From the Earliest Op-ed to the Latest
(All op-eds written by Diane Sori)

Coronavirus...Facts vs. Media Generated Fiction  3/9

The Great Toilet Paper Rush of 2020  3/23

Smoking, Vaping, and COVID-19  3/26  

COVID-19 vs. The Flu...Separating Fact From Fiction  3/30 

The Political Weaponization of COVID-19  4/8 

Fauci Exposed  4/13

Politics, New York, and the Truth About Masks and Gloves  4/15

Politics. the W.H.O. and COVID-19  4/20  

Pandora's Box Opened vs. Medical Truths  4/23 

The Stock Market, Oil Prices and COVID-19  4/27 

Funding Approved, Debts Need Canceling, Payback Pending  4/30 

Bill DeBlasio...Showing His True Colors  5/4

The Constitution, President Trump, and COVID-19  5/11

The Not So Invisible Enemies Exposed  5/14

A Monster Resides in the Empire State  5/25

Vaccine No...Antidote Yes  11/30

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