Friday, December 19, 2014

White House Slams Rubio Over His Attacks on Cuba Deal
By Todd Beamon / NEWSMAX

The White House on Thursday hit back against Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's harsh attacks on President Barack Obama's plans to normalize relations with Cuba, saying he should back the deal because he supported the confirmation of an ambassador to China earlier this year.

"One of the leading proponents of this strategy of shutting off funding for the construction of this embassy and appointing an ambassador to Cuba is Sen.Rubio, of course," White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at a daily news briefing.

Earnest was responding to a reporter's question about whether a new embassy would be needed in Havana, since American diplomatic personnel currently work out of the U.S. Interests Section housed in the former U.S. Embassy on the Malecón.

The spokesman was not asked about Rubio or his criticism of the deal Obama announced on Wednesday.

Citing Rubio's statements from the confirmation hearing of former Democratic Sen. Max Baucus as Beijing ambassador in January, Earnest hinted that those comments conflicted with his statements on Wednesday about Havana.

China has long been under attack for its human-rights abuses. Baucus was confirmed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of which Rubio is a member.

"In thinking about this," Earnest continued, "it occurs to me that it seems odd Sen. Rubio would be reluctant and, in fact, actively seeking to block the appointment of an ambassador to Cuba when earlier this year he voted to confirm the ambassador to China that the president nominated."

He then added parenthetically that Baucus was Rubio's "former colleague," who was "doing an excellent job of representing the United States in China.

"The other thing I noticed that, in the context of those hearings, Sen. Rubio said something that this administration wholeheartedly agrees with," Earnest said. "Let me read it to you."
WASHINGTON - Barack Obama continues to embrace low-tier, go-it-alone, executive actions to pad out the last two years of his mistake-filled, agenda-less presidency in a hopeless hunt for a legacy.

His arrogant decision this week to reestablish diplomatic relations with Communist Cuba is the latest example of a president desperately searching for something do without having to deal with Congress.

You can comb through all of the polling data for the top most concerns of the American people, and renewing U.S. relations with Cuba's evil Castro dictatorship is not among them.

But with his job approval polls in the basement, and his beaten party toppled from power on Capitol Hill, Obama's frantically looking for anything to turn his failed presidency around. So he went on nationwide television Wednesday to announce his latest diplomatic gambit, to remind us that he's still president.

National television? For a shameful give-away deal with an aging tin pot dictator in the Caribbean who got almost everything he demanded and conceded nothing in return?

Maybe someone in the White House suggested that this would be compared to Nixon's opening to China. It wasn't.

His actions drew fierce, bipartisan criticism from Capitol Hill for making deep unilateral concessions without getting much in return. And it stoked the political fires in Florida, a pivotal electoral prize in the presidential elections, where Cubans account for a large share of the vote and remain strongly opposed to relaxing relations with Raul Castro and his revolutionary henchmen.

The administration won the freedom of Alan Gross, a former U.S. Agency for International Development contract worker who has been imprisoned for five years by the Cubans. But in return Obama freed several convicted Cuban spies.

This will go down in Obama history as another naive attempt at diplomacy by a president who believes he can deal with Communists, even if he gets little or nothing in return.

Remember when Obama came into office expecting to "reset" relations with Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin thugs, only to watch them seize the Crimea Peninsula and send troops into Eastern Ukraine where they remain to this day.

Oh, woe is she. In an "exclusive" interview with People magazine this week, first lady Michelle Obama lamented the "sting" of "racist experiences" that she and her husband allegedly still suffer. My message for America's Marie Antoinette? Cry me a river.

To show how she's down with The Struggle of post-Ferguson agitators, Mrs. Obama cited a supposedly horrifying incident at a Target store where she was treated, in her paranoid mind, as a subservient. "Even as the first lady," she bemoaned, "not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf."

A lowly peon asked her for an innocent favor? It's Jim Crow all over again! ABC News reports that Mrs. Obama said such "incidents are 'the regular course of life' for African-Americans and a 'challenge' for the country to overcome."

Newsflash: Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe that it is part of the "regular course of life" of tall people of all colors (Mrs. Obama is 5-foot-11) to be prevailed upon to reach high on behalf of those of us who are vertically challenged. These are not odious "incidents" of racism between slaves and masters. They're matters of common courtesy between equals.

So overcome your ridiculously hypersensitive, privileged self and deal with it, girl! (And now don't get all hot and bothered about the "girl" thing. Sheesh.)

US troops repel Islamic State (ISIS) attack on Iraqi base

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

100 US troops beat back these savages. If Obama hadn’t rushed to remove our troops from Iraq without any plan or realistic assessment of what was likely to happen when they left, the savages wouldn’t control any territory there at all.

US_troops_1432917c“American troops battle ISIS for first time as they see off attempted attack by militants on Iraqi base,” by Corey Charlton, MailOnline, December 18, 2014:
A number of militants have been killed in Islamic State’s very first battle with U.S. ground troops after the extremists attempted to overrun an Iraqi military base.
The militants attacked Ein al-Asad military base on Sunday where more than 100 U.S. military support troops are based.
Despite launching the surprise...


