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Mexico Plans To Take Legal Action Against The U.S. As A Result Of El Paso Shooting

Mexico Plans To Take Legal Action Against The U.S. As A Result Of El Paso ShootingMexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard on Sunday vowed to take legal action against the United States after at least three Mexican nationals were killed during Saturday's shooting at an El Paso Walmart. Of the 26 that were injured, at least nine were Mexican nationals, NBC reported.

According to Ebrard, the shooting was an “act of barbarism,” but the United States failed to protect Mexican citizens.

“The president has instructed me to ensure that Mexico’s indignation translates into ... efficient, prompt, expeditious and forceful legal actions for Mexico to take a role and demand that conditions are established that protect ... Mexicans in the United States,” Ebrard said in a Twitter video.

Ilhan Omar and the Door of No Return
By Mateen Elass / Jihad Warch


Ilhan Omar and the Door of No Return
Freshman Minnesota Congressional Representative Ilhan Omar, in an apparent bid to keep a Twitter feud alive with President Trump, tweeted a photo of herself posing with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at the “Door of No Return” on the coast of Ghana. Part of a 15-member Congressional Black Caucus junket ( funded presumably by […]

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Today's Headlines
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...Media Wise
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

What a week last week was...economically, domestically, and internationally.

First, on the economic front Americans bore witness to two bits of good news much to the chagrin of the Democrats who had hoped to see the economy at least wobble a bit for how dare President Trump's economic policies be working especially as we head into the what will surely be a contentious 2020 election cycle.

“This was a good jobs report overall.” So said Gregory Daco, chief economist of Oxford Economics USA.

“A good report” indeed is the first bit of economic good news, and it came in the form of July's jobs numbers...numbers which showed that jobs were still being created across the board. In fact, 164,000 jobs were created last month with the unemployment rate holding steady at 3.7 percent. Even the numbers for part-timers who'd prefer to work full-time coupled with those too discouraged to even look for a job dropped to 7 percent, the lowest rate since 2000. Now add in that the average hourly earnings rose by 0.3 percent, and that the “year-over-year” gain to date was 3.2 percent which helps to show via simple math...not Common Core math...that as long as employers create roughly 100,000 jobs each month, the labor market can keep pace with population growth, meaning the jobless rate will hold steady.

And this is all courtesy of President Trump's proven to be successful economic policies which included his rightfully heralded tax cuts. And then there's the fact that common sense dictates that first, if the economy was weakening as some on the left are trying to claim, then obviously the unemployment rate would be going up, not holding steady or going down. And second, records show that the number of new applicants applying for unemployment insurance has stayed consistently low since said tax cuts.

How unhappy the Democrats must be with Trump's economic successes...most especially his job creation numbers...numbers which will surely be a key component of his re-election campaign strategy. And those jobs numbers will resonate well with mainstream America as they go up against the Democrats call for always failing socialistic-style economic reform... one has to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Now add in the second economic bit of “good news”...”good news” which saw the The Federal Reserve cutting interest rates by a quarter-point, their first such cut in more than a decade. And they did so even while our economy is running strong (thanks again to President Trump), unemployment numbers are nearing an all time low (ditto above), and with consumers continuing to spend in numbers not seen in quite a long time.

But why did the Feds cut these rates...simply to maintain both utmost employment numbers and a stable inflation rate while at the same time giving the already successful Trump economy a little "extra boost" if you will. So while a little inflation is always affords a means by which to help keep consumer prices from falling during times of slow economic growth...outright deflation on the other hand is another matter completely as it forces most consumers to hold onto their cash knowing well that goods and services will soon see their prices being cut. But know the rate the feds reduced is the “federal funds rate”...which is the interest rate banks and other financial institutions charge one another for very short-term borrowing...and not mortgage, auto, or credit card interest rates.

So how then does this rate cut affect we consumers...simply if this rate cut holds steady or if it drops even lower...which rumor has it dropping even more come this fall...said rate lowering will eventually “trickle down” to consumer mortgage, auto, and credit card interest rates. But what is most important about this rate cut is that it will help head off a major recession thus keeping the economy strong, prevent job layoffs, as well as other economic damage that could hurt both the American worker and the American consumer.

And an added bonus is that this rate cut will indirectly help to temper down both of the Democrats false accusations that America's economy is weakening, and that Trump's placing even more tariffs on China is hurting America's economy. Remember, tariffs do work especially in regards to China for without trade with the U.S., China's economy could well collapse. And no matter all the “trade war” rhetoric now ongoing know that China will indeed fall in line when Trump is re-elected come 2020...they cannot afford not to.

And on the domestic front, last week we saw President Trump being called a racist by the ever vile Rep. Elijah Cummings and his fellow liberal Democrat ilk. And why... because Trump dared to say that Cummings' 7th district in Baltimore is “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.” You can read and see videos to that affect in my recent article, Since When Did Rats Become A Race?.

So while not caring that neither rats, buildings, trash nor garbage are a race, suddenly and oh so miraculously they became a race because a “fat cat” politician deemed them to be so. And simply by his saying those words President Trump was labeled a racist no matter his words being the truth about a district that truly does look like a “Third World” country... labeled a racist because the district in question is represented in Congress by an angry, totally useless, racist himself black man named Elijah Cummings.

