Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Investigative Report
Hillary's 'Episode'...The Truth Exposed
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots

In trying to decipher Hillary Clinton’s medical issues, and she obviously has medical issues, there are two codes, if you will, that must be cracked.

First, there is the matter of the official Hillary team explanation regarding what transpired over the weekend at Sunday’s 9/11 event. By now everybody knows about Hillary leaving the event early, being helped from the venue to a spot near the curb while she and her handlers…or spotters as the case may be…waited for Hillary’s custom van/ambulance to arrive and second, there was the whole aspect of Hillary’s spotters catching her as she went limp and then was literally dragged and loaded into that van.

As to the official story…

Hillary’s people put out to the press that Hillary’s now called ‘episode’ was because of the heat. It’s a cover story that willing members of the mainstream media ran with and MSNBC went so far as to call the weather in NYC last Sunday morning… ”horrible.” It was hot, uncomfortably hot they said, coupled with extreme humidity. MSNBC also went to great lengths to blame Hillary’s clothing for her obvious “overheating episode,” calling into question her long jacket, what may well have been a long sleeved blouse, and the dark color of her ample pantsuit, as the culprits in her ‘down goes Hillary’ caught on tape moment.

See Hillary's ‘episode’ here:

Here’s the skinny on what MSNBC and other media outlets called the “horribly hot” weather in NYC last Sunday morning…the temperature at the time Hillary had to leave the 9/11 event early was a stifling 79 degrees, just 7 degrees over what is considered to be ‘room temperature.’ The skies were a mix of sun and light clouds, the humidity was an anything but ‘horrific’ 54%, and there was a light breeze at 9 MPH.

Obviously, it was not the heat that took Hillary Clinton out last Sunday, but what about her pantsuit?

As we looked at all the still images and videos from Sunday’s 9/11 event, we clearly saw all manner of men, many sitting near Hillary herself, wearing dark suits, long-sleeved shirts, dark pants, and neck ties. And the women were conservatively dressed in dresses, stockings, blazers, and pants as well.

Now here’s what you do not see in those pictures or videos…people sweating. Nobody seems to be battling the heat. Nobody seems to be on the verge of passing out. Nobody, not those speaking, not those in attendance, and none of the first responders in uniform or wearing suits, was anywhere near suffering a heat related ‘episode…nobody except Hillary that is.

Oh yes, there is one more bit of direct evidence that completely dispels the excessive heat cover story…when Hillary walked out of Chelsea’s apartment building, not long after her ‘episode’ and when asked by members of the press how she was doing…Hillary’s response completely blew the “horrible” heat cover story out of the water…”Enjoying a beautiful day in New York,” she said, with no reference whatsoever to the supposedly “horrible” heat that caused her now infamous ‘episode.’

So, what was quickly needed was a second cover story as the first one held water like a screen door on a submarine, and the next story to surface was that since last Friday, Hillary has had, “a touch of pneumonia,” a hastily concocted story by Hillary’s personal doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack, who apparently is now traveling with Hillary everywhere. 

First of all…no one has a “touch of pneumonia” …one either has pneumonia or one does not have pneumonia, but no one has a “touch” of pneumonia. Second, Hillary had apparently spent time at Chelsea’s apartment before going to the 9/11 event, and after having been dragged into her ‘mobile health center’ from the curb, back to Chelsea’s she went.

Now ask yourself this…who with a “touch” of pneumonia or with a full-blown case of pneumonia goes to a home where an infant and young child reside …as in Hillary’s grandchildren…and who upon emerging from said location, if she indeed does have pneumonia, beckons to and then touches and poses for a staged photo with a young child…no one with an ounce of concern for others would ever do such a thing.

Not only that, but someone managed to grab a photo of Hillary outside the 9/11 event and presumably after she was assisted from the venue but before her custom ‘mobile care center’ arrived, Hillary can clearly be seen squeezing the fingers of Dr. Lisa Bardack.

Here’s the first clue…squeezing of fingers is not normally done in conjunction with an already 3-day old being treated bout of pneumonia….squeezing fingers is, however, a normal procedure for someone suffering from a neurological issue.

So, if it was not the heat…and clearly it was not as the temperature was only 79 degrees…and if her clothing had nothing to do with her ‘episode’…which again obviously it did not as Hillary never removed her jacket or untied the tight ascot on her blouse both something someone ‘overheating’ would immediately do…and if it was not pneumonia which seems more than highly unlikely…what then is wrong with Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is not well, that is obvious to anyone who has seen her physical condition deteriorate over the past few years. With a decades long history of falls, confusion, vision issues, and actual collapses…as in Hillary’s fainting during a luncheon speech in Buffalo, N.Y. in 2005…Hillary’s medical history that we know of includes breaking her right elbow in a fall in a Department of State parking garage in 2009; collapsing in 2011 while boarding a flight in Yemen; and her 2012 infamous ‘boo-boo’ that turned out to be the result of a fall in her Chappaqua N.Y. home. 

And it was this last incident that was the turning point for her now downhill health spiral that seems to be more noticeable by the day.

