Monday, December 18, 2017

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Once a Dem Always a Dem
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

So much for Joe Manchin...he's leading the charge to get disgraced Sen. Al Franken to rescind his resignation. And while Manchin has sided with the Republicans many a time I guess the old adage 'once a Democrat always a Democrat' holds true. Sigh...

Harry Reid's $22 Million UFO Pet Project The New York Times reports that the Department of Defense spent $22 million on a mysterious project known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The main purpose of this program was to research unidentified flying objects (U.F.O.) and their interaction with planet earth.

This program, while not completely hidden from the public, was very difficult to find in the $600 billion D.O.D. budget. In fact, the D.O.D. had never acknowledged the existence of this project until now. The government claims to have stopped funding it in 2012. But that does not necessarily mean the program stopped all together, according to the man who was in charge of it.

Luis Elizondo is the military intelligence official who operated the program. He retired earlier this year, but claims that it still responds to reports of U.F.O.s made by service members from around the world.

To make matters more interesting, the NYT reports that this project was largely a pet project of retired Senator Harry Reid (D-NV).  The U.F.O. investigation project funding began in 2007 and tax dollars went mostly to an aerospace research company operated by Sen. Reid’s friend.

Pakistan: At least five killed, 21 injured in jihad suicide attack on church
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


While Christian churches in the West hold birthday celebrations for Muhammad and acknowledge him as a prophet, this is the reality for Christians in Muslim lands today. “At least five killed in suicide attack on Pakistan church: officials,” AFP, December 17, 2017 (thanks to Damian): At least five people were killed and 21 injured when […]
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We have become scared of killing terrorists I would go one step further. Jihadis waging holy war in the homeland, i.e. the Halloween jihad attack in NYC, the Port Authority bombing, the Boston plot to behead me, San Bernardino, the Orlando night club jihad mass shooting, the Garland, Texas free speech attack — those jihadis ought to face the death penalty. Expedited. Get them their 72 virgins even quicker.New

Jihad is treason.
The current discussion about terror suspects shows how human-rights rhetoric avoids profound moral issues. Instead of engaging with the difficult question of how we, as a society, should respond when someone renounces their citizenship and declares war on the West, human-rights specialists simply say that terrorists have a right to life and due process that must be respected.
“In times of danger, a morally healthy culture rallies its values, its self esteem, its crusading spirit to fight for its moral ideals [freedom] with full righteous confidence. But this is not what we see today.” — Ayn Rand

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