And know that Cummings does meet the definition of being a “fat cat” politician and his race has absolutely nothing to do with it for while he resides in a $1.27 million dollar mansion his constituents are left to wallow in poverty and filth, while living in a crime and “drug infested area.” And you can see and hear Elijah Cummings saying just that in the video below.

So while being chastised by the Democrats and their media cohorts for over a week, President Trump had every right to fight back and fight back he did. In fact, just this past Friday, Trump tweeted about a past burglary of the congressman’s home...a burglary that occurred the Saturday before his anything but racist comments about crime ridden Baltimore were made. And it's this taken out of context tweet that probably has allowed the “Trump's a racist” brouhaha to keep going. Saying of the break-in that it's, “Really bad news!” then adding “Too bad!”...Trump has once again been forced to defend himself against still ongoing racist accusations. Now saying, “The tweet itself was just really a repeat of what I heard on the news”...which it was...Trump added, “I know his house was robbed and I thought that was too bad.”

And while Trump did begin tweeting within several hours after said burglary took place...a mere coincidence by the way...all Trump did was speak the truth about Baltimore being a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” and a “very dangerous & filthy place,” and for that he's being labeled a racist. But one must remember that many times truth does hurt, especially when the one calling Trump a racist is an avowed Trump-hater himself. In fact, not only does Elijah Cummings chair the House Oversight Committee, one of several congressional committees still investigating President Trump and his administration, Cummings is also one of the more vocal demanders that President Trump be impeached.

And this leaves me to wonder if last Friday's taken out of context tweet now in the forefront of the news is but another maliciously crafted Democrat ploy to help set the stage for an impeachment motion soon being made on the House floor. After all, the timing of this latest tweet fallout is a bit too close for comfort, especially since the Mueller testimony basically went nowhere.

So now we're left with last week's big news on the international front, and it was news that had some quite concerned if not outright petrified, but seriously they shouldn't be as what they're upset about is nothing but more tit-for-tat game in playing war when no major war is on the horizon or at least we hope not.

So what is it that is upsetting the arms-control about that we have now formally withdrawn from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF)...a nuclear treaty with Russia...a treaty signed by President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev back in 1987...a treaty that banned all nuclear and non-nuclear missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500 km (310-3,400 miles)...short and mid-range missiles in simple-speak...while still allowing sea-launched missiles. Kind of counter productive if you ask me.

“An invaluable brake on nuclear war" has been lost or so says U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, while simple common sense dictates I really don't think so.

And why...because while some claim that the treaty's breaking raises fears of a possible renewal of the arms race between the U.S. and Russia, the fact is that Russia had already withdrawn from this treaty back in February after both we and NATO accused them of violating said treaty by deploying a new type of cruise missile along western Europe's borders...9M729 missiles to be exact...missiles known to NATO as SSC-8 missiles... something Moscow continues to deny.

And while Russia's foreign ministry confirmed the INF treaty to be "formally dead," and did so in a statement issued by the state-run Ria Novosti news agency, know that earlier this year President Trump set an August 2nd deadline for the U.S. to withdraw if Russia did not come into compliance...which they did not...and we also know that President Trump keeps his promises...which he so rightfully now did.

And while NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the transatlantic alliance would "respond in a measured and responsible way to the significant risks posed by the Russian 9M729 missile to allied security" as well as reiterating that NATO "does not want a new arms race," Stoltenberg also said that there were no plans for NATO to deploy land-based nuclear missiles of its own in Europe even though Russian missiles were nuclear-capable and could reach European cities within minutes

So, if no defensive measures are to be taken against Russia maybe there's no tangible need to raise such a ruckus.

And simple logic and common sense should again dictate both the obvious question and its corresponding obvious in why would Russia want to “nuke Europe” as Europe is a much needed and depended upon trading partner. That leaves logic itself to answer that it would obviously not serve them well to do so. And then there's the fact that if Russia did dare to “nuke Europe” they do know well that the United States as a member of NATO, would immediately strike back leading to what amounts to Armageddon and over simply makes no sense.

Whom NATO, Russia, and the U.S. should all be worried about is Iran sending a nuke into Europe...that's a much more likely possibility than Russia ever doing so.

And while some fear that the collapse of the INF agreement could up the arms race to include China as well, known that such an arms race actually never stopped for new weapons are continually being developed in secret by all sides with deployment also being readied. To think think that a piece of signed paper could actually stop the ever dangerous ongoing game of foolhardy indeed...and the traitorous Iranian nuclear deal of Obama's is proof positive of just that.

Just one nuclear weapon set off by anyone could trigger an escalation which in turn could signal the possible end of us all, but not being in possession of such weapons is just as dangerous as possessing them. Maybe now the world's leaders need to think about the critical “balance of power” before putting too much stock in the collapse of but one treaty.

So there you have some of last week's major news stories...“the good, the bad, and the ugly” as the saying goes. But know that the closer we get to 2020, good news will get reported on by the media even less; bad news will become a media mainstay; and downright ugly news will dominate the 24/7 news cycle...the Democrats and their media cohorts wouldn't have it any other way.

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