Thursday, August 26, 2021

Breaking Trust, Breaking Honor
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

For the record lets get two things straight. First, while Joe Biden might be sitting in the White House he is not the one running the Afghanistan show, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is. And second, not only is Obama pulling Biden's strings but, we believe, he is and has been for years the direct link between the U.S. and the the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS here. And Obama's goal, both during his administration and his now Biden fronted defacto third term in office, is to not only weaken America's military and sully our reputation on the world stage, but to do so in such a way that there will be no way for the U.S. to stop the formation and spread of the islamic caliphate...the Levant if you will.

Think we're kidding...we're not..for the man who bowed down to kings and and kissed the hands of imams is the very man who released GITMO incarcerated Taliban operatives knowing well that they had but one objective in rejoin the fight against American forces both in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Obama, a traitor to this country, is now shadow directing America's pullout from the very country that served as a much needed stop gap between the islamic controlled countries of the Middle East and those more friendly to the West. Now relishing in America's Afghan debacle, Obama remains silent and that itself says all one needs to know for this, the man who has deep hatred for our country knows that right now he's more valuable to "the cause" behind the scenes than he is out in front.

And with his having announced our military's August 31st date of withdrawal, Biden knows he has repeated the most serious of Obama's anything but a mistake...when first on June 22, 2011, Obama announced to the world that he had just ordered the U.S. military to withdraw 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year and to pull out another 23,000 by the summer of 2012, and again on May 27, 2014, when he announced his plan for a full troop withdrawal by end of 2016. And here was where the Taliban were able to start planning their return to power as they just had to wait the U.S. out. And with these two announcements Barack HUSSEIN Obama knowingly set the stage for the Taliban's return.

And now as Joe Biden adds serious mistakes seemingly of his own...including his not getting all the Americans, the civilian personnel, and our Afghan allies out of harms way before announcing his withdrawal date; along with his then pulling much needed "eyes on-the-ground" intel people out first, a move so counterproductive to military strategy...know that Obama's hand is all over this as well. But the most grievous of all Biden's mistakes is our belief that it was Obama himself who instructed him to tell the Americans and their Afghan allies to get to Kabul's airport, their only real means of escape. And by their doing so we are now faced with thousands of folks herded together in what could be an American and Afghan bloodbath occurring on, just before, or soon thereafter Biden's announced August 31st pullout date...a date the Taliban insisted not be extended or else consequences would be paid.

In fact, a Taliban spokesman did state that, "If the US or UK were to seek additional time to continue evacuations - the answer is no...Or there would be consequences," adding that if Biden tries to maintain a presence to secure and operate the Kabul airport beyond August 31st, such a move "will create mistrust between us...If they are intent on continuing the occupation it will provoke a reaction."

And so the Taliban's "red line" was drawn, and with the 20th anniversary of 9/11 less than two weeks away, the Taliban, ISIS, or even al-Qaeda could now actually be planning a terrorist attack on the airport as their way of reminding us and the world that it was they who changed then and continue to change now America forever.

But as we write this the airlift out of Kabul continues on but to a lesser degree as armed Taliban fighters have circled the airport and are blocking its points of both entry and departure. So what did Biden in regards to this newest development do but reference the "Civil Reserve Air Fleet Program"...a program initiated during the Berlin airlift of decades airlift that can, if used right, be an adjunct to our military’s capabilities during a crises. And in his effort to make it seem like he's in charge, Biden requested that 18 aircraft from U.S. commercial carriers be used not to assist in helping to get trapped American out of the country, but to transport already safe Afghan refugees to their final points of destination what with their having already been safely evacuated from Kabul itself. Putting Afghans before Americans safety...Biden has again let Obama pull his strings.

And with his also having pledged on national television to bring all Americans home...that is "Americans who want to evacuate"...Biden's words not ours...words spoken even after Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby stated that the State Department, "didn’t know how many Americans were still trapped in Afghanistan" or whether those Americans would be able to get out. And with his adding that the U.S. military is not "equipped and able" to help those Americans trapped inside their homes, Biden has tried via word semantics to create for himself a way out of his taking responsibility for any Americans left behind and killed.

