Monday, March 28, 2022

Possibilities vs. Probabilities
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Recently Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that,“We all need peace. We are ready to discuss the terms of the ceasefire, the terms of peace, but we are not ready for ultimatums.” And how right Ukraine's president is for lasting peace never comes via ultimatums nor through one-sided forced capitulation. True peace is only achieved through strength...strength whether it be in battle or in strength around the negotiating table.

And while negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian delegations are still ongoing to some degree, Vladimir Putin still has the audacity to call his actions in Ukraine... actions now deliberately targeting civilians...a “special operation.” Implemented not to occupy territory but to destroy Ukraine's military capabilities and capture dangerous “Ukrainian nationalists,” or so Putin says, yet the pictures and videos coming out of Ukraine definitely speak otherwise. 

In fact, certain key cities have basically been leveled, mass graves now replace dignified burials, and what amounts to genocide continues on unabated as remaining residents are being forced to go without food, water, or heat. This is the reality of Vladimir Putin's ever brutal “special operation,” and yet the Ukrainian people fight on. And now these brave souls are not just fighting for Ukraine's freedom but for the very concept of freedom in the freedom to chose one's country's own destiny...and they're willing to forfeit their own lives in doing so...heroes all.

And now after a month of devastation the Ukrainians fight on no matter that Putin's military continues to shell and rocket bomb civilian areas. And while Russia has (thankfully) still failed to completely take over any of Ukraine's major cities, millions of Ukrainians have fled their homeland creating a humanitarian crisis on a scope Europe has not seen since the Second World War. And while I believe that most of these folks will return to Ukraine to help rebuild their now devastated country when this war is over, for the fact is that all wars do eventually come to an end. But as history has shown sometimes that end is not the end the aggressor hoped it would be, for in the case of Putin's war against Ukraine there is a chance that Putin's military will be the ones stumbling home with their collective tail between their legs.

And to that end the Russian military continues to be humiliated by both the Ukrainian military and by groups of civilian resistance fighters, as not only were two Russian ships in the Berdyansk Port destroyed, but other Russian ships started leaving said port in fear that they would be next. And while the NATO nations have banded together in vocal opposition to Putin's war; and even though they have sent very much needed military equipment and humanitarian aid into Ukraine along with a pledge to boost their forces in Eastern Europe by deploying four new battle groups to the nations of Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia....basically along NATO's Eastern front...the fact remains that neither NATO nor the United States itself has supplied Ukraine with the specific armaments needed to actually "win the war" Putin started. And here I specifically speak of President Zelensky's pleading for a “no-fly zone” to be placed over Ukraine.

A rightful and much needed request I might add, and one that was taken up at last week's emergency NATO and EU meetings held in Brussels, Belgium but, as expected, was rejected along with Zelensky's other request for a full boycott of Russian energy...rejected out of fear of Vladmir Putin following up on his musings of a chemical or tactical nuclear strike on Ukraine. And sadly, this again proved that Putin alone is the one calling the shots...calling the rules of a war of his own doing. And he's doing so by using fear of unknown possibilities vs. probabilities as his weapon of choice...and on that end Vladimir Putin is winning.

Every day we defend, we get closer to the peace we need so much ... and you can’t stop for a minute. Because every minute is about our destiny, it is about our future. About whether we live.” - Ukraine's President Zelensky's words before the start of the NATO and EU meetings...words that sum up the crux of the situation.

And while Biden did attend said meetings his presence... that of being a weak and feeble old man...was as we expected, for once again he portrayed not America's strength...or former strength I should say...but America's weakness in his not wanting to lead the fight in helping Ukraine. Saying that America is just a participant in fighting what is a hoped for “proportionate war,” he continued with words that the United States is now but “one of the leading nations on the world stage.” Now please let those words really sink in “one of the leading nations” not “the” leading nation as we have always been. How his words stabbed our beloved America in the back, but than again why not for Biden's words were followed up with musings of a “new world order” when Russia's war with Ukraine ends...words eerily similar to Obama's regarding his helping orchestrate the very bad nuclear deal that would allow the rouge nation of Iran to become a nuclear power.

But all this is really par for the course for the fact is that all Joe Biden has done over these past few months in the lead-up to Putin's invasion of Ukraine is to re-instate Obama era polices, especially those in relation to sanctions, and spew the rhetoric told to him by Obama's former foreign policy so-called “experts”...“experts” who now hold places in the Biden administration or should I say Obama's finally gotten third term in office. And while Biden himself might have recently raised Putin's ire with his words that Putin is a “war criminal” guilty of “war crimes,” they are but mere empty words spoken for Joe Biden is doing nothing of real substance to help Zelensky and his forces "win this war," something a “no-fly zone” might help to accomplish. After all, Biden dare not cross Putin's “red line” drawn for fear that Putin will start divulging what he knows about his and Hunter's (and maybe even Obama's) shady, albeit profitable Ukrainian misdoings.

