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Obama's DoJ allowed terrorists to fly on commercial airplanes in U.S.

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

They were in the witness protection program -- which is news in itself -- but the Justice Department didn't give their names to those who actually keep dangerous people from flying. Funny how all of Obama's mistakes go in the same direction. He never makes one in favor of conservatives, or civil liberties, or free speech, or against Islamic supremacism.

"Justice Dept. faulted over terrorist identities," by Pete Yost for the Associated Press, May 16 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department failed to provide the names of some terrorists in the witness protection program to the center that maintains the government's watch list used to keep dangerous people off airline flights, the department's inspector general said in a report Thursday. 
As a result of the department's failure to properly share information, some in the witness protection program who were on the "no-fly" list were allowed to travel on commercial flights, the federal watchdog said.
"It was possible for known or suspected terrorists to fly on commercial airplanes in or over the United States and evade one of the government's primary means of identifying and tracking terrorists' movements and actions," the report said.
To help protect witnesses from the people and organizations against whom they testify, the U.S. Marshals Service provides cooperating witnesses with new names and identities.
"We found that the department was not authorizing the disclosure to the Terrorist Screening Center of the new identities provided to known or suspects terrorists" in the federal Witness Security Program, known officially as WitSec.
In response, the Justice Department said it has developed a highly restrictive travel policy that prohibits program participants with no-fly status from traveling on commercial flights.
The department said the number of former known or suspected terrorists ever admitted into the witness protection program was a fraction of 1 percent of those in the program.
The department said that to date, the FBI has not identified a national security threat tied to the participation of terrorism-linked witnesses in the program.

Could The IRS Scandal Bring Down Obama?

by / Personal Liberty Digest

Could The IRS Scandal Bring Down Obama?
So the first head has rolled in the scandal that has engulfed the Internal Revenue Service. On Wednesday, President Barack Obama ordered Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller to get the ax.

And you can bet that if the powers that be in Washington could turn back the clock, Douglas Shulman’s head would also be on the chopping block. After all, he was the IRS commissioner last year who flatly denied that his agency had ever targeted Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations

“There’s absolutely no targeting,” Shulman testified before a congressional committee last March. But of course there was. Last Friday, the IRS admitted as much — although it tried to put all the blame on a bunch of low-level employees at its office in Cincinnati.

After intimidating honest taxpayers for decades, the IRS is finally on the receiving end of some nasty publicity. The President has called its behavior “outrageous.” The FBI is launching an investigation of possible criminal violations. Isn’t it delightful?

The scandal erupted last week when an IRS official admitted for the first time — after high-level officials had denied it for years — that the agency singled out groups that had the words “Tea Party” or “Patriots” in their name for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status.

And it wasn’t just such obvious right-wing organizations. If your group focused on government spending, debt or taxes, or if it criticized how the country was being run, chances are it would make the list. Heck, even such an innocuous objective as “trying to make America a better place to live” could be enough to get your application flagged.

This isn’t the first time that such allegations have been made. In fact, Senator Orin Hatch (R-Utah) said it was precisely because he had heard such complaints that he specifically asked the IRS commissioner about them last year. On three separate occasions, Miller assured the Senator that there was no truth to the accusations.

Miller “basically misled me and purposefully did so,” Hatch said earlier this week. “He purposely misled me because he knew better.” And in a classic bit of understatement, the Utah Republican concluded, “That bothers me quite a bit.”

It’s probably no coincidence that the scandal first erupted last Friday afternoon. That is the traditional time for Washington spinmeisters to release bad news, since most folks are thinking more about their plans for the weekend than what the folks in Washington are up to. The worried parties no doubt hope that by the time Monday morning rolls around, any embarrassing disclosures from last Friday will be long forgotten.

That certainly didn’t happen this time. In fact, every passing day brought forth new and even more damaging revelations. By Tuesday, the Boston Herald actually ran the word “Obamagate” in bold, black type on its front page. Another headline read, “Scandals Invoke Comparison To Nixon.”

I’ll bet that last one made some White House staffers cringe. They remember (or surely have been told about) the scandal that erupted four decades earlier, when White House counsel John Dean told a congressional committee that Richard Nixon’s “enemies list” was turned over to the IRS, with instructions to “use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies.”

As a result, when the House of Representatives drew up articles of impeachment against Nixon in 1974, the second article accused the president of using “income tax audits or other income tax investigations” to intimidate his political opponents.