In fact, it's word semantics of the very worst kind for with the White House continuing to refer to those Americans still trapped in Afghanistan as being "stranded."..."stranded" is far from the truth for what they are is Americans being abandoned by the very government whose duty it is to protect them. Now a fundamental betrayal of the very basis of this constitutional republic as the president's duty is to protect the "health, safety, and welfare" of the American people no matter where they may be. And with Biden pulling our troops out before all Americans have been brought to safety he has actually violated both the Constitution and his oath of office. Grounds for removal from office we'd say.

And so as collateral damage Americans will be left behind as Biden has caved to the Taliban when he announced this past Tuesday, that he will not extend the August 31st deadline to remove all American troops from Afghanistan, and added that American troops had to start leaving on Friday, August 27th in order to meet the end of the month deadline. And this decision came after a final meeting between Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and CIA Director William Burns in Kabul. The inept vs. the barbarian but notice the deadline's wording concerns "American troops" and makes no mention of American civilians not connected to the military. And it's here where Biden's own people are finally admitting that not all Americans will make it out, even the infamous Adam Schiff recently stated that he believes it’s "very unlikely" that we will get every American out of Afghanistan by the end of the month.

But really how could we as Biden in his ineptness has put American troops...who can at least defend themselves...ahead of probably unarmed American civilians in the rush to get out. And like lambs to the slaughter they will all go.

And not to be overlooked is that in our haste to evacuate as many people as we can, and with concrete barriers now ringing Kabul's airport, making it near impossible for those truly seeking to escape to get past the crushing crowds, the Taliban checkpoints, let alone circumnavigate U.S. bureaucracy slowdowns regarding Afghans securing needed visas, how do we know that besides Americans carrying U.S. passports who we are getting out. We don't and for all we know Taliban, ISIS, and al-Qaeda "sleeper operatives" could be amongst those who were able to get on previous flight's out.

In fact, a recent Associated Press report stated that besides the airlift, U.S. military helicopters flew into Kabul two Friday's ago to "scoop up would-be evacuees," whomever they might be. Claiming that 16,000 people...some Americans but mostly Afghans...were airlifted out of the Kabul area in a mere 24 hours by our C-17s transport planes, know that number seems quite impossible. And why...because said rescue would mean that we had to fly in an average of two C-17s in and out of Kabul airport, getting them refueled and loaded with people, every hour on the hour with no interference by the Taliban, a scenario not likely to have happened. And again, if true, who exactly was rescued, as the number of Americans reportedly still trapped in Afghanistan seems not to have gone down in number while the number of Afghans supposedly boarding those planes is more than the actual number of Afghans who aided the U.S.

And here is something else to be concerned about that Biden is not telling us, and it's coming from sources in Panjshir...the only province in Afghanistan not under Taliban control but now surrounded by Taliban fighters. According to the resistance leaders in Panjshir, a local affiliate of ISIS is indeed considering targeting the crowds gathered both outside and in Kabul's airport with suicide bombers and/or firing missiles at U.S. and other aircraft still taking off and landing. And while our military planes, in an effort not to be hit by rocket fire, have been seen executing dangerous "corkscrew landings" at times over Kabul, other of our aircraft have also been firing flares upon takeoff and landing in an effort to avoid Taliban missile attacks. And this means that the musings out of Panjshir coupled with the Taliban's warning are something to be taken very seriously.

And why...simply because ISIS...which we know is in Afghanistan and which Obama helped to create...would love nothing better than to kill innocent Americans huddled together in the target rich Kabul airport...something the Taliban would do little to nothing to prevent. And in return ISIS would secure within Afghanistan a needed base of operation to work from in their quest to secure the Levant...while gladly leaving the Taliban sole control over Afghanistan itself.

So two questions still remain. First, how do we get our remaining people out of harms way when we have a president being controlled by Barack HUSSEIN Obama... a man who cares little about how many Americans are killed in the process...because why else would Biden, surely on Obama's say so, have ordered the evacuation and shutdown of Bagram Air Base, a base which has more runways than Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport, and the very base that has long been the central point of American operations in Afghanistan. Why else indeed other than to assure that not only will there be massive collateral damage in the end, but to assure the Taliban that America leaves Afghanistan in defeat as did the Russians before them. Remember, while Obama's loyalties to his muslim brethren are worn on his sleeve, Joe Biden, deep in the throws of dementia, is only capable of doing what he's being told to do.

