Monday, March 9, 2015

There was yet another stunning display of lawlessness over the last couple of days in Washington D.C. It was bold, wanton, and right in the face of the authorities.

And it was awesome.

Children were sledding down Capitol Hill. This was despite a specific ban on sledding or skiing around the capitol. Both activities are expressly forbidden. To be fair, cross-country skiing IS allowed, but only for the purpose of transportation. Presumably, that's no fun at all and therefore totally OK.

Not everyone was happy about this, according to The Hill. Capitol Police Board Chairman and Senate Sgt. At Arms and Doorkeeper (aside: in this bloated-beyond-recognition world of government, the longer one's title the shorter one's effective reach and vision, apparently) Frank Larkin pointed out that the ban on sledding was actually done on behalf of the children.

He said that over 20,000 children a year are injured while sledding and that as the legal liability to municipalities looms large due to this, sledding on public property is banned all over the country.

In other words, everybody else is not doing it and so neither are we.

The chief doorkeeper and gravity-games compliance officer who overlooks the backyard of the nanny-state's palace played his part perfectly. Responding to D.C. Congressional representative Eleanor Holmes Norton's request to temporarily lift the ban, he simply replied that he was unable to even do that.

She even issued a press release, saying in part, "Because the (Capital Hill Police) Board did not enforce the sledding ban for many years, it is clearly within its power not to enforce it again during a four-day period."

Obviously, the only surprising fact about this aspect of the story is that Norton was on the common-sense side of an issue.

There was even a petition to get the ban lifted on that had over 800 signatures. Frozen-grass roots activism, apparently.

On Thursday a semi-organized "sled-in" was held. Dozens of parents and children held a lesson in civil disobedience and whisked down the hill in the face of the capitol police. There were even protest signs. One said "Let My People Sled."

One parent, Tim Krepp, was told by an officer to stop with an officious "“no sledding or skiing on Capitol grounds because of safety and property damage on Capitol grounds.”
Krepp then connected the extraordinarily obvious dots, telling Fox News this:

“On the DHS side, we’re seeing Congress embarrass itself in passing legislation. The fact they they’re lecturing us about safety … when dropping the ball resonates with me.”

Indeed. Lecturing us while dropping the ball - that could not possibly have been stated any better.

What's needed now is a sled-in against everything else they're doing at the top of Capitol Hill.

I frequently rail against people making assumptions in their thinking. I often castigate others for taking a viewpoint without either actually experiencing what they are commenting on or assuming facts they don’t have in hand about others’ decisions. But there can be an occasion where arriving at a conclusion may be done based on sufficient history and adequate analysis. In the case of Obama negotiating with Iran, if they are able to come to an agreement, it is highly likely it cannot be trusted.

I am not one to state that President Obama is doing this for his legacy. Presidents are frequently accused in their second terms of taking actions because of their “legacy.” I think that is just lazy thinking by journalists who want to classify things. Certainly, there is no indication that if an agreement is reached in the next couple of weeks that it will create lasting peace in the region and turn Iran from being a mortal enemy of our country into a friend and future ally. So to what extent would a deal enhance Obama’s legacy? What his motivation is in making this agreement is somewhat bewildering and can only be determined by the final outcome.

What we can say at this point is that, whatever the final outcome, we cannot trust it as an agreement for two reasons. The simple reason on its face is that we are negotiating with a partner who has not complied with agreements or international norms since assuming control of the country 36 years ago. More importantly, we cannot even abide by what will be represented to us by our own team in the Obama Administration.

Iran unveils surface to surface missile with 2500 km range

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Iran unveils surface to surface missile with 2500 km range
What could possibly go wrong? “Iran Unveils Surface to Surface Missile With 2500 KM Range; Weapon is Direct Threat to US Vessels in Persian Gulf,” by David Daoud, Algemeiner, March 8, 2015: The Defense Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Brigadier General Hussein Dahqan, revealed on Sunday Iran’s new surface-to-surface cruise missile, the “Soumar.” […]

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Obama Appoints Another Vicious Antisemite to Critical NSC Mideast Post

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Robert O. Malley is such a controversial figure that when his name was floated during Obama ‘s 2007 presidential campaign, it was quickly withdrawn, but that was when Obama was pretending to be something that he is not in order to get elected.