Could something similar happen again? Veteran political analyst and best-selling author Dick Morris says absolutely:
What’s going to happen is you’re going to get a congressional hearing. They’re going to call some of these people under oath. They’ll call Miller for example, the head of the IRS, they’ll call [Douglas] Shulman, the former head of the IRS, and they’ll ask, did you know about this?
Then the obvious question is who else knew? Who did you tell? I doubt that there’s a lot of people who are willing to commit perjury to save the president, and undoubtedly what they’ll say is, well, I told such and such in the White House. Then they’ll get this person under oath and you just go step by step up the food chain.
At the end of it, it’s an impeachable offense, which is the key thing.
Caught In Two Lies

So far, IRS officials have been caught telling at least two lies in an effort to contain the growing controversy. The first is that it was all done by a small group of low-level employees in the IRS office in Cincinnati who just weren’t supervised closely enough.

Nice try, but no cigar. We now know that some of the inquiries came from IRS headquarters in Washington, D.C. Oh, and at least some of the requests included demands for the names of donors, contributors and grantors — even though the laws governing such organizations specifically protect the privacy of the people who support them.

Hatch confirmed that the IRS was playing fast and loose with the truth here. “It wasn’t just some lowly staffer in Cincinnati who made a mistake,” he said. “Very senior management at the IRS here in Washington knew what was going on for over a year and didn’t say a word.”

Actually, it isn’t true that the IRS “didn’t say a word.” In fact, the agency issued many words — all of them designed to hide the truth.

The second whopper from the cover-up cohorts is that all of this took place over a few weeks in 2011 and it was promptly stopped when higher-ups learned about it. Wrong again! We now know that the troubling investigations began back in 2010 and continued for more than a year and a half.

At the same time conservative groups were subject to all sorts of scrutiny and delay, many liberal and progressive groups were put on the fast track for approval. If your organization was run by an Obama relative, let’s say, or former White House staffers or operatives from Obama’s 2012 Presidential campaign, the normal approval process could be cut from more than a year to as little as one month.

Yes, indeed, in this bright new era of fairness and transparency, some pigs are sure more equal than others.

And conspiracy buffs have got to love this one: One of the rumors making the rounds in Washington is that some top Administration honchos decided to release the story about the political-audit scandal in an effort to distract public attention from the furor over what happened (and most pointedly, what didn’t happen) in the terrorist assault on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, last September.

If that was the goal, the media manipulators sure made a major miscalculation. Most of us may not be terribly concerned about the activities of an obscure jihadist group in a remote country like Libya — even when it causes the death of four Americans, including our ambassador.

But every taxpayer in this country has a visceral fear of getting on the wrong side of the IRS. We’re aware of past efforts to use the IRS as a political enforcement branch of the White House. And we don’t like it a bit.

You can bet that more heads will roll before all the investigations are over. House Speaker John Boehner says that firings won’t be enough: “My question isn’t about who is going to resign. My question is who’s going to jail over this scandal?”

I’m more eager to see how far the fallout spreads. Remember, no amount of sacrificial lambs was enough to keep Nixon safe in the White House.

“Could the IRS scandal bring down Obama? Let’s hope so.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

Obama Not Outraged; He Adores the IRS

David Limbaugh / Townhall Columnist
So, we are to believe that it is just a coincidence that tea party groups oppose the Obama administration and for 27 months, beginning in March 2010, the Internal Revenue Service didn't approve even one tea party application for tax-exempt status? 

Is it also a coincidence that during the same time period, dozens of liberal organizations involved in political advocacy practically saw their applications fast-tracked?

Do you now want to pause and consider whether I'm exaggerating? Feel free, but be advised that USA Today, no conservative rag, reported that "as applications from conservative groups sat in limbo, groups with liberal-sounding names had their applications approved in as little as nine months."

But the IRS official responsible for granting the exemption status told reporters on a conference call that ideology was not involved. She said "progressive groups" were also selected for greater scrutiny based on their names.

But when asked to identify those groups, she demurred. "I don't have them off the top of my head," she said. Well, why not? Surely, she would have anticipated that such a question would be asked on the call.

IRS officials have attributed the agency's extra scrutiny on conservative groups to a spike in their applications over the past few years, but a just-released inspector general's report obliterates that excuse by revealing an even bigger spike in applications for tax-exempt status from labor organizations, which received no such scrutiny.

Now, with the Benghazi and Associated Press scandals raging, both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have denounced the IRS' actions as "outrageous" and promised to hold those responsible to account. Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller has already been cashiered.

But President Obama looked more "flat-affect" than outraged and seemed to be far more distracted than engaged, let alone angry, during his news conference denouncing the agency's actions.

The administration wants us to believe that the two IRS employees in Cincinnati responsible for this wanton political discrimination were just "rogue" agents who became "overly aggressive."