Remember, this is the incident where Hillary passed out in the bathroom and hit her head on the toilet which turned into a concussion complete with a blood clot…a cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT)…in a vein being found between the brain and the skull behind her right ear. Not knowing if the concussion caused the blood clot or if the blood clot was what led to the fall, Hillary was put on blood thinners to dissolve the clot and to prevent other clots from forming, and she remains on blood thinners to this very day…Coumadin to be exact…and it’s Coumadin (warfarin sodium) that is the key to what really ails Hillary for Coumadin is used in the treatment of specific conditions only and is counterproductive when treating other conditions…especially those some speculate she has.

To date, Hillary has had three episodes of venous thrombosis (clots in veins) and in 1998 she was first prescribed the blood thinner/anti-coagulant Lovenox to treat ‘supposed’ blood-clotting problems happening in her legs on extended plane flights while Secretary of State and she was still on said drug in 2009 when she broke her right elbow. Replaced with Coumadin in 2012, after her ‘boo-boo’ fall, Coumadin is a very powerful drug that if given in too high a dose can cause one to hemorrhage and even bleed to death, and if given in too low a dose clots will continue to form. 

This means that Hillary could hemorrhage or worse from even a minor fall or other accident if her Coumadin dose is not adjusted on a regular and routine basis...that's why at times you see her being held upright by her handlers. And adjusting Coumadin translates into a blood test being a must every two to four weeks to make sure her blood is ‘thinning’ to the acceptable levels as per international normalized ration (INR)…which is simply a measure of how quickly her blood coagulates... and that said levels remain within a safe range without bleeding complications compromising her treatment and overall health.

After the above said fall in her bathroom, Hillary was given tests while in the hospital which found she has a genetic predisposition to form blood clots…along with her documented thyroid problems which in and of themselves can lead to hypercoagulability…either of which puts her at a higher risk for strokes and/or heart attacks than it does the general population. It also means that long and numerous plane flights are a no-no as it’s a well-documented fact that flying for extended periods of time… especially if one does not get up and walk or at least stretch…is a major cause of blood clots, especially in those predisposed to them.

And like we said above, a genetic disposition to blood clots means Hillary Clinton will be on Coumadin for the rest of her life as she has five times the chance of a woman her age developing another blood clot, especially a pulmonary embolism which can cause sudden death. And this five times the chance actually translates into a 20% chance over the next 10 years of her having a major stroke…and those 10 years started in 2012 when she first started taking Coumadin meaning with it now being 2016, four of those 10 years have already gone by as her risk increases over the next six years…six years that would fall during her presidency if she is elected.

So what conditions is Coumadin (also Warfarin or Lovenox) prescribed for and what are its side effects besides hemorrhaging if the dose is too high? First and most obvious is that the blood thinner/anti-coagulant Coumadin (and the others mentioned) is used to prevent further strokes and/or heart attacks in a person who has already had such an event as well as it being a stabilizer of an irregular heartbeat. But those important benefits comes with serious side effects including the previously stated excess bleeding from even a minor wound, bleeding gums, blood in the urine, chest pain, peeling skin (makes one wonder if that’s why Hillary is always wearing long sleeve, high necklines, and pants), serious bone loss, a vitamin K deficiency, calcification of the arteries, as well as blurred vision and confusion…with the last two issues ‘We the People’ being privy to as we’ve witnessed it with our own eyes.

First the blurred vision that seems to be a recurrent issue…remember back to January 2013 when Hillary testified before the Benghazi committee and that she was wearing glasses. But those were not regular run-of-the-mill prescription glasses…they were what’s called ‘medically modified’ eyeglasses. Attached to each lens by transparent adhesive tape was a Fresnel prism designed to treat the double vision resulting from the concussion, the blood clot, and her already long-term use of the blood thinner Lovenox as well as her now being on Coumadin. And these eyeglasses have resurfaced at various times during the ensuing years meaning episodes of blurred vision are still an ongoing occurrence. 

Now for the confusion…Hillary’s top advisor and BFF, Huma Abedin, has claimed that Hillary was often very confused and at times even had trouble thinking for herself. Abedin even sent an email to that affect to other staff members that you can see here.

And remember when Hillary looked like a deer caught in the headlights during an August rally when she appeared confused and fearful and her aides and F.B.I. agents had to sort of ‘kick-start’ her speech…you can that incident here for yourself: 

Now let’s not forget her refusing to speak to the press and her sometimes incoherent TV town hall appearances…here’s just one from this past July ...all of which both separately and together paint a picture of a woman who is not ‘quite right’ both physically and mentally.

Could this all be caused by her Coumadin use or does Hillary have a deeper more serious medical condition than just blood clots that Coumadin is being prescribed for? Some folks have speculated that Hillary Clinton is hiding the fact that she has either multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease, but it’s our opinion that she has neither for while some of the symptoms do seem to overlap in Hillary’s physical presentation, the fact is that Coumadin is not prescribed for either condition and in fact is somewhat counterproductive in Parkinson’s and outright dangerous in someone with MS.

And why…because Parkinson’s disease is treated specifically with dopamine agonists, MAO-inhibitors, and COMT-inhibitors and if one must be on both at the same time…which is not recommended… Coumadin (warfarin sodium) can seriously affect how the liver metabolizes the Parkinson’s drugs, thus affecting the control of Parkinson’s symptoms…not an ideal scenario.