Obama no longer feels he has to hide who and what he is — a Jew-hater, and he is acting accordingly.

You may recall that Malley was foreign policy adviser to then-presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2007, and was fired from his campaign team in 2008 because of his notorious ties to Hamas, the PLO and other jihadist, anti-Israel groups.

Atlas readers are long familiar with this subversive jihad operative. As early as 2007 and  2008 (and repeatedly throughout the campaign...

Facebook...Targeting Conservatives...Again
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

Well guys, this blogger is back in Facebook jail for 30 days yet again and with NO explanation as to why. Just telling me that my post to the right has been removed...refusing to tell me what if any Community Standards this post had supposedly broken...Facebook gave me NO chance to remove it on my own or even to contest why they took it down...just poof...I was another inmate hauled off to the infamous Facebook jail. Just another case of 'selective enforcement'...just another case of Facebook 'selectively' targeting conservatives.

The Facebook 'gods' as I call them...and notice the lower-case 'g' even though we know that Facebook considers themselves 'THE' god of the internet...seem to be again targeting NOT only me but other conservative posters as well and are increasing those numbers with each passing day. And it will get worse...much worse...the closer we get to the 2016 presidential election.

But since I can only speak for myself, here are but two examples of my previous 'unfortunate incarcerations.' While the other times I was thrown in Facebook jail I was always given a reason as to why...albeit reasons that were pure nonsense at best...this particular reason took the cake. A year or so ago I was banned for 60 days for a post I did NOT post nor did I even comment on. Facebook came up with the lame excuse that it was because I was one of ten or so admin on the page where the post was shown...a pro-Sarah Palin page I might add...and that as such I should have caught the post in question even though I was NOT online all day...sigh...the inhumanity of it all (sarcastically said)...and even when proven that I was NOT online they still refused to release me from my 60-day timeout in Facebook solitary confinement.

And here is a more recent example of where I, Diane Sori...known conservative blogger and radio talk show co-host...was again selectively 'targeted.' Remember the captured Jordanian pilot whom ISIS burned alive and all over the internet both the still pictures and the video of this barbaric atrocity was shown...including on many Facebook pages besides my own...yet it was my page that was reported by liberal Obama trolls as perpetrating violence. Little me was 'supposedly' perpetrating violence but the savages who did this were given a free pass by Facebook...guess to them it's just 'boys will be boys'...and the liberal trolls who reported me got their pat on the back for a job well done in catching another (gasp) conservative poster.

So now you know just a bit of what we political conservatives are up against... especially those of us who believe in the 'One True Living God' of the Christians and Jews and who are vehemently opposed to the political cult known as islam...and in a word it's called 'targeting.'

And I believe that I was 'targeted' because in my post besides standing strong with Israel, I used the word 'muzzies' to describe those who want all we infidels dead. But what word was I to use pray tell, because according to Facebook you can't say muslim, you can't say islamists, you can't say moslems, you can't say anything that the ragheads...ooops you can't say that either...deem offensive or you will garner the ire of the Facebook 'gods' so I chose 'muzzies'...a word I've used for years. And I even explained in a Facebook post from about a year ago that I and others use that word to keep us below the islamists radar as the muslim computers seem NOT to recognize the double z. Simply, this allowed us NOT to be at the mercy of retaliation by the many islamists who peruse Facebook looking to cause trouble for those of us who do NOT stick our butts up in the air five times a day to pray to the made-up god of a delusional madman.

So it seems you can't criticize words needed are NO-NO...yet all over Facebook are anti-Christian/Catholic groups, pages, and sites, that speak words and show images of blasphamy, and where anti-Jewish groups, pages, and sites spew both pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic propaganda. And when one complains about them, Facebook responds that the sites themselves or the imagery or words used do NOT violate their Community Standards, thus allowing these hateful groups, pages, and sites to remain up. But use the word 'muzzies' and it's off to Facebook jail you go with NO explanation as to why that word is now suddenly found to be offensive.

