Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hillary knew and she bold-faced LIED! 
 “60 Minutes” reported tonight that Ambassador Stevens HIMSELF told the State Department that Al Qaeda was taking over buildings… before he was tortured and murdered.

This means that Hillary KNEW it was a terrorist attack, and yet she lied to the world in front of the coffins of the victims. Then she lied to congress — a deliberate FELONY 
for political gain. 
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ObamaCare...sucking the life blood out of America's 
middle class...NO ifs, ands, or buts...

Barack Obama put on his statesman’s hat as he strode into the East Room of the White House last week to implore House Republicans to enact amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and massively increase the flow of new immigrants and guest workers into the United States.

The president wanted everyone to know that his call for amnesty has nothing to do with politics. Nothing. “I’m not running for office again. I just believe this is the right thing to do,” Mr. Obama stated. But even if it did have something to do with politics, the president hastily added that doing so would be politically beneficial to Republicans.

President Obama is not the only one offering counsel to Republicans. Ezra Klein, a Democratic leaning blogger for the Washington Post, snarkily described Obama’s push for an amnesty bill as a “devious plot to destroy the Republican Party by increasing its vote share among Hispanic,” adding that “most everyone agrees [passing such a bill] would be good for the Republican Party.”

How could a party reeling from the fallout over the budget impasse resist such altruistic advice from the leader of the other party and his allies? Well, the ancient admonition, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” should come to mind, finds a new analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

For one thing, the increased “share” of the Hispanic vote Klein suggests (without evidence) the Republicans would realize from supporting an amnesty bill might actually increase their aggregate vote deficit. About 11 million Hispanics voted in the 2012 elections (out of more than 20 million who were eligible), meaning that Mitt Romney’s 27 percent share was 4.8 million votes fewer than what President Obama received. At 20 million Hispanic voters, some future Republican candidate would need to increase his/her share of those votes to 38 percent, just to maintain the same 4.8 million vote deficit.

Only one Republican presidential candidate, George W. Bush in 2004, has reached that level of Hispanic voter support. Not even his father, who was elected president just two years after major amnesty legislation was enacted by a Republican-led Senate and signed by Ronald Reagan, came anywhere close. Running against Michael Dukakis, arguably one of the weakest presidential candidates the Democrats have ever nominated, George H.W. Bush polled just 30 percent of Hispanic voters.

Similarly, John McCain, who was and remains a champion of amnesty for illegal aliens, failed miserably among Hispanic voters in his 2008 presidential bid. McCain’s 31 percent tally was only marginally better than what Romney received four years later.

Favoring or opposing amnesty for illegal aliens makes virtually no difference to a candidate’s ability to win Hispanic votes. A September 2012 Fox News Latino poll of likely Hispanic voters found that only 6 percent of them rated immigration as the most important issue in determining their votes. Far greater numbers cited the economy (48%), health care (14%) and a host of other issues as being more important to them.

The problem for Republicans is that on the issues that Hispanics really do care about, they find the Democrats’ positions far more to their liking. Hispanics tend to be significantly poorer than the population as a whole and, not coincidentally, far more likely to support big government.

Seventy-five percent of Hispanics in the U.S. want government to provide more services and benefits, compared with only 19 percent who want smaller government.

Those attitudes about the role of government cannot be ignored by Republicans who cast themselves as the party lower taxes and smaller government. Worse yet, first generation Hispanics, i.e. immigrants, favor bigger government by an even wider, 81%-12% margin. In other words, there is every rational reason to expect that if Republicans were to support the amnesty and immigration increases being urged by the president and others, their reward would be an even smaller slice of a much bigger pie.

The Republican Party would have a better chance of repairing its tarnished image with Hispanic voters and others by offering an alternative vision for immigration reform. Such a vision would address the core concerns of Hispanic and other voters about jobs and economic opportunity.

Republicans would be better served by demanding that President Obama enforce existing immigration laws, allowing the 20 million-plus unemployed and underemployed Americans a shot at the jobs that already exist. Instead of bending to business’s demands for more foreign labor, they would serve their own political interests by opposing immigration increases and allowing American workers a chance at upward mobility for a change.

Sometimes good policy also makes good politics. It is now up to House Republicans to seize the opportunity.
Millions of Existing Plans Dropped

I posted my personal experiences on Obamacare, as well as those of a reader, in Tips on Navigating Obamacare Costs on HealthCare.Gov - My Personal Experience - Obamashock!

Just in case anyone thought "ObamaShock!" was an isolated incident, the Weekly Standard reports Millions of Americans Are Losing Their Health Plans Because of Obamacare.
While the Affordable Care Act was making its way through Congress in 2009 and 2010, President Obama famously promised the American people over and over again that if you like your health plan, you can keep it.

“Let me be exactly clear about what health care reform means to you,” Obama said at one rally in July 2009. “First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.”

But the president's promise is turning out to be false for millions of Americans who have had their health insurance policies canceled because they don't meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

According to health policy expert Bob Laszewski, roughly 16 million Americans will lose their current plans.

