Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Insurrection Thy Name Is CHAZ

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

I'm going to start by saying that if President Donald J. Trump...whom I support 100%...does not immediately do something to stop the ongoing insurrection destroying our country today not only will he lose in November but America will become "Amerika" wrapped in Kente cloth, as the militant black minority embedded within America's minority 13.4% black population along with their big monied liberal white enablers, might well be the powder keg that sets off part two of the American Civil War.

And part two might not end well like it did over a century and a half ago, I cannot say it any more direct than that, for these black militants and their white liberal enablers are most deliberately and maliciously reigniting racism and hate...reigniting the old hatreds we thought that we, as a nation, had moved far away from. And the match that ignited this current powder keg was the killing of one black thug...a thug with a lengthy criminal record...by one rouge white cop who placed his knee upon the thug's neck. And it has all gone downhill from there with the thug becoming a media anointed saint which in turn led to anti-police protests not only in our country but in countries around the civilized world.

Read entire article and see video here: https://thepatriotfactor.blogspot.com/2020/06/op-ed-insurrection-thy-name-is-chaz-by.html

Trump to sign executive order on policing to 'build trust' in law enforcement

President Trump on Tuesday is expected to sign an executive order on law enforcement reform in the wake of the death of George Floyd, an event that tipped off weeks of protests, as the nation grapples with racial disparities in policing and the criminal justice system that have spurred calls as drastic as the dismantling of entire police departments.

The president will deliver remarks in the Rose Garden and sign the order, which is titled "Safe Policing for Safe Communities." The event is scheduled for noon.

"Both public safety and public trust are crucial to the law enforcement mission," the White House said in a tweet Monday night. "Tomorrow’s Executive Order will uphold clear and high policing standards, promote accountability in law enforcement, and help equip police officers for constructive community engagement."

Read entire article and see video here: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-to-sign-exec-order-police

Two Supreme Court Justices Shred Their Counterparts for Failing to Protect the Second Amendment
The Supreme Court of the United States delivered a blow to gun rights activists on Monday when they turned down the possibility of hearing roughly a dozen Second Amendment-related cases. The last time the Court heard a gun-related case was in 2010 with the landmark McDonald v. Chicago decision.

Below are the cases that were rejected (via Bearing Arms):
Pena v. Horan is a challenge to California’s microstamping law, which took effect in 2012 and has curtailed not only the availability of new models of handguns, but has caused existing models of handguns to be barred from being sold in the state.
Gould v. Lipson is a challenge to Massachusetts’ carry laws
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