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What Crenshaw Realized About the Democratic Party After Big Tech Hearing That 'Should Terrify Americans'

Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw had two takeaways after watching the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Wednesday with the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook ,and Alphabet, Google's parent company.

The first was that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey “is a partisan and a hypocrite” and the second was an observation made about the Senate Democrats present for the hearing. 

“Not a single Democrat Senator defended free speech or freedom of the press today,” the Texas Republican noticed. “This should terrify Americans.”

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Report: Kamala Harris Listed as ‘Key Contact’ for Biden Family Business Venture in China
By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT
It gets worse and worse. The corruption is standard operating procedure.
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was reportedly listed as one of several “key domestic contacts” for a Chinese business venture proposed in 2017 by Hunter Biden and James Biden, the son and brother of former Vice President Joe Biden, respectively. Fox News reported Thursday morning:
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Unmasking the Truth About Biden's Domestic and Foreign Policies
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio
Tuesday is Election Day and this election is probably the most important election since Ronald Reagan helped change the course of generational American politics. Ushering in a time of fiscal conservatism, we also saw on Reagan's watch the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall being torn down while America remained a symbol of hope for those still living under dictatorial oppression. And while the Clinton era saw us remaining somewhat economically strong, corruption and malfeasance tainted the White House via a President who was...and still is...morally corrupt. And the George W. Bush White House, though morally strong, saw us being dragged into wars some of which we sadly are still fighting today.

But nothing could have prepared us for a White House so rife with corruption, influence peddling, moral debauchery, and replete with a promise that only a “fundamental change” would save in replacing our constitutional republic with socialism 101. And with Barack HUSSEIN Obama then the occupier of the White House, we also bore witness to our president becoming the ultimate divider as he willingly and with malice intended not only stirred the pot of racial discontent, but his policy initiatives, both foreign and domestic, clearly showed his goal was to destroy the very country he was elected to be steward of.

Thankfully, a non-politician...a businessman...named Donald J. Trump ended Obama's dream of Hillary Clinton becoming his defacto third term in office, And with his failure we saw American exceptionalism once again on display not just here at home but on the world stage as well. And the economy Obama helped to destroy began soaring as President Trump's economic policies helped to create a record number of jobs, allowed stifling regulations to be lifted, and saw American companies based overseas bringing manufacturing jobs back home...that is until a nasty little virus from China dealt a blow to our country that we're still in the process of recovering from.

And now we find ourselves at a crossroads for while we're seeing slow but steady economic recovery taking place after our economy was basically forced to shut down, President Trump is facing Obama's former Vice-President Joe Biden, a man as corrupt as Obama was, what with Obama's pretending to be all black.

Joe Biden...a puppet sold to the highest foreign bidder and a now proven to be liar...a man mentally, physically, and morally unfit to hold the office of President of these United wants us to believe that he will do a much better job as president and commander-in-chief than the businessman who has garnered three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his initiating the beginnings of peace and stability throughout the volatile Middle East region...a man whose economic policies not only saw black and Hispanic Americans better off financially than ever before, but whose policies enabled middle class Americans to keep more of their hard earned dollars in their own pockets, thus allowing consumer confidence to increase across all levels of the socio-economic board.

A man of the people vs. a bought-and-paid-for career'd think the choice would be easy, but with politics being what it is it seems that, for the masses, lies do become truth if repeated enough with the actual truth being buried by a media in cahoots with the liars. And sadly, it's then left to “We the People” to sift through all the political garbage to arrive at what we believe to be the truth...two truths actually that not only see the Democrats trying to steal the election...Joe Biden himself recently admitted just that in an October 24th interview with 'Politico' where he said, “we're in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama's administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”...but also that Joe Biden would not be president for socialist mouthpiece Kamala Harris would soon be the occupier of the White House. Hope you all understand the ramifications of what I just said for with Kamala Harris comes the “Squad” and tag-along mouthpiece Nancy Pelosi.

And while that scenario will only happen if Joe Biden were to win, let's briefly delve a bit more into three key issues as the reason why Biden must not win. So let's start with the economy and but five of Biden's hushed up what would be disastrous economic policies...after all, the economy remains the number one issue for the majority of voters.