So what exactly did Biden propose doing in regards to Ukraine besides his having held a presser right after the NATO meeting where he spoke of “triggering a response in kind” depending on "the nature of the use" if Russia did dare to use both “immoral and illegal” chemical or nuclear weapons in Ukraine? 

Ignoring the many reporters questions regarding a much needed clarification of those words, Joe Biden instead chose to announce that he's adding even more sanctions against both Russia and Russian oligarchs; increasing humanitarian and limited military aid to Ukraine; and is allowing 100,000 thousand Ukrainian refugees to come to the U.S. Sounds good on the surface yet it remains a limited in scope response to Zelensky's much needed wants, thus leaving the highlight of said presser to be when Biden once again put his foot in his mouth.

Now leaving it up to his PR people to undo yet another one of his infamous many mistruths, we find that thanks to a tenacious reporter Joe Biden was forced to finally admit, on live mic no less, what some of us have known all along...simply that the sanctions placed on Russia were never meant to “deter” Putin's objective of forcing Ukraine to again become part of “Mother Russia.”

Really Joe...really...there's no shock here, but why then over these past few months did your talking heads spew the rhetoric that sanctions will work as a major touch point in helping to prevent Putin from if not going into Ukraine at least rendering it a “minor incursion” if he decides to do so. A “minor incursion”...the very two words giving Putin the go-ahead to do just that, and you did so for all to hear but a few short months ago in yet another nationally televised address. I'd say the answer as to why is pretty damn obvious, and it all boils down to the word “Burisma.” 

And then there's Biden's side trip to Poland to see the refugee crisis up close and personal where he couldn't even address those he was visiting without the use of a pre-written, as expected, very poorly executed script. And his visit to our troops now stationed in Poland was but a laughing stock at best for Biden in his role as commander-in-chief was clearly not wanted there for the memories of many of those brave men and women came replete with the disaster known as the Afghanistan withdrawal...the very withdrawal where our military was left to fend for itself and where American civilians are still left behind. A very shameful chapter in American military history courtesy of the man, who like Obama, relishes in leading from behind.

And then just this past Saturday before heading back to the U.S., Joe Biden in a private meeting with the Polish president and then in a televised speech for the whole world to hear said words that will become fodder for the history books. First, Biden had the audacity to say to Polish President Andrzej Duda that the United States understands Poland's decision to take in more than two million Ukrainian refugees due to Russia's invasion of their homeland, adding because "thousands of people a day, literally not figuratively, are crossing the U.S. southern border.” Really are now equated people who are literally running for their very lives with ILLEGALS with their hands out being given red carpet treatment by Democrats in your party's quest to garner more votes. If that's not the epitome of shamefulness than I don't know what is.

But to make matters worse, during his what was to be solely a scripted speech before he returned to Washington, Joe Biden went off script and uttered nine little words that not only reignited another Cold War between the U.S. and Russia, but put the Ukrainian people and Ukraine itself in a dangerous position of becoming the touch point that does ignite World War III. In saying at the end of his speech, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Joe Biden not only negated our long standing policy regarding both nation building and that regime change in Russia is not the policy of the United States, but actually called for the elimination of Russia's leader.

And while Vladimir Putin now seems to relish in channeling his inner Hitler, and while he truly, I believe, should be removed as Russia's leader...preferably by an uprising of the Russian people themselves...never in our country's history has a sitting U.S. president called for another country's president...a president of a country we technically are not at war be removed from office. That is akin to putting a bullseye on Putin's back, and gives Putin both discourse and propaganda to use against the U.S. and Ukraine.

Simply, those nine words alone...words now undergoing as expected “damage control”...prove once again that Joe Biden is both mentally unfit to hold the office of President of the United States and that he is a danger to world peace as well.

And so the man who continuously shames our country not just with his lies, his leading from behind, and his extreme case of foot in mouth disease, is the very same man who not too long ago told President Zelensky to give in to Russia on certain what Vladimir Putin considers to be key points, thus negating the edge Ukraine now sees...the very edge that might just lead to Ukraine winning this war. What a sorry little man Joe Biden is and how far our beloved America has fallen under what is the Biden/Obama administration so out leagued in scope as witnessed by both Vladimir Putin's still dictating exactly how this war is to be and not be played, and by the brave and courageous new world leader-in-waiting...Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky. And of course not to be forgotten are those who are willing to fight for the true meaning of the word “freedom” in the Ukrainian people themselves. Case closed.

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