Because the Obama administration's regulations on grandfathering existing plans were so stringent as many as 16 million are not grandfathered and must comply with Obamacare at their next renewal.

Millions of people are now receiving letters from their carriers saying they are losing their current coverage and must re-enroll in order to avoid a break in coverage and comply with the new health law's benefit mandates––the vast majority by January 1. Most of these will be seeing some pretty big rate increases.
Obamacare in Rural Areas

The New York Times reports Health Care Law Fails to Lower Prices for Rural Areas
As technical failures bedevil the rollout of President Obama’s health care law, evidence is emerging that one of the program’s loftiest goals — to encourage competition among insurers in an effort to keep costs low — is falling short for many rural Americans.

While competition is intense in many populous regions, rural areas and small towns have far fewer carriers offering plans in the law’s online exchanges. Those places, many of them poor, are being asked to choose from some of the highest-priced plans in the 34 states where the federal government is running the health insurance marketplaces, a review by The New York Times has found.

Of the roughly 2,500 counties served by the federal exchanges, more than half, or 58 percent, have plans offered by just one or two insurance carriers, according to an analysis by The Times of county-level data provided by the Department of Health and Human Services. In about 530 counties, only a single insurer is participating.

“There’s nothing in the structure of the Affordable Care Act which really deals with that problem,” said John Holahan, a fellow at the Urban Institute, who noted that many factors determine costs in a given market. “I think that all else being equal, premiums will clearly be higher when there’s not that competition.”

The Obama administration has said 95 percent of Americans live in areas where there are at least two insurers in the exchanges. But many experts say two might not be enough to create competition that would help lower prices.
Glitches Hit Paper, Phone Applications

Politico reports "The online website signup procedure is such a disaster that President Barack Obama is urging Americans to go ahead and try to get health coverage by mailing in a paper application, calling the helpline or seeking help from one of the trained “assisters.”"

Please consider 'Glitches' hit Obamacare paper, phone applications too
But the truth is those applications — on paper or by phone — have to get entered into the same lousy website that is causing the problems in the first place. And the people processing the paper and calls don’t have any cyber secret passage to duck around that. They too have to deal with all the frustrations of — full-time.

“We’re confident by the end of November, will be smooth for a vast majority of users,” said Jeff Zients, the former White House aide and management expert brought into oversee the repair drive.

But for now, with crippled by design flaws and a morass of messy code, the president and health officials have been using a variety of posts and announcements to urge people to try low-tech ways of enrolling. Basically they are saying while the front door is stuck, try the side.

Of course, reading an 800 number on national TV — as the president did in the Rose Garden the other day — created a flood of callers who couldn’t get through. That led to another wave of frustration and Obamacare punch lines. But Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius tweeted on Thursday that HHS bulked up the call center to include more than 10,000 trained representatives.

Even before the tech problems, the government had a private contractor, Serco, to handle paper applications, which were expected to come primarily from less Web-savvy people. On Thursday, the company’s program director John Lau told the House Energy and Commerce Committee that it had completed between 3,000 and 4,000 applications.

But Serco will be flooded with paper applications if the website glitches persist, predicted John Gorman, founder of the Gorman Health Group, which has advised some of the insurance exchanges. “Serco is going to be swimming in paper within the next two to three weeks,” he said.
Obamacare Glitch Great Quotes

Inquiring minds looking for the most telling and colorful comments made about Obamacare “glitches” can find them on Politico. Here's a particularly funny one.

“We’re going to do a challenge. I’m going to try and download every movie ever made and you are going to try to sign up for Obamacare — and we’ll see which happens first.” — Jon Stewart to Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on "The Daily Show," Oct. 7
Nonetheless Obama insists the Obamacare show must go on. And what a horror story it is.

On judges, ObamaCare and the nuclear option...issues joined at the hip 
By: Diane Sori 

In a lawless power grab that broke all the rules in order to change the rules to favor Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s leftist agenda…and knowing that Republicans will most likely retake the Senate and keep the House in 2014…the Senate under Harry Reid’s hand invoked the ‘nuclear option’…thus heralding in the start of at least one very dangerous year of ‘unilateral rule of government' where the will of the Democratic majority will trample on the rights of the Republican minority.

And the utter hypocrisy in this is that in 2005, when he was Senator Barack HUSSEIN Obama, this most miserable excuse of all presidents was against anyone wanting to initiate the ‘nuclear option’ saying it was nothing but a partisan move to push a partisan agenda. But now with his approval ratings sinking to an all-time low (37% at last check) and as ObamaCare falls apart before his LYING eyes…all that has changed and in a last ditch attempt to save ObamaCare and his legacy…and to stack the bench with left-leaning judges…Barack HUSSEIN Obama signaled his cohort 'Prince' Harry Reid to ram through the ‘nuclear option’ so that starting with this Congress, only a simple 51 vote majority is needed to push through ALL of his executive branch and leftist judicial nominees (except for Supreme Court nominees) by removing them from the possibility of facing a Republican filibuster.

