Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Elon Musk reveals whether he's seen evidence of alien life
Musk says a Tweet about alien life would be a 'top tweet of all time'
Space X CEO Elon Musk knows a thing or two about space exploration but says he hasn’t seen any evidence of "conscious" alien life anywhere in the universe– at least just yet. 

"A lot of people ask me, you know, where are the aliens? And I think if anyone would know about aliens on Earth it would probably be me," Musk said in a sit-down interview Tuesday with "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

"Yeah, I'm, you know, very familiar with space stuff. And I've seen no evidence of aliens. So I wish -- I would immediately tweet, you know, tweet it out. That'd be liked all time -- probably the top tweet of all time. We found one, guys!" he joked. 

Musk recalled a story he heard of a general from the 1960s who was trying to get the U.S. defense budget expanded and came up with the idea that if an alien ever was found, they should make the news immediately public. Read more and see videos here.

Progressives Are Not Going to Like This Policy Tweak at Twitter 
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

Of course, this policy aimed to make suspending conservatives easier on the platform. For years, Twitter had a policy of suspending or censoring tweets that “deadnamed” someone. The act of deadnaming refers to a transgender person by the name they took before transitioning. Ellen Page transitioned into Elliot Page, but if you referred to this actor as “Ellen” or any gender-specific pronoun that isn’t masculine in posting about her, you could see warning labels or shadow banning occur for your posts. 

Remember, there are a lot of rules here, some of which aren’t exactly in keeping with our constitutional framework. It might be incredibly upsetting to some people, but this is America. This is the real world, a dark, cruel place, so get used to it. Offending someone should be codified in the posting guidelines for a company where free speech is its currency. Twitter forgot about that, leading to an unholy alliance between the social media giant and...Read more and see tweet here.

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