    1. Joe Biden has repeatedly stated that he will raise taxes on day one of his administration and would start by repealing Trump's (highly successful) “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” and that he would then raise the U.S. corporate income tax rate to a rate even higher than that of Communist China...wouldn't that serve his family well. And Biden's claim that his plan would “ease the economic burden on working people” is a lie for his plan would actually see a family of four earning the median income of $73,000 now facing a $2,000 tax increase each year which directly violates Biden's pledge not to raise taxes on any American making less than $400,000 per year. And with his repealing the Jobs Act, which included doing away with the ObamaCare individual mandate tax, millions of low and middle-income Americans would again be forced to pay the then reinstated mandate tax to a tune of between $695 to $2,085.

    2. Then there's his plan to lower Medicare eligibility to age 60, allowing those who wish to retire early to leave their employer plans, the public option, or any other plans they access through the (Un)Affordable Care act soon to be known as BidenCare...and to do so even before they officially retire. What an additional monetary drain that would put on Social Security, a program already facing serious monetary issues. Now couple those issues with Joe Biden's promise that any federal cost associated with this option would be financed out of “general revenues” in the hope that it would protect the Medicare Trust Fund is but also a lie, thus forcing we taxpayers to once again foot the bill for yet another Democrat disaster.

    3. And Biden, the man who made it impossible for student loans to be forgiven with his " Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act," is now that he's running for president and needs the young adult vote, is all for forgiving student loan debt but only for low-income and middle class folks who have attended public colleges and universities. Forgiveness with a catch, for Biden's plan sees those who attend private colleges and universities, which always cost more than public funded schools, will get no debt relief whatsoever. Translation: attend one of our government sanctioned schools of higher indoctrination and you, dear comrade, won't have to pay a dime to do so.

    4. Joe Biden has also vowed to convert the current deductibility of traditional retirement contributions into matching refundable credits for 401(k)s and IRAs, a change that industry experts warn could force some small companies to cut those benefits, thus directly affecting tax preferences of one's individual retirement accounts. And Biden's claiming that it would level the playing field” of tax deferral in traditional retirement accounts while at the same time boost savings amongst low-income earners is pure nonsense, because by reducing the benefits that higher earners receive, Biden's plan actually increases the likelihood of businesses abandoning those retirement benefits altogether. And why...because it would place a crippling monetary burden on both small and large business owners while also reducing the net worth of one's long invested in IRA's and 401(k)s.

    5. Also of economic concern is the farce known as climate change. Now catering to the progressive faction of his party, Biden just a few months ago released two new climate plans, one targeting a decarbonized electricity sector by 2035, and another he refers to as “environmental justice” that would see an investment of $2 trillion over four years going to climate if he can control the “weather.” And Biden has also promised that we will achieve a 100% clean energy economy and reach net-zero emissions no later than 2050...just more empty promises that cost money and that cannot logistically or dollars and cents wise be delivered without a substantially huge raise in our taxes.

And the second issue high on the list of what voters consider important is crime in America having increased tenfold while police departments are being defunded or actually being done away with...done away with in order to placate the wants of a small but vocal minority embedded within the minority of America's 12.4% black population. And here are four key areas where Joe Biden, as opposed to President Trump who remains totally supportive of law enforcement, is seen as pandering to said minority with his criminal justice plan which includes:

    1. Cutting down on rates of incarceration; increasing government oversight of local police and prosecutors; increasing the rights and resources for those no longer incarcerated including providing them with “guaranteed housing” upon finishing their other words Joe Biden's criminal justice plan would reward those who commit crimes; call to task those who help prevent crimes; while at the same time making America's streets less safe for we law abiding citizens.

    2. Biden's criminal justice plan would also see $20 billion being allocated for a grant program to promote crime prevention among state and local governments (eliminating the all-important parent responsibility factor), while at the same time offering incentives (read bribes) to states that enact programs to reduce incarceration through measures like eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent crimes.

