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A Truly Hard Decision But My Clothespin Is Ready
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots                                                                                              
Donald Trump has chosen a Vice Presidential running mate and it’s Indiana Governor Mike Pence…a choice that will not draw many #nevertrump folks to his camp simply because the man who claims one of his greatest assets is that he’s not a career politician has now chosen a career politician as his running mate. 

And this proves once again just what a self-serving hypocrite Donald Trump really is and yet, sadly, I will now have to put a literal clothespin on my nose and vote for him because the alternative…the now and forever to be know as the 'Butcher of Benghazi'…is far worse.

And a career politician puts it mildly as Mike Pence…yet another lawyer…entered the political arena in 1988 at age 29…he’s 57 now…when he first ran against and lost to Democratic Congressman Philip Sharp. Losing again to Sharp in a second go round, Pence finally won in 2000, and served six terms in the House. Becoming governor in 2012 after incumbent Republican Governor Mitch Daniels was term-limited out, Pence has been in politics non-stop for almost 30 years…the consummate career politician…albeit one many in Congress like and speak highly of.

A career politician and quite the hypocrite himself as Mike Pence was a Ted Cruz supporter during primary season and is a man who continues to disagree with Trump on certain key issues. And while those disagreements might just be his saving grace as far as some conservatives are concerned, it does take a hypocrite to surrender one's core beliefs for a political position. And so Mike Pence has now hitched himself to a man who when he loses…and I still do believe that Trump was put into the race to assure a Hillary win…will see his own political career come crashing to a screeching halt. 

But no matter for I will now have to put that clothespin on my nose and vote Trump/Pence as the alternative…Ms. ‘What Difference Does It Make’ and her most probable oh so vile running mate Julian Castro…is far and away worse. 

Hmmm…I wonder if I still have the clothespin hanging around that I used when voting for the McCain/Palin ticket back in 2008.

So why did Trump pick Mike Pence, the very man who, like I said, has not and still does not see eye to eye with him on certain key issues. Why pick a man who takes a more hard line position on religious freedom and abortion than he does. Why...I believe it’s because Trump somehow thinks that Pence can deliver the Mid-West to him…something I seriously doubt will happen as Pence was likely going to lose his re-election bid for governor. And lest we forget that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are also to some degree compadres in hypocrisy…something Trump and his blind followers see as serving their ticket well. 

And as a side note here's a little bit of advice about serving their ticket well...the Trump/Pence TP logo serious doesn't cut it and for obvious 'potty humor' reasons...and this election is anything but humorous...just saying.

And now for the differences between the two men with number one being that last December 8th, the very day that Trump spoke of banning all muslims from entering this country, Pence said in a tweet and I quote, “Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.” And while I totally disagree with Pence’s words, as I believe all muslims must be banned from entering our country, the hypocrisy in Pence’s words… ”offensive and unconstitutional” were that they were meant for every other state but not his home state because he directed Indiana state agencies to suspend a resettlement policy that would have allowed Syrian refugees to settle in his state…which a federal judge ruled "clearly discriminates" against refugees from a particular country.

So I guess in Mike Pence’s mind, what’s good for the goose…the other 49 states…is not good for the gander…as in Indiana…and yet I have the clothespin ready for resettlement hypocrisy aside, Mike Pence does seem to understand the dangers islam and its followers pose to America. 

And that is the one thing…probably the only thing…I have always agreed with Trump on…as in muslims are not conducive to the fabric of our American society and that all muslim immigration to America must stop. Yet now Trump’s hypocrisy shows in the fact that he has ‘walked back’ on his original statement that all muslim refugees must be banned from entering the U.S. to just "temporarily banning" muslims from ‘certain’ countries alone. And this most assuredly means not banning those muslim refugees from the Arab countries he has high stakes business deals with.

Maybe I’ll need a whole row of clothespins to pull that lever but pull it I still will.

And speaking of business, while we all know that Trump is most vehemently opposed to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) calling it "disastrous…terrible…and a continuing rape of our country by special interests”…his continuing to spew words such as this could very well start a nasty trade war. Mike Pence, on the other hand, did support and still continues to support TPP as do I and many others. Another saving grace for Mike Pence, as far as I’m concerned, is that he voted for "swift adoption" of TPP saying back in September 2014 that, "Trade means jobs, but trade also means security.” And you know what…he’s right…as those you have ‘friendly’ trade with will usually…but not always…be hesitant to jeopardize said trade over issues that can hurt their country's pocketbook.

So, has Mike Pence become to Donald Trump what Sarah Palin was to John McCain…meaning some will only vote for Trump because of Mike Pence as some only voted for McCain because of Sarah Palin…could be. But look at how that scenario has unfolded as McCain, after losing to Obama, became the personification of the word ‘RINO’ and once relevant Sarah Palin seems to have gone off the deep end as witnessed by some of her recent appearances. And I was a big fan of Sarah Palin but no more, because in her ‘sucking up’ to Donald Trump she has fallen so far from her once true conservative political base.

And still I keep telling myself…actually I still keep trying to convince myself…that Mike Pence matter that his more conservative positions on certain key issues do have a certain appeal to the more hard line Republicans and far right conservatives among us…there remains no tangible option but to vote for a man whose life-long Democratic policies and positions I so despise. 

