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WASHINGTON - The Obama economy virtually stopped growing in the first three months of 2015 in another bleak sign of its persistent weakness over the last six years.

The Commerce Department's report that the economic growth rate barely rose by a minuscule 0.2 percent in the first quarter was much worse than the 1 percent rise most forecasters expected.

Economic writers struggled to come up with the right words to describe the economy's sluggishness, including "slowed to a crawl" or "slowed nearly to a halt."

How about was barely breathing?

"The U.S. economy stumbled badly," Scott Anderson, senior vice president and chief economist at the Bank of the West in San Francisco told the New York Times.

Weak growth in the last three months of 2014, which slowed to a lackluster 2.2 percent rate, "turned into virtually no growth in the first quarter of 2015," he said.

The economy's uneven, subpar performance has been the hallmark of Barack Obama's presidency, though he still insists it is much improved under his policies.

But for the entirety of 2014, the economy grew at a 2.4 percent rate, well below quarterly growth levels of 5 to 8.5 percent in the 1980s.
The sad scenes playing out in Baltimore are made sadder by the fact that more such incidents are likely over the coming years.

That's because the problems in Baltimore did not begin with the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. Tensions have been building for a very long time. Other cities from coast to coast have similar tensions ready to boil over.

Some tensions are common to all cities -- pockets of economic devastation, laws that are enforced more strictly in some parts of town than others, bad apples among the police, thugs in the community and more.

Some are specific to each city. In Baltimore, the tensions became apparent more than a decade ago when the city inadvertently assumed a prominent role in the Stop Snitchin' movement. Before that, in 2002, a Baltimore woman and her entire family were murdered after alerting police to illegal activities in her neighborhood.

The good news is that there are people on all sides in this tough situation who want to heal their cities. The bad news is that most people -- and certainly most media coverage -- are focused on who to blame. In the blame game, people from different walks of life see what they want to see.

Some see oppressive and racist police. Others see criminal thugs looking to destroy and steal.

Online jihadis call for jihad murders of cartoonists in US, Australia
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Online jihadis call for jihad murders of cartoonists in US, Australia
Foreign Policy follows a generally dhimmi line, but the clueless Obama-era FBI reads it to gather its “intelligence,” so it is worth looking into occasionally. Here is a piece on ongoing attempts to intimidate the West into silence by calling for the murder of those who violate Islam’s blasphemy laws. It is precisely to show […]

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Gitmo Terrorists Demand Reparations from US

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

gitmo terroristThey know they have a sympathizer in the White House. Don’t be surprised if we see some movement on this.
“Former Gitmo Prisoners Demand Reparations from US,” By Adam Kredo, WFB,  April 30, 2015
Stake out US embassy in Uruguay
Freed Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Abdelahdi Faraj sits outside the U.S. embassy in Montevideo. / AP
A group of former Guantanamo Bay prison camp detainees have staked out the U.S. embassy in Uruguay in a demonstration meant to pressure the U.S. government to provide them taxpayer-funded reparations for their time spent in the terrorist prison, according to Uruguayan officials.
Three of the six former detainees sent to Uruguay following their release from Gitmo have spent days camped...


Prosecutor rules Freddie Gray’s death a homicide, 6 officers charged in death


Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby announced Friday that Freddie Gray’s death has been ruled a homicide.

The six officers involved in Mr. Gray’s arrest and subsequent death while in custody were slapped with multiple charges, including manslaughter and misconduct.

One of the officer’s was charged with second degree murder.

“No one is above the law,” Ms. Mosby said.

She was also quick to note the charges were “not an indictment on the entire force.”

At some point while he was in custody, Mr. Gray suffered a mysterious spinal injury and died a week later.

Ms. Mosby says the officers failed to get Gray medical help even though he requested it repeatedly after he was arrested April 12.

Ms. Mosby also determined Mr. Gray’s arrest by Baltimore police was unwarranted.

The police union asked the state’s attorney to appoint a special independent prosecutor for the case.

“As tragic as this situation is, none of the officers involved are responsible for the death of Mr. Gray,” Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 President Gene Ryan wrote to Ms. Mosby. “To the contrary, at all times, each of the officers diligently balanced their obligations to protect Mr. Gray and discharge their duties to protect the public.”

See video 'Baltimore State Attorney announces Freddie Gray's death was a homicide' here:

The Truth Behind the Baltimore Lies 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

“I worked with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters we able to exercise their right to free speech. It’s a very delicate balancing act. Because while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on. We also gave those who wished to destroy, space to to do that as well.”
– Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

LIES folks...the whole damn thing is based on a bunch of LIES. The rioting, the looting, the setting businesses ablaze is all based on LIES...and the black mayor of Baltimore is to blame for the damage all the LIES have caused by her forcing the police to 'stand down' while giving a wink and a nod to those behaving badly who just happen to share the color of her skin.

Abandoning her police officers by knowingly and willingly putting them in harm's way, the police were told to 'stand down' even as they watched innocent people including their own in blue getting hurt... even as they watched private property being what I call 'young black men and a smattering of young black women' continued to thumb their noses at the cops while continuing to behave badly, and did so with their issuing threats of more behaving badly to come.

