Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Standing With Tucker Carlson
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 
This an opinion piece, my opinion alone, and does not necessarily represent the views of blospot.com.
So what will Carlson do now, what with job offers coming in, including from Glen Beck and the Blaze; the Hill; OAN, and even from Russian State TV? Personally I think with Tucker Carlson now reaching cult status...and rightly so...that the best thing he can do is remain an independent of sorts and call his own shots. Maybe he should do what Dan Bongino did and hook up with Rumble via a podcast of his own...a podcast like Bongino's where he and he alone controls its content.

Or maybe...and here I'm thinking outside the box...maybe Tucker Carlson should hook up with Bongino and start a network of their own...a network that combines the best of Republican and conservative values with a healthy dose of Constitutionalism thrown in for good measure.

And who knows maybe they could even pool their monies together and try to buy Rush Limbaugh's old EBI radio network...the largest privately owned broadcast entity in the country today...and bring back the likes of Bill O'Reilly and other truth tellers who became victims of closet leftists too afraid to openly show who they really are..Read entire article and see video here.

Shut Down the Border or Shut Down Democrat Cities
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The Mayor of New York City can regularly be heard complaining about the strain placed on his city by the flood of illegal aliens shipped to the sanctuary city by red state Governors. Now the city of Chicago is joining the chorus of Democrat-run localities that advocate for open borders that are now choking on their wish. While it’s fun to watch, it is damaging to America. As such, it’s time to shut down the border until those charged with securing it can put a plan in place to actually do just that. 

Honestly, the Biden administration had no intention of securing the border. Flooding the country with illegal aliens straining state and local budgets is part of the plan – you can’t “fundamentally transform” something working, there’d be no point or appetite for it. Democrats need to overwhelm people and governments, as well as completely crumble the current system in order to sell people on the idea that something “new” is needed. Of course, that “new” is the old tropes and policies leftists have been imposing and failing at for more than a century, but you can’t create a hellish Utopia without breaking a few eggs (or killing 100 million people, as the case may be).

Everyone Is Preparing for War Between China and the United States

We’re in the middle of Taiwan invasion season. As we continue to be distracted by Joe Biden’s incompetence, the crumbling economy, and post-season sports, China has ramped up its military presence against Taiwan. Recent military drills by Beijing have been large-scale and aggressive. The weather window regarding such an operation is open, though time is ticking for China to pull off what would be a massive gamble on Joe’s senility and our internal divisions. In the meantime, everyone in the region is preparing for a Sino-American War. 

Taiwan’s defense policy is not to defeat China—they know their limitations—but to hold out long enough for the United States to arrive. Due to that lingering response, China has never had the confidence to spring such an attack, but they also see a point of weakness that may never come again.

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