Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day
By: Diane Sori

Today was Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day and I was happy to be a part of a nationwide movement that honors and defends our First Amendment rights to free speech.
Here's my album from my Chick-fil-A adventure.

Chick-fil-A Day...Eat More Chikin'! (19 photos)

KAREN HARRINGTON, Republican candidate for Congressional District 23 and her core supporters (that's me on the right) all met at our local Chick-fil-A today to show our support for Chick-fil-A's chief executive, Mr. Cathy, and his First Amendment right to free speech.

Washington's new massive snooping plan – 'biosurveillance'
Barack Obama rally
WASHINGTON – First there were satellites in the sky that could read license plates from space.

Then there were cameras on every major street and highway.
Then there were full-body scans at airports.

Then came the proliferation of drones over the skies of America.

Barack Obama announced today the next phase of government national surveillance – with a budget of billions.

It’s called “the National Strategy for Biosurveillance.”

But, don’t worry, it’s all for the public good, health and safety, officials say.

The announcement came in the form of a short press release from the White House press secretary today:

“As a nation, we need to protect the health and safety of our people from naturally occurring or intentional threats. Early threat detection and sustained situational awareness are critical to saving lives and improving outcomes when there is a national health emergency. The administration’s new National Strategy for Biosurveillance aims to unify national effort around a common purpose and establish new ways of thinking about providing information to enable better decisionmaking.

“The strategy promotes an all-of-nation approach that brings together federal, state, local, and tribal governments; the private sector; non-governmental organizations; and international partners to identify and understand threats as early as possible and provide accurate and timely information to support life-saving responses. The strategy calls for focusing on the most important information, and shaping the enterprise to meet that need, so that we can do more with less.

“The strategy emphasizes four key biosurveillance functions which are critical for the effectiveness of the biosurveillance enterprise. They are:
  • Scan and Discern the Environment
  • Integrate and Identify Essential Information
  • Alert and Inform Decisionmakers
  • Forecast and Advise Impacts
“Advances in technology, the advent of social media, and new science provide opportunities to strengthen our national biosurveillance enterprise. As a next step, during the next 120 days, the administration will lay out specific action steps going forward in an implementation plan. It is by working together that we can best promote the resilience of the nation and act to protect the American people.”
But what does it all mean?

It’s one more way America’s life changed as a result of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the homeland.

A few days ago, PositiveID Corp., which describes itself as “an emerging growth company and developer of sophisticated airborne bio-threat detection systems for American’s homeland defense,” announced it was preparing a request of $3.1 billion from the Department of Homeland Security for ‘BioWatch Generation,’ an early warning system designed to detect the intentional release of airborne biological agents.”

The Department of Homeland Security already uses 600 secret air filters to detect lethal pathogens – either naturally occurring or those intentionally released in a bio-attack. Local health officials in the roughly 30 cities that have the filters manually retrieve them every day and take them to labs for testing. But, if terrorists released something deadly into the air, it would still take about 36 hours before the toxin was identified.

PositiveID seeks to sell to Homeland Security computerized “labs-in-a-box” that that can quickly detect deadly pathogens in the air anywhere.

The Obama administration wants to upgrade the technology, known as BioWatch, to cut the response time to six hours or less. Estimates to buy and maintain the new sensors have surged to $5.7 billion – six times the initial price tag.

The 2,500 new sensors and bio-attack alert system Homeland Security wants to buy from PositiveID or other companies would be fully automated. Air sniffers would collect samples at least four times a day, and an internal computer would run a DNA test on the particles for traces of anthrax, smallpox, Ebola, and other pathogens. The so-called labs-in-a-box would then send the results immediately over a secured network to local and federal officials, who would verify them and dispatch drugs to hospitals in the event of an attack.

According to reports, Homeland Security has already spent at least $30 million trying to develop the new system. It was originally scheduled to go live this month, but a series of bureaucratic delays and tech glitches have held up progress.

PositiveID and Northrop Grumman say they’ve worked through these problems and Homeland Security is ready to open bidding on a $3.1 billion contract for the labs-in-a-box before October.

Under Homeland Security’s plans, 2,500 labs would be installed in 30 cities, including Boston, New York, Las Vegas, and Houston.

The BioWatch program began 10 years ago – in the aftermath of the anthrax scare on Capitol Hill and at major media outlets. Over the last decade, however, there have been many false alarms and other problems that have led some to question the efficacy of expanding the program. In that time period, the government concedes that of the dozens of Biowatch “actionable results,” none were connected with evidence of bioterrorism or even cases of human illness.

But that hasn’t stopped plans to greatly expand the program in the form of billions of dollars.

One of the problems for the program, according to the National Academy of Sciences, is that pathogens and their close genetic relatives exist naturally in water and soil.

“Distinguishing natural background levels of endemic agents from a bioterrorism threat and separating genetic ‘near neighbors’ from the target agent present technical challenges,” reports the academy.

BioWatch has already cost the U.S. taxpayers approximately $1 billion. The next phase – Generation 3 – is expected to cost $3.1 billion over the next five years. These costs, along with perceived false alarms, have led some to question whether the program is a potential waste of funding or research.

Robert Spencer: Why Is the Pentagon Listening to Hamas-Linked CAIR?


