Monday, August 8, 2022

Recession: America's New Norm?
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

We're not going to be in a recession...My hope is we go from this rapid growth to a steady growth...I don't think we're going to see a recession."                            - Joe Biden words spoken on Monday July 26, 2022 

Even some Democrats see it...see that the good times, economically speaking that is, are but a thing of the Trump administration's past. “Economic recovery,” which Biden and his propagandists in the liberal media keep bantering about, has proven to be not only a misnomer but an out-and-out lie for the economic prosperity seen under President Trump has now morphed, under Joe Biden, into a full blown economic disaster.

Recession” it's called no matter that the Democrat powers that be keep trying to alter its definition. And it's here for the long stay not because it has to be, but because the Democrats need more folks looking to the federal government for help which translates into more folks pulling the “D” lever come November's midterm election. After all, few tend to bite the hand that feeds, clothes, and houses them. But hopefully this drastic downturn in our economy will prove the Democrats wrong for it's not just the lower and middle class being affected by the now “recession,” but also the upper class and the job creators. An equal opportunity government caused disaster looming large over us all.

And while folks have been forced to spend more on staples like groceries and gas at the pumps due to record high prices on foodstuffs and Biden's forced importing of oil, economic indicators show that overall consumer spending is now basicallyflat.” And while the current 40-year high in inflation itself tends to mask the scale of what in reality is a dangerous across the board major economic slowdown, the Democrats still refuse to utter let alone accept the “r” word as today's reality, for they have calculatingly changed the very definition of “recession” to meet their party' meet Obama's...anti-capitalism, pro-socialism agenda. 

But what actually constitutes a “recession” and how does “recession” affect consumer spending? First, a “recession” is simply a significant decline in economic activity that can last for as little as a few months or can last for years. In fact, history shows that recession tends to come in tandem when an energy crisis is at it is now. And with energy comprising 7% of our total GDP (gross domestic product), one can understand why economic experts agree that a “recession” happens when a nation’s economy experiences negative GDP growth for two consecutive fiscal quarters, unemployment levels rise, retail sales fall, along with manufacturing slowing and incomes declining for an extended period of time. 

And dare not forget that both “inflation” and “deflation” plays into “recession” what with “inflation” being the overall upwards trend in prices over a given period of time, and with “deflation” being when prices steadily decline causing wages to “contract.” And this in turn depresses prices as both businesses and consumers simply stop spending which itself then undermines a nation's economy.

Basically, “inflation,” at times, can and does lead to “deflation” and visa-versa, what with central banks then being forced to try to control “inflation” by raising interest rates which, in turn, depresses economic activity even further. A vicious ongoing cycle of what is an unavoidable so-called “expansion and contraction” of a given nation's economy made worse when both “inflation” and “recession” go on at the same time. And for us here in the U.S. heaven forbid if the “recession” we're now in...thanks to Biden and crew...were to morph into an actual “depression”...a “depression” where the economic impact on our country will be even greater what with accompanying steep drops in our GDP and higher unemployment rates, thus allowing time itself to become the enemy in regards to an actual economic recovery. And dare not forget that if America was to enter a “depression” it most surely would spread worldwide.

And sadly, here I must say welcome to today's America where “We the People's” pocketbooks do run dry while high-paid politicians laugh all the way to the bank, and where talk of “depression” must now not be taken off the proverbial table...surely not as long as ILLEGALS keep bleeding America's monetary coffers dry.

So why do I even bring the issue of ILLEGALS into the “recession” mix? While many claim that immigrants...  “legal” immigrants...lead to an increase in “innovation, education, and economic productivity”...which is certainly true...ILLEGALS as a whole not only take away much needed low level and entry level jobs from hurting American citizens, but they come here with their hands out for the Democrats promised “free stuff,” thus placing an added strain on our already hurting economy. And while reality shows that nothing is ever really “free,” the ever escalating amounts of monies now being spent on welfare and such for ILLEGALS is paramount, in my opinion, to the government's stealing our taxpayer dollars (in exchange for votes) at a time when many Americans truly are now living paycheck to paycheck. 

