Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Marco Rubio...a Class Act
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

What a ride this has been and now so many tears shed. This blogger has supported Marco Rubio since he first ran for our Florida House, through his rise as Speaker of the Florida House, then onto U.S. Senator, and now in his run for the presidency. While Marco sadly lost Florida last night, the biggest losers in this race are the American people who turned their backs on substance and knowledge voting instead out of misplaced anger at a system (supposedly) gone awry.

But instead of fixing said system these same people, in my opinion, have now destroyed the very system set down by our Founders and Framers over 200 years ago by voting for a man who is the very epitome of all that which they believe is wrong with America today...a man lacking in morals, honor, and integrity...the antithesis of our beloved Senator Marco Rubio.

So now we Floridians must pick up the pieces and go forward as will Marco...go forward to new things with the same passion and message of American greatness now and forever...a message of better things to come in 'A New American Century' for both our children and our grandchildren in this the greatest nation the world has ever known...a message laid down by Marco that we must now carry on for him knowing in our hearts that in time Marco Rubio will be back.

It has been my privilege and honor to serve as an administrator on the official 'Team Marco-Florida' facebook site...a site that we will keep running to help spread Marco's vision for our always great America...a vision that cannot be taken away by those still left in the race for as long as we stay united 'A New American Century' is within our grasp...and thank you Marco for reminding us of just that.

And thank you to all for the new friendships I've made as I've joined others in working hard on the Rubio has been my honor to meet fellow American patriots who understand that only by honoring the past...NOT by ignoring or trying to erase it...can we reach that 'New American Century' that Marco Rubio strived so hard to reach. God Bless you always dear Marco and family, and know that whatever path you now take this blogger and so many others will be here to support you...always.

Click here to see and hear the concession speech of a true patriot...we have NOT heard the last of  Marco Rubio.

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