Friday, April 13, 2018


Military action now underway in Syria. Precision strikes now underway on Syrian weapons program.

The Smearing of a Trump Judicial Nominee

The Smearing of a Trump Judicial NomineeDid you hear the one about the 'racist' Trump judicial nominee?

Wendy Vitter, whom the president has selected to a federal District Court bench in Eastern Louisiana, declined at her confirmation hearing this week to weigh in on the correctness of the Supreme Court's landmark 1954 Brown v. Board of Education striking down segregation.  The Left-wing outrage industry -- already eager to see her defeated -- seized on the exchange to paint Vitter as a crypto-segregationist:

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“Do you believe that Brown v. Board of Education was correctly decided,” Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat, asked. “I don’t mean to be coy,” Vitter responded. “But I think I get into a difficult area when I start commenting on Supreme Court decisions which are correctly decided and which I may disagree with....

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Zuckerberg claims Facebook has no bias against conservatives
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

Zuckerberg must be lying, unless he is unaware of what is going on in his own company. Scalise, like Cruz, did not ask Zuckerberg, but could have, about Facebook’s choking off of sites that oppose jihad terror. He could have asked him why Facebook’s Vice President Joel Kaplan traveled to Pakistan in July 2017 to […]
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Congress Demands State Department Release ‘Game Changer’ Report on Myth of ‘Palestinian’ Refugees

Congress is demanding the State Department release a study that reportedly shows the “Palestinian” people don’t need funds from UNRWA as much as they say they do.

UNRWA monies have come under scrutiny from President Donald Trump’s administration, and cuts have been made that have led to harsh backlash and threats from the likes of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas.
But apparently, the funds aren’t a necessary as the “Palestinian” sympathizers put forth. The whole system that requires millions of dollars of American taxes may be an unnecessary sham.

The Washington Free Beacon has the story:

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Fox News First

Fox News First
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Developing now, Friday, April 13, 2018
  • Fired FBI Director James Comey fires personal attacks against President Trump in a forthcoming book, according to excerpts obtained by several news outlets
  • Comey worried that feds would dither over whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton in her private email server scandal, according to an FBI transcript reviewed by Fox News
  • Trump’s Syria response has not yet been decided following last week’s suspected poison gas attack; options will be discussed with U.S. allies, the White House says
  • A hearing linked to the FBI raid on Michael Cohen, President Trump’s lawyer, is scheduled to take place in New York federal court Friday, Fox News has learned
  •, an alleged online brothel, and its CEO pleaded guilty to money laundering, human trafficking and other charges in three states