And even though Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake denied she said those words then admitted she did say them but that she meant just the opposite (yeah right)...the video tapes say it all. Point blank...she said them and as mayor forced the police to follow through on them. And while some of those incriminating tapes will most assuredly 'disappear' they, much to her chagrin, cannot and will NOT all disappear.

So now senior Baltimore law enforcement officials are considering bringing charges against this mayor...charges for saying the words and giving the direct order that legitimized the riots, the looting, and the setting of buildings ablaze by her tying the hands of officers even as they were being pelted with rocks and with bottles. And now this woman...this mayor...who had just met with the race-bating, white-hating, anything but Reverend Al Sharpton...had the nerve to say in yesterday's press conference that, and I quote,“We will get justice for Freddie Gray...believe you me we will get justice" a the very same press conference where she refused to answer reporter's questions...with justice in her eyes being who cares about the facts given in the final police report...a report that has been leaked...which found NO evidence that Freddie Gray's fatal injuries were caused during the videotaped arrest and interaction with police officers. Translation: the police did NOT cause Freddie Gray's death and yet the six officers involved might still be indicted simply to placate those behaving badly.

And now let's speak of some of the other facts being ignored...facts that Gray was most likely hopped up on drugs when he ran for 45 minutes to evade arrest...facts concerning his 18+ previous arrests many if NOT most relating to drugs and with little jail time being adjudicated...facts like Gray previously having numerous spinal surgeries due to a car accident (with a large settlement that seems he squandered away on drugs) with the latest being just 10 days before this all happened, meaning Gray could have re-injured himself in his failed attempt to avoid arrest. And a very critical fact being ignored is that in today's America where the Obama-controlled media dare NOT report the 'truth''s the media itself that actually helps perpetrate the myth and the lie that all blacks having confrontations with the police are victims of police 'misconduct and brutality' and that all police are black-hating racists.

But NO matter as the simple fact remains that Freddie Gray's own actions...the actions of a thug...together with his medical history led to his death. And his death coupled with the media perpetrating the Obama, Sharpton, and Democratic lie that racism is running rampant in police departments nationwide is what has Baltimore ablaze NOT only in fires but in raw racial hated encased in even more lies.

Lies spewed by Democrats about Republicans that have afforded them 95% of the black vote in recent elections...lies about blacks being oppressed by the white man and NOT holding positions of power anywhere in this country...lies believed NO matter that in Baltimore alone the mayor is black; the police commissioner and deputy commissioner are black; and that the police department is 40% black in a city that is 63% black. Lies about white-Americans being racist against blacks NO matter that previous AG Eric Holder and now new AG Loretta Lynch are black; lies told even though a black man...actually a mixed-race man...sits in the White House.

Lies...the problems in Baltimore and in other cities across America are fueled on by lies about white suppression when blacks themselves are the cause of their own problems...with the disintegration of the once solid black family unit where 70% of black children now being born are born to unwed mothers compared to just 25% a few decades ago and with those unwed black mothers having those children by multiple daddies; with 85% of black youths in prison coming from these fatherless homes; and where black youths in some areas of the country drop out of school at a ratio of up to 72% that of their white counterparts.

Lies that have fed into the ongoing 'black victim' mentality...a mentality running rampant especially in the inner cities. 'Black victim' mentality that has many believing that white-America...most specifically white Republicans...are to blame for the lower-class socioeconomic status that many blacks use as their excuse NOT to even try to improve their lot in life. Content with mediocrity or with just getting by most inner-city blacks have proven to have NO fire-in-their-belly to better themselves...for it's better to live free off the government in exchange for their votes...NOT realizing that socioeconomic improvement can only begin with self-improvement coupled with self-empowerment.

And these lies together with self-perceived 'black victim' mentality helps to breed angry young black like Freddie Gray who think they are 'owed' something and who will do whatever it takes to get what they think they deserve. But the problem is that they do so at the expense and heartache of those blacks who have escaped from the 'black victim' mentality as they riot, loot, and set fire to their own people of color's businesses...and now they have an enabler in the guise of their own black mayor giving them permission to do so.

So as Mayor Rawlings-Blake...who happens to be one of three mayors who provided input into Obama’s 'Task Force on 21st Century Policing' that advocates the federalization of police departments nationwide...issued orders allowing 'young black men and a smattering of young black women' to behave badly while telling the police who are sworn to protect the public from the very ones behaving badly to 'stand down'...could now use this unrest to justify the expansion of federal power into Baltimore's local law enforcement allowing her to receive more funding. And lest we forget that this mayor went on national television to personally thank NOT the police but the ISIS supporting, Jew-hating, 'Nation of Islam' for helping to keep the rioters somewhat under control.

And this woman who should be fired post-haste is still mayor simply because in the Obama instigated racially-divided America being black trumps all. So just know and prepare for Baltimore's 'young black men and a smattering of young black women' to continue to behave badly having been given the permission to do so by the very one who should be giving orders to haul their sorry butts off to jail.

And so the race war continues and spreads across Obama and his minions smile the smile of the victor.