Monday, November 14, 2022

Two More Years”...“Two More Years”...Need I Say More
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

The promised “Red Wave,” for the most part, never came. It ended up being but a small puddle washing up upon the beach so to speak, as Republican hoped for victories turned into loses that both shocked and awed.

Led off by the blue states of New York and Pennsylvania, both proved themselves to be states whose voters seem to relish in their total lack of common sense, as New Yorkers elected a governor who not only denies a rise in crime no matter the statistics shown, but who thinks our economy is moving “merrily, merrily” along. And as for Pennsylvania, her voters elected a senator who, like Joe Biden, cannot even string two words together in a cohesive sentence. A shadow of a man who, again like Biden, is not medically fit to hold office, and who is but a placeholder until he turns his seat over to his even further to left wife due to “medical issues” pertaining from his recent major stroke.

An angry man whose temper flares more times than it should, John Fetterman's campaign was but fear mongering nonsense spewed, while New York Gov. Kathy Hochul remains oblivious to the serious issues facing not only our country but New Yorkers as well. And both saw the economy, record high inflation, an increase in crime, along with the invasion at our southern border, as something not worthy of even a mention as they insistently whined “our democracy is at stake if Republicans win.” Well I have a few choice words for those who voted for these two, as in don't dare start whining when your heating costs rise, your grocery bill and gas prices skyrocket, or when crime comes knocking at your own front door. The old adage of “you reap what you sow” is truly quite apropos.

And one last thing about Pennsylvania, the whining about running out of ballots is pure unadulterated nonsense for the number of ballots printed corresponds to the number of registered voters plus a certain given number of if Pennsylvania ran out of ballots it's because more folks were voting than were registered to vote. Fraud personified egged on by Fetterman himself who publicly stated he wanted thousands of “illegally cast votes” counted if he were to lose on first count.

And problems were not limited to the east coast, for just like in 2020 there were problems in Arizona as well, most especially in Maricopa county where a supposed “printing malfunction” about one-quarter of the county's polling places...saw election officials “assuring voters” that every ballot would indeed be counted. And if you believe that nonsense you probably have a D next to your name. But isn't it funny that only certain states...mostly blue or swing matter the election always seem to have voting irregularities and/or tabulation issues...problems they never had before the Democrats assumed, and are desperate to hold onto, the reigns of power.

But know there were winners as well and to name but a few...J.D. Vance beat Tim Ryan to turn Ohio's senate seat red; Ron Johnson kept his Wisconsin Senate seat; Brian Kemp again beat the infamous Stacy Abrams to remain the Republican governor of Georgia; Sarah Huckabee Sanders became governor of Arkansas in what amounts to a landslide; and the Democrats lost New York's historically blue 18th Congressional district when Rep. Patrick Maloney conceded his race to Mike Lawler. But nothing on election night compared to what happened in my “Free State” of Florida when our great Governor Ron DeSantis beat political party flip-flopper Charlie Crist by 20 points...a blowout which trickled down throughout state well as his turning Miami-Dade County...a blue county for Also, Senator Marco Rubio beat his challenger Rep. Val Demings by almost 16 points, now making Florida a solidly red state.

And with his amazing win Gov. Ron DeSantis did become the new defacto leader of the Republican party. President Trump has been per the New York “DeFuture.” And why...because the fact is that few Trump endorsed candidates won what were easily winnable races; our hold on the House will be slim at best; and the Senate remains (as I write this) too close to call. Simply, the “Red Wave” did not happen. And I mean this with all due respect to President Trump...the man who not only did great things while president but whose love of this country is bar none...but now the time has come for we Republicans to move beyond our party's past leaders and embrace our future leaders for if we don't we have no chance to retake the White House in 2024. And why...because narcissism and an overinflated ego is not a platform voters embrace nor are Trump's recent words spoken before the first midterm ballots were cast, “I should get the credit if my chosen candidates triumph but that I shouldn't be blamed if they don't.”

Really...I think not regarding either scenario, and if truth be told a true patriot when seeing the handwriting on the wall would step aside when a better and more electable candidate emerges. And the fact is that President Trump is indeed somewhat to blame for the “Red Wave” that wasn't no matter his continuing to hold sway over those in his Republican and conservative base. 