And this is critical and so NOT good as any and all challenges to ObamaCare will probably be handled by the Federal Court of Appeals which Obama can now stack with loyal to him appointees.

In a mostly partisan 52 to 48 vote…three Democrats…three Democrat of conscious including Senators Carl Levin of Michigan, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas…sided with the Republicans against the ‘nuclear option’ and to those men I say thank-you for seeing this move as NOTHING but a less than honorable way to stack the courts with ‘serving Obama alone’ judges, and opening the door to God only knows what else as ending the filibuster…a maneuver used in the Senate for well over 200 years as a way of keeping the executive branch in line…for ending of the filibuster for nominations could very well end the filibuster for legislation as well.

And that is truly something every American needs to fear.

“Over the past five years, we had an unprecedented pattern of obstruction in Congress that has prevented too much of the American people’s business from getting done…Today’s pattern of obstruction isn’t normal. It’s not what our founders envisioned,” Obama croaked at his photo-op press conference showing his support for the ‘nuclear option.’

But it was ‘Prince’ Harry Reid, after claiming that it was the Republican’s blocking of Robert Wilkins…the Obama wanted appointment to be a judge on the powerful D.C. Court of Appeals…that led to this remark made before the vote was taken, “Republicans have routinely used the filibuster to prevent President Obama from appointing his executive team or confirming judges,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “We’re burning wasted hours and wasted days between filibusters. I could say instead we’re burning wasted days and wasted weeks between filibusters. It’s time to change. It’s time to change the Senate before this institution becomes obsolete.”

And in response to Reid’s nonsense, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called the move “utterly absurd” and accused Democrats of setting up “one set of rules for themselves and another for everybody else.” He told Democrats “you may regret this a lot sooner than you think.”

By the way…who is Harry Reid to dare speak of wasted hours…wasted days…how about the fact that the Senate is only in session between 120-190 days per year with the average being 140 days out of 365 days…now that is wasted hours and wasted days when Reid and his cohorts should be working doing the job ‘We the People’ elected them to do instead of following in Obama’s footsteps of countless vacations at our taxpayer expense…but I digress (but rightfully so…)

But Reid’s entire premise for wanting the ‘nuclear option’ is based on LIES because Republicans only blocked 30 (with some just temporarily blocked) of Obama’s nominees. So oh how wrong…as always…Prince Harry is for to date the total number of Obama judicial nominees to be confirmed by the Senate is a whopping 211, including two Supreme Court Justices, 39 judges to the US Courts of Appeals, 168 judges to the US District Courts, and two judges to the US Court of International Trade…with the vast majority confirmed with bi-partisan support.

Now please pray tell me how those numbers are indicative of Republicans blocking all the confirmations of Obama nominated judges…it simply is NOT true…thus lending more credence to the fact that this move by Reid and the Senate was strictly political…done to deflect attention away from the ObamaCare fiasco and for that reason alone…for even the ‘in-the-pocket-for Obama’ media has started to shy away from him.

And so to dig the knife of NOTHING but revenge deeper into the Republicans backs for NOT embracing ObamaCare…as in how dare those ‘bad’ Republicans try to blame the media anointed ‘savior’ of us all for its fundamental flaws…yesterday Obama suddenly and oh so conveniently announced numerous appointees to the federal judiciary. But the sad reality of this is that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is willing to throw the judiciary into chaos just so he can try to salvage his unworkable namesake health care plan. And there goes the fledgling but growing bi-partisan show of support for actually repealing ObamaCare for now Democratic Senators dare NOT cross party lines as all but three voted ‘yea’ for the ‘nuclear option’…a most vile maneuver of political trickery.

So now Obama can and will stack the federal courts with even more left-leaning liberal judges and will NOT acquiesce to the voices of the majority of Americans who want NO part of ObamaCare. And with this new power we best keep our eyes peeled and watch out Second Amendment and pro-lifers.

And so Obama’s bag of tricks has been opened via Harry Reid. Thinking he’s pulled the coup of all coups with the ‘nuclear option’ he now has announced a delay in the sign-up period for next year’s deadline on ObamaCare until AFTER the 2014 elections, because he now is assured of Senatorial support for this. And NO matter that all this ‘nuclear option’ shenanigans is just a political ploy to hide next year’s sticker shock when people visit the exchanges, Obama hopes that voters will NOT hold their Representatives and Senators responsible come election day for the health care disaster… but oh how wrong he is as the American people are smart enough to see this as a political ploy and NOTHING more…especially after his LIES upon LIES upon LIES.

Truth be told Barack HUSSEIN Obama could care less about this year’s 5.1 million cancelled policies that have thrown the lives of millions of hardworking, taxpaying Americans into chaos as his liberal progressive agenda trumps all, and under his administration the American people be damned.

And so the importance of taking back the Senate and keeping the House in 2014 is a must for the only way to stop Harry Reid’s blatant grab for power and Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s total misuse of power is to vote the whole damn bunch of Democrats OUT in both the House and Senate…and only then can we focus on impeaching this most incompetent, narcissistic, traitors ever to hold the office of President of these United States.