And the actual ILLEGAL numbers do now speak for themselves for the Biden administration, to date, has allowed over two million ILLEGALS to enter our country, and if that's not bad enough, by the end of his term we will see six million ILLEGALS residing in our country which will allow today's “recession” to drag on even longer than it might normally have done. Simply, with the majority of Americans now monetarily hurting it should be Americans first and all others be damned.

And here's a possible nightmare scenario that could indeed happen if this “recession” were to linger on for an extended period of time. First, more jobs most surely would be lost leading unemployment numbers to rise which in turn makes it harder for one to find a job not only because more folks are out looking for work, but because companies and businesses, both large and small, will be forced to drastically cutback or even shutdown for without folks being able to purchase what businesses or a given company produces they cannot afford to keep their operations afloat. And if one is lucky enough to keep their job during what could be a prolonged “recession,” they face the likely scenario of seeing both their paychecks and their benefits being cut. 

And don't think that those folks able to invest in the stock market won't be hurt as well for during a “recession” stocks, bonds, and real estate also visit the losing end as savings dwindle affecting many investors retirement plans as well as their monetary portfolios. Even worse, imagine what would happen if you couldn’t pay your monthly bills or make your mortgage or rent payment because you've lost your job...imagine both the reality and the ramifications of possibly not only actually losing your home but all your tangible assets as well. And know that “lenders” (read “banks” here) will also be affected thus forcing them to tighten their qualifications for in one would need either a better credit score, a larger down payment, or both in some order to receive a mortgage or even a car loan. Simply, all modes of general financing would be affected including monies needed for both new start-up businesses and businesses hurting as a direct cause of the “recession." 

And we can thank the “tax and spend” Democrats and especially Joe Biden for the above stated possible scenario...a scenario that is on the brink of being the new norm for way too many Americans. 

So what is the Democrats answer to now record high inflation caused solely by their out of control spending coupled with our economy officially having entered an actual “recession?” Their answer is as once again raise taxes no matter that over 90+ million American households say they are having a hard time meeting daily expenses; no matter that the bulk of the tax monies raised will be funneled into their Green New Deal nonsense which is but another name for the Democrats war on what was under President Trump, America's much heralded energy independence.

No matter it all for remember above all else that the Democrats...that Joe Biden himself...loves to blame Putin for all our economic woes when the truth is that they alone are masters of manipulation who want to control each and every aspect of “We the People's” lives ranging from the jobs we hold; to the cars we drive; to the food we eat and the groceries we buy; to how we power, heat, and cool our homes; to the medical treatment we receive or are not allowed (under ObamaCare) to receive; to what our children are taught in both public and private schools and universities; to the right to kill unborn babies, and so very much more...pronouns not excluded.

Simply do as the current powers that be tell us to do, believe their words as both scientific and gospel truth, think what they tell us to think or else pay the consequences in jobs lost, monies gone, and freedoms cast to the wind...and might I sadly add the Constitution be damned. 

So what is the solution to the Democrats deliberately created economic woes? First, it's very important to remember that Republicans always support the pursuit of prosperity minus government interference; and that Republicans support both tax and regulation cuts for businesses, thus naturally allowing for more jobs to be created which, in turn, will increase overall economic growth; while Democrats erroneously believe that by reducing (self-perceived) income inequality economic growth will follow as will spending vs. saving as they buy into the Keynesian economic theory that government should always spend its way out of a “recession”..differences on par with day vs. night.

But to put it in quite simplistic terms, in order to end this “recession” and return to the prosperity we saw under President Trump, all Democrats need to be voted out of office not just this upcoming November 8th, but in 2024 as well for not to do so might just be our republics ultimate downfall where Obama's “fundamental change” sadly becomes America's new norm. Case closed.

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