Falling Gas Prices...a Trend That Will End 

By: Diane Sori

As always...NO matter the international turmoil it's still all about the economy...and oil.

And now a gift from Santa has arrived as just in time for Christmas gas prices have fallen to a five-year low...from roughly $3.68 a gallon in June to now down below $2.60 in most markets... saving we purchasers about $60+ a month. But like all good things this gift does come with caveats that the current savings have blinded most to. So while 'We the People' are happy dancing thinking we have triumphed over the likes of OPEC nothing could be further from the truth for as the price of oil falls political instability is increasing within the main oil producing countries. And with that instability comes the fact that reduced prices means less profit for the oil companies, and that is something they will NOT allow to go on for too long for just like any business the oil giants are as profit driven as the next guy.

Also remember, as oil prices per barrel fall...mostly because of a slow-down in demand in Europe and Japan where there are worries about deflation...this just adds to the worries about the ever-increasing demand and need in other countries such as China. And this in turn raises serious concerns for the oil companies NOT just about their earnings, but also about year-end tax selling putting more pressure on them as well...pressure which they will take out on we consumer. And as OPEC continues to manipulate oil prices...but with them NO longer having the sole upper hand in price setting because they failed to stabilize falling prices after their last's the 'free market' itself who will now for the most part be setting the global cost of oil.

But the good news...for the short term that that this could mean that crude prices might actually drop to $50 or less per barrel over the next few months. In fact, OPEC could actually push prices down as low as $40 per barrel in an attempt to regain said upper hand by taking on Russia as well as the U.S. shale industry. But that move could put the weakest oil producers out of business with the result being producers like Nigeria actually going bankrupt as financial contagion takes hold in western markets.

And even with oil shale production increasing big time out of North Dakota...another good thing...there is still a downside to this because there is a slowdown in production occurring in the Bakken oil fields. And lest we forget that Russia also plays a part in determining the price of oil as Russia supplies the oil for most of Europe. And with the Russian ruble losing its value because of the ongoing drop in oil prices along with its ongoing problems with Ukraine, Putin is putting Russia's economy and military on a war-footing to try and neutralize the hit Russia is taking due to the falling oil prices. So, the stage has now been set and the players are in place NOT for oil prices to continue a long-term drop but for oil prices to actually start rising by the second half of next year and to rise high...very high and within an extremely short period of time.

So much for continuing happiness at the pump.

Also, what most do NOT realize is that there is currently an excess of oil glutting the market and that is the main reason the price of gas has dropped. And while it could possibly take six months or a bit longer to run down the now one million barrels a day of excess oil, it eventually will happen and happen sooner than most think as nations experiencing an industrial boom...nations like China and India for example who are dependent on their ability to import oil...will use up more oil than would normally be using within a given period of time. And that over-consumption of the oil supply...and that includes the excess supply currently on the market...will create the beginnings of the next oil shortage and its always corresponding price increase at the pump.

So, until that excess oil supply is run down...which most assuredly will happen... some larger oil companies have been scaling back plans for future oil drilling and exploration as they wisely wait to see just when that run down happens and by how much the market and OPEC will decide the price per barrel increase will be. And sadly it seems they might NOT be waiting too long for some 'so-called' experts and special analytical reports are predicting prices to start rising and rebounding to $80 or even $90 per barrel in, like I said, the second half of the upcoming year.

In fact, a friend of mine who is very close to the oil business agrees that oil and gas prices will soon start to go up because the above stated oversupply will indeed 'dry up' as the oil people say. But he also said that as the price of oil comes down it will directly affect the ongoing production costs which vary from company to company... production costs as in what it costs to 'pull' the oil out of the ground as it relates to price variations in infrastructure and labor costs. And this in turn will force the shutting down of the more expensive to run wells. Also he spoke of a fact that some might NOT in the rise and fall in oil prices seems to run in six-year cycles and that we are now in a period of cause and effect with the cause being the market is glutted with extra oil, and the effect being the oil companies are wisely postponing projects to tighten their belts as they wait for the oversupply to run down. Thus, the basic concept and application of the principle of supply and demand is now in effect as well.

And while U.S. crude oil prices did top $100 per barrel last summer they have indeed now dropped to around $60 per barrel as a result of NOT only this oversupply but also because of expanded domestic production. And remember too, today the U.S. produces more oil than it imports...actually we are sitting on more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia...but unfortunately most of the oil we do produce does NOT stay within this country but is exported out, a sad fact that keeps use dependent on in Arab...oil.

And that very dependency must end for like Sarah Palin said, America must "Drill Baby Drill" and the sooner the better. It's way past time for this country to stop being held hostage to the whims and wills of both OPEC and the global market... and their puppets like Barack HUSSEIN Obama who wants nothing better than to keep us dependent on them. So please people do NOT think the relief at the pump we are now all enjoying will be a forever trend for it won't, and we need to prepare for the time when we again shake our heads as gas prices creep up and up and nauseum.