very bad deal" that would do the opposite of what it intended, i.e., it would give Iran a path to a nuclear bomb.

His warnings fell on deaf (or just plain reluctant) ears.

With Trump in the White House, however, Netanyahu believes he has found someone to listen. In an interview with "60 Minutes'" Leslie Stahl on Sunday, the Israeli leader said that he appreciates how "warmly" Trump feels about Israel. Upon forming a friendship with the president, Netanyahu predicted that Trump can help him use some options to disrupt the dangerous nuclear deal.
Netanyahu said there are "various ways of undoing" the 2015 deal, in which Iran agreed to limits on its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions on its oil industry and finances.
"I have about five things in my mind," Netanyahu said, declining to go into further detail.
Trump has pledged to, at the very least, renegotiate the nuclear deal within his first days in office.

As for Iran, they have vowed not to let either of them destroy the agreement.

The Desperate Media's Russian Obsession: Why?

The Desperate Media's Russian Obsession: Why?I used to love watching the Sunday Morning Talk Shows.

This Week with George Step-on-all-of-us.

Meet the Press (Greet the Dems).

In Los Angeles, I could watch News Conference with Conan Nolan (who played nice with everyone, especially the Democrats who dominate our tarnished Golden State).

Fox News Sunday was particularly worth the wait (and the watch). Chris Wallace is pretty fair and balanced, I think. I also trusted George Will to ask all the hard questions and not worry about making Republicans—as well as Democrats—really angry.

This past weekend, I remember why I have boycotted them.

All I heard about what “Russia, Russia, Russia.” UGH!

Of course, this batty insanity is not a new thing.

Trump Derangement had already ruined the Sunday Morning Circus …. I mean circuit.

These guys were obsessed with every thought word, deed, finger-wag of the Donald.
Trump Needs Larry Kudlow


Image: Trump Needs Larry KudlowThis weekend the New York Times reported that many Trump loyalists were not getting big jobs in the Trump administration.

It's not every day I am quoted accurately in the Times. But in Maggie Haberman's "Trump Isn’t Rewarding a Lot of Loyalists with Cabinet Jobs. Here's Why," I was.

I told the Times that it's not Trump’s style to ignore key supporters. There are many positions to fill, thousands in fact. It will take time.

And I also think that just because someone supported Trump, there is no rule that they should get a Cabinet appointment.

But there is one person who was a key Trump supporter that should. That’s Larry Kudlow.
Kudlow was a strong and an early supporter of Trump's presidential bid.

In fact, Kudlow broke ranks with many conservative circles to support Trump.

He went on, along with economist Stephen Moore, to be one of the architects of Trump's popular tax reform platform.
Egypt: Muslims bomb St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo, murdering dozens

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


St Mark’s Cathedral is the “seat of Egypt’s Orthodox Christian church and home to the office of its spiritual leader, Pope Tawadros II.” Muslim Brotherhood operatives have long hated Pope Tawadros and the Coptic Christians, blaming them for the toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood regime in 2013, and considering them kuffar harbi, infidels at war […]
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Obama gripes he was a VICTIM OF RACISM while President
screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-5-34-46-pmAmerica’s worst president continues to blame whites for his disastrous policies and their catastrophic consequences.

Echoing the diatribes of a true racist (blaming everything on race), Obama blames racism for his failures.

As if he could have gotten elected without the white vote.
CNN’s notorious plagiarist and ‘islamophobia’ propagandist Fareed Zakaria was only too happy to feed the monster.

Speaking during an interview with CNN, he said people in the region saw him as “foreign” before arguing the concept of race in America was not about “genetics”. Foreign? Yes, because he was. He was raised in a Muslim country. His worldview was “foreign” and that was reflected in his anti-American, anti-freedom positions on a range of issues.

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