In PJ Media today I ask why our politically correct political establishment is surrendering to Islamic supremacists.
Recently the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) asked the Defense Department to drop yet another counter-terror trainer: the Iranian ex-Muslim Reza Kahlili. Surprisingly enough in this hyper-politically correct age, when it seems as if the Obama administration cannot accommodate Islamic supremacist demands fast enough, the Pentagon refused to budge. This was widely hailed as a rare defeat for CAIR; unfortunately, it is nothing of the kind, and manifests the deeper problem that currently besets the Defense Department and the entire Washington establishment. 
Pentagon spokesman James Gregory responded to an inquiry from the Daily Caller about CAIR’s demand:
We can confirm that Mr. Reza Kahlili, who has specialized counterintelligence expertise, occasionally lectures at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA). He’s one of many guest lecturers called upon by JCITA for specific subject matter knowledge. His experiences provide valuable insight to trainees, and he keeps his personal religious beliefs out of the classroom. He does not lecture on or about Islam or any religious treatise, and his personal beliefs are his own.
This was indeed a victory in a certain sense: instead of caving to Hamas-linked CAIR’s demands and dropping the speaker as it has so many times in the past, the Pentagon stood firm and declared that Kahlili was going to speak as planned. However, Gregory was careful to note that Kahlili “does not lecture on or about Islam or any religious treatise, and his personal beliefs are his own.”
Why was this necessary? Why did the Pentagon feel it necessary to assure Hamas-linked CAIR that even though Kahlili was going to speak, he would not be speaking about Islam, and that “his personal beliefs are his own,” i.e., not shared by Pentagon brass? Why can’t Reza Kahlili or others who have discussed the ways in which Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism be allowed to speak to the Pentagon? At a time when Muslims worldwide believe that the Qur’an and Sunnah command them to wage war against the United States, why should Defense Department analysts be studying anything but the texts and teachings of Islam in order to understand the motives and goals of those who have vowed to destroy us? But of course, in this age of Obama such investigations are forbidden. And the Pentagon hastened to assure CAIR that Kahlili would not cross that red line.
I must therefore respectfully disagree with my friend Michael Ledeen, who has trumpeted this as a victory over CAIR, since Kahlili is going to speak as scheduled. (David Frum has done so as well.) They didn’t say, “A Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group is not going to dictate our choice of speakers,” which is what they should have said when CAIR first started complaining about counter-terror trainers who spoke about Islam (including me). The Pentagon should have pointed out that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department – and that CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Gregory might also have noted that several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror, and that CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements. Above all, Gregory could have mentioned that CAIR’s California chapter distributed posters telling Muslims not to talk to the FBI.
Instead, the Pentagon accepted Hamas-linked CAIR’s false premise that there would be something wrong with bringing in Reza Kahlili to speak about Islam, and implicitly accepted also the idea that Hamas-linked CAIR has a legitimate voice in these matters. And that is, in a word, shameful.
There is more.
Bill Clinton might be Obama’s biggest campaign mistake yet
By: Diane Sori

OK folks guess who’s going to formally nominate Barack Hussein Obama as the party's presidential nominee at this year’s Democratic National Convention...drum roll please....and the winner is none other than good ol’ Bubba himself, William Jefferson Clinton.

Former President Bill Clinton will deliver the nominating speech at the DNC Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Obama and Mr. ‘Foot-in Mouth’ Joe Biden will speak on the convention's last night, when President (still gag on that one) Obama will officially accept his party's nomination.

Also at the convention, Democratic delegates will formally approve the party platform and guess what’s on it...a plank supporting same-sex marriage. Barney Frank, a member of the platform drafting committee, confirmed that the committee has unanimously approved the language and that it will be ratified at the DNC on September 3rd.

Aren’t we lucky (insert sarcasm here).  Our economy is falling apart, our military is hurting, there are no jobs to be found but look what makes its way to the party issues that are best left to the individual states but what can you expect as Obama unabashedly panders to yet another minority group.

Anyway, with issues like this as part of the party platform (instead of focusing on the economy), and with his calling in the biggest attention grabbing political grandstander there is, Obama hopes that Billy-Boy is his ace-in-the-hole in his desperate attempt to save a faltering re-election bid.

Barack Hussein Obama is in BIG time full distress mode .

Obama can’t fool us with his trying to associate himself with this still popular past Democratic president, a man who, by the way, still has a score to settle with him over what he did to Hillary in 2008.  And over the past few months Clinton has outwardly and publicly disagreed with Obama on some key issues, like the Bush Tax Cuts for example.  And don’t think Clinton won’t do it again and he might even do it at the convention

Yet Obama wants to risk it as he needs Billy-Boy to bring in an audience, as some in his own party are saying they will NOT attend the convention.  Why...because they are smart enough to see the writing on the wall NOT only for Obama but for their own re-election bids as well if they outwardly show support for him. 

Also, Obama knows that Clinton has a modicum of credibility with swing voters so he believes that Clinton might be able to sway those votes his way.  Oh how wrong he is as history has shown that swing voters and undecideds usually vote for the ‘new guy’ over the incumbent, especially when the economy is tenuous at best.

And what of Bill Clinton himself, the man who actually created Barack Hussein Obama.  Remember, if Clinton hadn’t had Obama as his keynote speaker at his second nominating convention, Barack Hussein Obama would have remained an unknown small-time Senator delegated to obscurity, and Hillary most probably would have been president today.

Bottom line...Obama is Bill Clinton’s creation and knowing what he knows now I bet Clinton would do things quite differently if he had a chance to do them over again.  And while Bill Clinton was and is indeed a liberal Democrat I will say this...he was NO traitor to his country and that is one huge difference.  And with Bill Clinton always saying what’s on his mind, and with there being a shaky truce at best between them, Obama really needs to keep an ear open for he just might be surprised at what he hears or doesn’t hear.

So while Bill Clinton might relish in the attention and love fest of the convention and tow the party line to some degree, I can probably safely say that in the privacy of the voting booth that he will pull the lever for the man he publicly stated had a ‘sterling business record’...Mitt Romney.

And I bet Hillary will too, as payback for losing the nomination could very well be a bitch for Barack Hussein Obama..