But back to the differences between the two most unlikely of running mates…differences that even include the social issues. For starters, Mike Pence wants to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest…something I again disagree with him on…and he even co-sponsored a controversial proposal back in 2011 to redefine rape cases connected to abortion laws as what he called "forcible rape." His thinking in that is clearly something to be questioned as Trump supports…and so do I…abortion in cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is in jeopardy if a pregnancy continues.

Oh dear, I guess that means I agree (gag) with Trump on two not one of his stances...and possibly even on three for while Mike Pence wants a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, Donald Trump has said not a word to that affect. And while he says…at least he’s saying it now for political expediency as he plays to the masses…that marriage is solely between one man and one women…he has not come out and condemned same-sex marriage…something I also will never do…as he seems to recognize the fact that this is an issue that belongs to the states alone.

And the last major difference between the two men is their approach to foreign policy regarding the war in Iraq. Mike Pence voted to authorize the war in Iraq while Donald Trump claims he opposed the war right from the start...something that remains in question to this day. But at this point in time that is an issue of semantics that really does not matter anymore as the war we now face comes in the guise of ISIS not in the guise of the now long dead Saddam Hussein.

And it’s ISIS and all the recent acts of islamic terrorism carried out both here on American soil and in countries abroad…all carried out in the name of allah…allah the most unholy…that has been the deciding factor in my hard fought decision of whether to stay true to my long-held gut feeling and belief that Donald Trump is not the man now nor has he ever been the man to beat Hillary Clinton. And the addition of Mike Pence to the ticket does not alter that fact for Mike Pence will most likely not unite the ticket but might split it even more as the last thing needed to show show and reflect the changing face of the Republican voter...was the addition of yet another wealthy white middle-aged man to the ticket.

And as a proud member of #nevertrump…a movement I one hundred percent still support…this decision is tearing me up inside, but when I look at the pictures of the recent carnage in Nice, France and when tears came to my eyes when I posted a memorial picture honoring our two American dead…Sean Copeland and his 11-year old son Brody…I realized that a Hillary Clinton presidency will allow these acts of savagery to continue. And so I have to gamble that a Trump presidency will not for one thing I do believe is that Donald Trump is not a traitor while I know in my heart that a traitor is indeed what Hillary Clinton is.

So while I will not endorse the Trump/Pence ticket nor will I actively work to promote it, I will not work against it...but if asked I will say I am voting for it. Nor will I speak out against those folks in #nevertrump nor against Kendal Unruh and the #freethedelegates and the #delegatesunbound movement for my true beliefs and my conscience remains with them and what they stand for, and tried so very hard to do.

And regarding the delegates themselves...something most have forgotten is that we are not a democracy...we are a republic with a representative form of government which translates into delegates and those we elected to make decisions for us. But due to the above stated recent events in Nice, France coupled with the fact that even if the delegates are unbound the numbers still aren't there to stop Trump, common sense now tells me that common sense itself has lost out to the emotions of the (sometimes rightfully) angry masses, and that as World War III now appears to be on America’s doorstep we must unite together to deal with that first and let 2020 sort the whole assorted mess out.

So I’ve got my clothespin do millions of others including my candidate of choice Marco do what I nor they never wanted or expected to do but know we must do... unite behind Donald Trump...for no third party candidate is a tangible option nor has even a remote chance of winning against the Clinton machine and its promises of 'free stuff.' 

And now, just like my Right Side Patriots Partner and friend Craig Andresen also knows, our consciences must sadly be relegated to the back burner for we know and accept as fact that the Hillary Clinton alternative truly is a hell of a lot worse...not that either one of us were ever going to vote for her...worse for both our beloved America and for the world as well.

Texas Lt Gov Tells Obama Police Don't Know If He's On Their Side                                                                                  Cortney O'Brien / Townhall Tipsheet

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ABC aired a pre-taped town hall on race relations with President Obama Thursday night, featuring one particularly tense exchange with Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. In his question for Obama, the Texas official suggested the president’s rhetoric has caused America’s police officers to doubt whether their commander-in-chief has their back.

"I’m concerned that police officers across the country - they know you support law enforcement of course, but do they really in their heart feel like you’re doing everything you can to protect their lives?" Patrick asked on Thursday.

He then offered the president a piece of advice: “Consider being careful when there is an incident of not being too quick to condemn the police without due process and until the facts are known.”

Obama was visibly offended by Patrick’s pointed question. He responded by insisting he has defended the men and women in uniform every chance he can get.

No More: After Nice, let’s stop the nonsense
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


No More: After Nice, let’s stop the nonsenseA terrific and important piece. If only it were heeded. But the political and media elites are immovable, and will keep repeating their empty gestures after every new jihad attack. 

Immovable of themselves — they will have to be moved by free people: replaced by saner, stronger people who are willing to defend free nations. […]
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Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch
The 28-page section of the 9/11 report detailing Saudi involvement in the September 11, 2001 jihad attacks have finally been released (albeit with substantial portions still redacted), and it is now clear why one President who held hands with the Saudi King and another who bowed to him worked so hard all these years to keep these pages secret: they confirm that the 9/11 jihad murderers received significant help from people at the highest levels of the Saudi government.

The report states that Omar al-Bayoumi, who “may be a Saudi intelligence officer,” gave “substantial assistance to hijackers Khalid al-Mindhar and Nawaf al-Hamzi after they arrived in San Diego in February 2000. Al-Bayoumi met the hijackers at a public place shortly...