And second, how do we save Afghanistan herself at the same time that we're being forced to leave...simply by making our leaving loud enough for the whole world to in bombing every Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS nest we can we should have done right from the beginning...and let the true Afghan government and what's left of its military take care of the clean-up. And then once that's done we should start entertaining the idea of a military tribunal looking into the fact that both America's current and former commander-in-chief sold both our military and our country out by arranging us to leave in defeat from a country that if it had been handled right from the in with hands untied from our military's back...would now, in our opinion, be free.

But currently in Afghanistan, the situation still remains untenable at best with no good or clear options as we have already stated, but at home the situation has taken what many consider to be a rather odd if not outright bazaar turn.
One thing is clear in American politics, neither cabinet members nor military brass make public statements against their ultimate boss. If they have strong disagreements with policy as set by the Oval Office, they simply resign. That’s the case regardless of party affiliation because the one cardinal sin for anyone in a high-ranking position of any administration is being in direct public contradiction with the Oval Office.

That has now changed, and it is very noticeable.
Over the past couple of weeks, where this whole Afghanistan “debacle” is concerned, we have heard public comments from Biden which have in very short order been directly, and publicly contradicted by high-ranking members of Biden’s staff.
Biden meanders to a microphone and says that nobody is getting killed in Afghanistan. Shortly, and we mean within an hour or two, somebody from inside the inner circle gets to a microphone and tells the public that unfortunately people have been killed in Afghanistan.
Biden said, “So, we know of no circumstance where American citizens, carrying an American passport, are trying to get through to the airport.” Biden went on to state, “We have no indication that they haven’t been able to get in Kabul through the airport.” Then literally less than an hour later, Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby contradicted Biden publicly saying, “Though there have been sporadic reports of some Americans not being able to get through checkpoints — I fully admit that.” After that, and in the same briefing, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admitted that the Taliban had indeed beaten Americans who were trying to reach the Kabul airport and said, "We've communicated to the Taliban that that is absolutely unacceptable and we want free passage through these checkpoints for documented Americans.”

Biden said, "Look, let's put this thing in perspective. What interest do we have in Afghanistan at this point, with al Qaeda gone? We went to Afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid of al Qaeda in Afghanistan as well as -- as well as -- getting Osama bin Laden. And we did." In short order, Pentagon Spoksman John Kirby again directly contradicted his ultimate boss when he said, "We know that al Qaeda is a presence as well as ISIS in Afghanistan. And we've talked about that for quite some time.”

Biden said, "The intelligence community did not say, back in June or July, that in fact this was going to collapse like it did. Not even close.”  When questioned about that Biden statement, United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan tried his best to sidestep the question saying, “I’m not actually familiar with the intelligence assessment you’re describing, but I also don’t want to get into specific intelligence products and one thing I will not do from this podium or anywhere else is talk about what a different component of the inner agency did or didn’t do…” 

On more than one occasion, Biden has recently made claims regarding intel that have rather quickly proven to be false claims, as was the case cited above featuring Jake Sullivan. For instance, Biden said he was unaware of any criticism of the U.S. for the handling of the situation in Afghanistan, yet that criticism has been coming in a fast and furious manner from many of our allies including Germany, France and the U.K.

Biden said, “I have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. Matter of fact, the exact opposite I’ve gotten.” That’s rather odd as the U.K. Parliament actually condemned Biden over his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and raked their own Prime Minister over the coals before realizing that Biden had failed to place a call to Boris Johnson for better than 36 hours after the debacle began.
So what’s going on here? It’s easy to point to Biden’s diminished mental state and pass it all off as just that, but we do not believe that even comes close to what’s really happening.
Regarding the bogus intel statements made by Joe Biden, it is entirely possible that key intel reports have been deliberately withheld from him. We also believe it to be entirely possible that fabricated intel has been supplied to Joe Biden. While the thought of such a thing happening is staggering, we believe it’s all part of the plan.

We have been saying all along, and literally from the moment it was announced that Biden had supposedly won in 2020, that he would not be able to finish his first term due to his diminished mental condition, a condition readily obvious throughout the 2020 campaign. We have both written about what we believe to be the impending use of the 25th Amendment to remove an unfit for the job Biden from office and we have discussed it many times on our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS  radio program, but before we get to the gist of this, there is one other aspect that needs to be brought to light.

Over the past week, maybe the past 10 days, we have noticed something completely out of character in the mainstream media.

Throughout the 2020 campaign, according to the mainstream media, Biden was golden. He could do no wrong regardless of the mountains of evidence against him. To say that the mainstream media carried Biden’s water would be a gross understatement, and they’ve been continuing in that regard since Biden was enshrined in the Oval Office. That is up until the past week or so.