Now let me tell you why I decided at this time to do a bit of research. On March 6th through my newsfeed came an article titled “Rothchild Fu*ktards,” filled with all sorts of Jew-hating, Israel-hating rhetoric. Appalled that this article was allowed, I then discovered numerous anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic/Christian Facebook groups and pages. Here are just a few...the first one is called 'Jewish Ritual Murder' ( fref=ts&rf=136929732996445), and though Facebook was called to task for their saying the page did NOT violate its Community Standards even though it outwardly promotes hatred of Jews and spews lie after lie about Jewish history, it's still up and gaining members daily.

Then I came across a group called 'Peneadicto XVI' ( which daily sends out anti-Catholic/Christian and anti-religion messages to over 44,000 followers in Spanish...followed by a most vile group called 'The Virgin Mary Should've Aborted' ( where the title alone should have one seething. The list is endless but because they're started and administrated by liberals, anti-Semites, anti-Catholics/Christians, atheists, muslims, or muslim supporters, the Facebook 'gods' look away to the hate these groups continue to perpetrate.

And while Facebook claims they ban posts that endorse terrorist groups like the ISIS...“We do not permit terrorist groups, such as [the Islamic State group], to use our site and we do not allow any person or group to promote terrorism or share graphic content for sadistic purposes,” or so says Facebook spokesman Andrew Souvall...other pro-islamic groups are allowed on Facebook. The Muslim Brotherhood has a group called 'Muslim Brotherhood & Sisterhood (MBS)' on Facebook (this group posts mostly in non-English and you must use a translating program to read what is said), with CAIR representation also present on Facebook in the guise of a group called 'CAIR-Committee For American Islamic Relations' (, who claim they reach out to so-called 'decent' muslims yet it's a closed group with few members. But none of these groups have been shut down even with complaints received. Remember, Facebook relies heavily on its users to 'flag' offensive posts and comments and rushes to shut down conservatives, but rarely shuts down liberals or islam coddlers.

'Targeting'...and know that the world ends for Facebook when a conservative dares to criticize or say a word against Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his cronies Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, and the ever-loving anything but Reverend Al Sharpton...sending the trolls...who set-up phony profiles pretending to be zero in and report you to Facebook for being a racist...and into Facebook jail you go...NO warning...NO get out of jail free card. 'Targeting'...and heaven forbid your post or comment uses words tying Obama or his policies to muslim islamic terrorists or muslims in general...again Facebook jail beckons.

'Selective enforcer' thy name is Facebook... especially when 'overlooked' are posts with comments like this one posted on March 5th at 12:44pm where columnist Dan Savage said to Dr. Ben Carson, “Suck my d**k,” or on March 7th at around 6:30pm when one Brian Palmer shared Peter Kling's photo that said, “Boy they really fucked us good.” So it seems vulgarities like the f-word are OK to use in any context but the warm and fuzzy word 'muzzies' gets the dander of the Facebook 'gods' up.

And while I am but one of many conservatives 'targeted' by Facebook...NOT unlike the IRS' 'targeting' and then denying select conservative groups their rightfully applied for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status...Facebook knows we need them to get our conservative 'Take Back America' message out. They know that even with all the alternative venues combined that they, Facebook, have the largest reach numbers-wise and that it's numbers that can make or break NOT only the message but can influence an election as well. Remember how Obama used social media to sway 20-somethings to his side both in 2008 and in 2012...well as those 20-somethings now have matured and come to realize how badly they were deceived, Facebook has to stop us from showing them NOT only the truth about the traitorous deceiver himself, along with his equally deceitful and oh so traitorous administration, but they must also stop us from winning them over to the conservative side...and they have to do it before the run-up to 2016 swings into high gear.

And what better way for Facebook to do it and help out their cronies on the left at the same time...than to silence for a given period of time in Facebook jail the voices of those in the forefront of getting that truth out...those being we conservative bloggers and posters.

And so with my purpose on Facebook being to help educate the uninformed with facts, to debunk the conspiracy fabricators, and to first and foremost help take our country back from those encased in liberalism, socialism, communism, and the lies of islam, I will serve out this newest time in Facebook jail...they refuse to even respond to my letter of the meantime friends will be posting for me on Facebook...but know I will be back stronger than ever in 27 days and counting.