How so? As Trump's popularity continues to drop to new lows after he purposely broke Ronald Reagan's “11th commandment” to never speak ill of a fellow Republican, which he did with his “Ron DeSanctimonious” comment (you can read about that in my previous article, An Uncalled For Misstep), we now find that as per new polls two-thirds of the all-important and much needed independent voters now hold an unfavorable opinion of our 45th president. And this can be witnessed by Pennsylvania's now Sen. Fetterman winning 57% of the independent vote, coupled with the fact that Trump selfishly instigated what was a major political distraction during the midterms final countdown hours by his going all out in promoting speculation about his own possible 2024 presidential run. And with his focusing on himself instead of focusing on the election at hand, Trump is now actually proving himself to be somewhat toxic to both Republican candidates and the Republican platform itself.

But know that none of this criticism is related at all to President Trump's recognized and highly heralded successful economic and foreign policies, but is solely due to his inability to not only keep his mouth shut, but to his overinflated ego dictating that all things political must revolve around and focus on he, Donald J. Trump, alone.

Simply, Trump's continued childish behavior is now seen by many of us who supported him as being both divisive and vindictive towards anyone who dares not to relish in his continued theatrics, thus signaling that it's now time we move on to a uniter instead of a divider. Trump's overwhelming need for revenge, which at times seems to have run its course unfortunately always remains festering just below the surface. Case in point...Trump recently said in an interview in The Palm Beach Post that Gov. DeSantis would “hurt himself badly” if he chose to seek the White House in two years as he would reveal “things about [DeSantis] that won’t be very flattering,thus proving that Trump's jealous tendencies and and now vindictiveness...and even political blackmail of sorts...has crossed into the nth degree. 

Also, Trump's recent statement regarding Virginia's great Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin...the seemingly racist statement where Trump said that Gov. Youngkin’s name, “Young Kin sounds Chinese, doesn't it,” and that he couldn’t have won without me...proves that Donald J. Trump and his overinflated ever so divisive ego are no longer what we need to set America right again.

But, the fact remains that no one has proven to be a better uniter, while not saying one bad or derogatory word about Donald Trump, than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis whose 20 point win over Democrat Charlie Christ was accomplished with the help of Democrat votes. His policies and platform resonated across party lines, something Trump failed in the past and obviously still fails to do, while allowing Democrats to happily cross over the partisan “body political” and cast their vote for DeSantis.

A true leader was born on midterm election night and his name is Ron DeSantis.

And with our governor stating during his victory speech that Florida is and will remain a graveyard for “woke” policies, a state that is a “citadel of freedom,” which has “maintained law and order,” one in which taxpayers were “respected,” while having “protected the rights of parents,” his words of truth were easily backed up by his actions taken. “We fight the woke in the Legislature. We fight the woke in the schools. We fight the woke in the corporations,” and “We will never, ever surrender to the woke mob,” in reference to the heart of Democrat policies...policies destroying American ideals, values, and morality.

I have only begun to fight,” our governor added while many in the crowd...and I'm sure in many Florida homes...happily chanted “two more years”...“two more years”...a loud and clear reference to ongoing speculation that Ron DeSantis may indeed seek the 2024 presidential nomination. The bull in a China shop vs. the calm voice of interesting point/counterpoint primary match-up for sure...a match-up where I would favor DeSantis in the primary but would cast my vote for Trump if he were to get the nomination.


And while we Floridians would hate to lose Ron DeSantis as our governor, our state would be left in good hands with Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez...a female DeSantis politically and policy wise. And the truth is that America needs a man like Ron DeSantis to set our country right...we need a man who draws supporters across party lines...a man with a proven record of success...a family man...a military veteran who understands what being commander-in-chief truly means. And most importantly we need the next generation of leaders for America's return to greatness, stability, and exceptionalism no longer lies in the past but with younger leaders who look towards and define the future. 

So what better way to start that return...what better way to see a “Red Wave” truly reach fruition...than by seeing Ron DeSantis...Florida and the Republicans now greatest political asset...starting the ball rolling. Case closed.

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