Now, even his staunchest allies in the democrat party propaganda arm known as the mainstream media are running with stories that shine a negative light on their golden child, Joe Biden. Could it be that the mainstream media has seen the light? Have they suddenly come to their socialist senses? Are they in the midst of an attack of spontaneous journalistic integrity? No. Clearly there’s something else behind them turning on Biden as they have for better than a week now.
Here’s the deal. We believe that just like the disaster in Afghanistan was deliberate and orchestrated by Barack Hussein Obama as outlined earlier in this article, so to has the downfall of Biden been deliberate and orchestrated.
We believe that forcing Biden from office has been a foregone conclusion since the day he was nominated and we believe that the initial plan was to allow Biden to sink his own ship due to his decline into dementia. But remember, it was Obama who once said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” We believe that Obama just felt that he could no longer take the chance that Biden might, inadvertently do something right, or let slip that illegal things had been done to put him in the White House. Rather than continue to risk being exposed, we believe that Obama is in the process of expediting Biden’s removal from office.

Could it be that false intel was fed to Biden, or perhaps no intel at all made its way to Biden deliberately so as to keep him in the dark regarding the full situation in Afghanistan for the purpose of making Biden look cognitively worse than he already is? Is it possible that it’s been orchestrated to have Biden deliver false statements and then quickly have those statements contradicted by his upper level staff who might be more obligated to Obama than to Biden? Could the entire withdrawal from Afghanistan have been engineered to create maximum chaos on the ground while leaving a mentally diminished Biden holding the bag?

And what of the mainstream media who has, for the past two years been in lockstep promoting Joe Biden and suddenly now are in lockstep against him? That smacks of an orchestrated effort to turn the tide as rapidly as possible against their anointed, if not ethically elected White House resident.
The sudden and unprecedented public contradictions of Biden’s statements, his utter false statements and lack of situational awareness, dementia aside, and the sudden antagonistic behavior of the mainstream media towards Joe Biden is showing in the polls as Biden’s ratings nosedive even amongst democrats.

We believe this is the orchestrated effort to force a Biden resignation or the invoking of the 25th Amendment so as to shove Biden aside before he exposes the true nature of what ‘s happening behind the scenes and to replace him with Kamala Harris, Obama’s pick for VP and Obama’s willing, and somewhat more cognizant puppet.

While there will be a new VP assigned for her to choose, remember, the top brass, those cabinet members all too willing to give Biden the final shove out the door are loyal to the puppet master Obama, and aside from a possible reshuffling of lower-level deck chairs on the Titanic just for the sake of appearances, the coup from behind the curtain will continue unabated at least up to the 2022 midterm election.
And if all of this isn’t enough to prove our scenario that Obama is really orchestrating all of this, consider the following. For the past several months, the supposed “Biden administration” had continued to send new firearms, drones, communication gear, and more to the nation that they had plans to abandon in just a few short weeks. In fact, even as the Taliban was advancing through Afghanistan, those shipments continued. We had 2,500 troops left in Afghanistan just a few short weeks ago, but now the Taliban has in their possession “more than 2,000 armored vehicles, including U.S. Humvees, and up to 40 aircraft potentially including UH-60 Black Hawks, scout attack helicopters, and ScanEagle military drones,” according to intel sources.

Why would we be sending massive amounts of military equipment into a country we were ready to abandon? That can’t be blamed on Biden’s dementia, nor can it be blamed on poor military judgment unless the military brass were doing it on purpose as directed by someone calling the shots and giving the orders from behind the curtain.

One final thought. Throughout this process, this debacle, Biden has said over and over again that “we are communicating with the Taliban.” He’s not communicating with them as he lacks the ability to engage in that sort of negotiating. That means it’s his staff, his high-level Pentagon brass that are engaging in those communications, and they are most likely loyal to Obama which means that any communications coming from us are most likely really coming from Obama and if that is not treason, we don’t know what is.

While most people including contributors to major media networks tend to focus on the small picture by talking in the moment regarding an hour by hour or day by day unfolding of events surrounding the disaster in Afghanistan, we at RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS step back to see the big picture and provide the proper perspective regarding not only what is happening, but also why it’s happening.
That all the things happening are happening at once is no coincidence. We know it, and now you know it too.
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