    3. If elected, Biden says he will push the Justice Department to investigate police and prosecutors across the country for “questionable actions and misconduct;” will create a separate task force on “prosecutor discretion” to combat what they consider discrimination; and would not only call on the DOJ to focus on prosecuting “hate crimes,” but would increase federal funding for public defenders' offices but not for federal prosecutors.

    4. And Joe Biden wants to end cash bail; end the use of private prisons; and do away with the death penalty. In other words, Joe Biden wants to make the prosecution of criminal offenses easier for public defenders to offset by legally removing the fear of serious punishment from those who commit crimes.

And the last key issue for voters is foreign affairs. And with President Trump now having garnered the aforementioned three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for helping to broker a deal that will bring peace to the Middle East, the very man who has always scorned senseless wars now finds himself up against the very man who actually voted for war...which Biden did in October 2002 when he voted to give then President George W. Bush the authority to “use force” in Iraq. And while he's still trying to justify that vote, Biden's current overall foreign policy platform is far more dangerous then that one vote was. And here are four reasons why.

    1. Not so long ago Joe Biden uttered the words, “I want China to succeed” and “They're no competition for us”...but now the man who got rich off his and his son's dirty dealings with said communist nation wants us to believe he will get tough with China...I don't think so. And why...because as president, Biden would have to decide whether to keep or raise the billions of dollars in tariffs now being levied against Chinese imports; whether he'd stay with or renegotiate the partial trade deal Trump made with China; whether he'd continue the sanctions imposed on Chinese officials for their ongoing human rights violations; and whether he'd continue to cut off Chinese technology companies’ access to American intellectual property. And know that any decision Biden makes regarding China...even military decisions...would always be peppered by how it would affect the padding of his personal pocketbook.

    2. Joe Biden, who calls Russia “an opponent” and said, “Russia not China is the greatest threat to the 2020 election,” cannot be trusted to deal with Putin especially with the February 25, 2021 expiration of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) fast approaching. And if a new deal or at least an extension of the current treaty...a treaty that limits the size and strength of each country's nuclear not reached on or before the February date, then the threat of nuclear conflict with Russia increases. And instead of Biden working to better relations with Russia's leader, Biden has promised a “forceful response” (whatever that means) for both Russian election interference we have no proof even happened, and for Russia's alleged bounty payments to the Taliban that targeted American troops in Afghanistan, again something there's no proof positive of. Simply, Joe Biden's policy towards Russia is to negate any progress Trump has made in regards to what remains a verbal cold war.

    3. As for Iran and North Korea...Joe Biden wants our country to reenter Obama's very bad nuclear deal (JCPOA) with Iran, the very deal Trump rightfully removed us from, no matter that Iran is no longer limiting its uranium enrichment capacity or nuclear research. And Biden not only sees diplomacy alone as the answer to a country hell bent on regional control, but he also wants to “ease up” on the very sanctions that have helped to keep Iranian aggression in check. And as for North Korea, as expected after Biden called Trump's meetings with Kim Jung-un just “photo-ops,” diplomacy alone is again Biden's course of action. In fact, Biden wants the U.S. to “engage our allies and coordinate with China” as the means by which to advance negotiations with Kim...cozying up to China again, huh Joe.

    4. And then there's Biden's Middle East/Israeli policies key of which is his saying that he would not only do away with Trump's stance against Iran, his support for Saudi actions in Yemen, along with his setting aside criticism of the Saudi's domestic policies...policies which have allowed for both the kingdom’s policy shift regarding Israel and for the signing of the Abraham Accords by the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan...but that he will also reject Israel’s extension of sovereignty into any new... actually rightfully recaptured Israel as well. And Biden also stated that he would force Israel back to the negotiating table with the Palestinians and would push for a two-state solution, thus forcing Israel to compromise its security by turning over land it can ill afford to lose. Simply, Joe Biden would continue Obama's policies of stabbing Israel in the back.

And so, dear reader, when you go to vote this Election Day, please remember all President Trump has accomplished during these past four years and compare that with what I've laid out as to what a Biden administration will look like. Maybe now the choice will be easy as to which lever to pull...I truly hope for America's sake that it is.

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