As for Coumadin (warfarin sodium) being used to treat MS…simply put…taking said drug is a big no-no as the drug can seriously interact with the high-dose corticosteroids used in the treatment of MS leading to a rapid progression of the disease as it complicates therapy to a potentially life-threatening level.

This means that with Hillary’s admitting to be taking Coumadin the chances of her having either Parkinson’s or MS are slim as no knowledgeable doctor would have her on Coumadin (or warfarin sodium or even Lovenox) while treating either one of those two diseases. 

Bottom line…Hillary Clinton’s medical condition…her confusion, blurred vision, instability when walking, occasional detachment from reality (see such a moment here: among other things, has been caused by the concussion, the blood clots, and we believe a series of mini-strokes which fits her symptoms and medications to a tee.

Mini-strokes…also known as a transient ischemic attack (TIA)… happens when part of the brain experiences a temporary lack of blood flow due to a blood clot…and know that sometimes small clots dissolve on their own. The only difference between an actual stroke and TIA is that with a TIA the blockage resolves within 24 hours or less and the attack itself lasts for 5 minutes of less, usually lasting only a minute. And unlike with a stroke, a TIA does not kill brain tissue or cause serious permanent damage or disabilities but is a warning sign, if you will, of a major stroke happening with a short period of time…usually a year or less…if the person is not treated with clot-busting drugs like Coumadin.

And a mini-stroke shares symptoms with a major stroke but to a lesser and short lived degree. Some symptoms include sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or leg; sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding (all of which Hillary has had); sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes (remember Hillary’s special medically modified eyeglasses); sudden trouble walking, dizziness, lack of balance or coordination (as witnessed by Sunday’s ‘episode’); and sudden severe headaches with no known cause (Hillary has been reported to have had severe headaches from time to time).

And know that mini-strokes can occur many times but the Coumadin would help to keep them in check thus aiding in keeping a major stroke at bay. But even a drug like Coumadin…if not properly taken and adjusted as previously mentioned…cannot keep a major stroke from happening in some cases. And this is a legitimate fear with Hillary Clinton as we witness her health deteriorating almost daily and with the possibly of her not only having had mini-strokes but with actually having had a mild to moderate stroke already.

If you look closely at the triptik photo below you will see a leg brace used in patients who have had a mild to moderate stroke and are now experiencing weakness in a leg on the affected Hillary's case it's the right leg (just like it was the right elbow that she broke) and it's the right leg that gave-out as she was entering the van on Sunday. Look at the folds in the right leg of Hillary's pants suit, they match exactly the contours of the brace shown. Now look at the medal 'pin' on the brace closings and what dropped out of the leg of her pants suit's right leg during her entering the van...again a match. All a coincidence...we surely do not think so.

So, to put this all together in a tidy little package, there are three things you need to know with regard to Hillary’s 9/11 'episode' and those are that she suffers from not one but two different afflictions that as you will quickly see lead to a conclusion.

First…Hillary Clinton is neither suffering from Parkinson’s nor MS as some have speculated. While there are some aspects of Hillary’s symptoms that are shared with both those illnesses there are factual elements of Hillary’s medical record that have been established for several years that prove neither of those speculated illnesses are consistent with her current medical issues. Hillary’s current  'episode' and so many previous 'episodes' point directly to a series of small strokes that are now occurring one after another in more and more rapid succession, simply meaning that Hillary’s current 'episode' was neurological in nature.

The second of Hillary’s afflictions is pathological in nature as she, without question, is a pathological liar. As evidenced last Sunday, in New York City, Hillary and her team first issued a false cover story that she had succumbed to the intense heat of a beautiful 79 degree morning…lie number one soon to be followed by lie number two that she was suffering from pneumonia. We can tell you unequivocally that her Secret Service detail’s first and foremost action after Hillary went completely limp and had to be loaded into her van should and would have been to rush her to the nearest hospital, but either Hillary herself or one of her handlers ordered her to be taken to Chelsea’s multi-million dollar apartment instead….an apartment complete with small children which no doctor... especially Dr. Lisa Bardack, an Internal Medicine practitioner...would have been in favor of had Hillary actually been suffering from pneumonia.

And finally...the inescapable conclusion…

Hillary and her team, the same Hillary Clinton and the same team that have been lying for years regarding her in which of them have been turned over and how none of them ever contained classified or top secret information…the exact same Hillary Clinton and team who started lying about Benghazi while the attacks were still under way…are now telling us that they are about to release Hillary’s medical records.

Oh really...we’re supposed to believe that just as she expected us to believe she had turned over every last email...we don't think so.

It now seems quite clear that Hillary is not physically capable of serving even one term as President and Sunday’s 'episode' caught on video and indisputable regardless of how many lies she and her team try to foist on the American public with the help of a willing mainstream media proves it, and the only question remaining at this point is...what will happen first? Will Hillary drop out of the 2016 race for the White House or will she try to convince all of us that the true reason for her 9/11 'episode' was some obscure YouTube video about mohammed?

Only time will tell.