Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Turley Weighs in on Whether We'll Ever Get to the Bottom of Election Irregularities
Katie Pavlich / Townhall Tipsheet 
Democrat and George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley is calling for an election commission in order to restore the faith in the voting process after a number of irregularities and last minute changes during the 2020 cycle. 

He's also arguing the merits of court cases brought by the Trump campaign and allied groups weren't heard on the merits, but thrown out on technicalities. From his piece in USA Today

I hate federal commissions. I have always hated federal commissions. Federal commissions are Washington’s way of managing scandals. They work like placebos for political fevers, convincing voters that answers and change are on the way. That is why it is so difficult for me to utter these words: We need a federal election commission. Not the one proposed by some Senate Republicans. And not like past placebo commissions. An honest-to-God, no-holds-barred federal commission to look into the 2020 presidential election.

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