Well, let me ask you: Do you think President Obama would consider such agents "rogue" -- as opposed to, say, "exemplary" -- had this scandal not been exposed?

Also, I seriously doubt that this was either isolated or accidental. I think we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Cleta Mitchell, a Washington election attorney, told Newsmax that she has proof that high-ranking IRS officials in Washington were completely aware of the IRS' effort to target conservatives in this process. She said an IRS agent in Cincinnati told her that the applications for two of her conservative clients were being processed by officials in Washington, who would also decide whether to approve or disapprove.

In expressing her incredulity that the White House was out of the loop in this matter, Mitchell said:

"We know the White House used the Department of Health and Human Services to try to silence critics about Obamacare. So if we know they used HHS, why wouldn't they also use the IRS or other federal agencies to try to silence political critics?"

The administration knows that this kind of intimidation and obstruction works. Reports have already been coming in that some tea party groups, which would have spent their money and efforts toward defeating Barack Obama's re-election campaign in 2012, folded up their tents rather than endure the protracted harassment of the agency.

Despite the likely insincerity of Obama's "outrage,", his public assertion that he is may at least serve the purpose of opening the public's eyes to these abuses and how widespread they are.

We've already learned that the Thomas More Society, a nonprofit law firm, is representing two pro-life organizations that allege the IRS refused to grant them tax-exempt status because of their position on abortion.

The Coalition for Life of Iowa claims the IRS pressured it not to protest Obama-friendly Planned Parenthood. The Thomas More Society reports: "In a phone call to Coalition for Life of Iowa leaders on June 6, 2009, the IRS agent 'Ms. Richards' told the group to send a letter to the IRS with the entire board's signatures stating that, under perjury of the law, they do not picket/protest or organize groups to picket or protest outside of Planned Parenthood. Once the IRS received this letter, their application would be approved."

Also, the IRS allegedly subjected Christian Voices for Life to "repeated and lengthy unconstitutional requests for information about the viewpoint and content of its educational communications, volunteer prayer vigils, and other protected activities."

What other examples of such egregious abuses of power are we going to find as this investigation unfolds?

Please ask yourself: If the IRS were oriented toward harassing pro-left organizations, do you think Democrats and liberals would always be so sympathetic toward the agency? Would Obama have assigned this agency the task of largely overseeing and enforcing Obamacare? In light of these recent disturbing developments, is there any chance he will reconsider his ill-advised decision?

Obama's Emptiest Benghazi Talking Point

Michelle Malkin / Townhall Columnist

On Sept. 12, 2012, President Barack Obama vowed to "bring to justice" the perpetrators of the deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya. On Oct. 26, 2012, Obama said his "biggest priority" was bringing the "folks" in Libya responsible for murdering four Americans to "justice." Tick, tock, tick, tock. 

While White House press secretary Jay Carney sneers at the GOP's "obsession" with what went wrong at the besieged Libyan consulate, Obama continues to ply his emptiest talking point. On May 13, 2013, more than eight months after the bloody disaster, Obama snippily reminded reporters that he had told us all back in September that "we would find out what happened, we would make sure that it did not happen again, and we would make sure that we held accountable those who had perpetrated this terrible crime."

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Justice delayed is justice denied.

A little more "obsession" from this administration with hunting down the jihadist killers would be a good thing. How about a little more anger directed at the perpetrators and a little less rage aimed at the conservative press? Nah. Team Obama seems more singularly focused on blaming its opponents, smearing whistleblowers and deriding those who are trying to hold the president to his words, words, words.

Perhaps with their newfound skepticism toward the lying liars of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the former lapdogs of the White House press corps will start asking questions like this: Where the hell is Sufyan Ben Qumu a.k.a. Abu Sufian bin Qumu?

Qumu, a suspected Libyan Islamic Fighting Group militant with ties to the financiers of the 9/11/01 attacks, was held at Guantanamo Bay for six years. The Bush administration foolishly handed him over to the Gadhafi regime on the promise that he would remain imprisoned. In 2010, Qumu was granted amnesty and released.

Contrary to the delusions of the International Gitmo Bleeding Hearts Fan Club, the supposedly poor and oppressed Qumu did not content himself with writing poetry or farming potatoes. A week after the 9/11/12 attack, the Ansar al-Sharia leader was named a possible chief plotter in the deadly terrorist assault on our consulate personnel, staff and private security contractors in Benghazi. In April, international media outlets reported widely that Qumu had survived an assassination bid.

Two weeks ago, the FBI finally got around to publicizing photos of three individuals at the Benghazi murder scene who are wanted for questioning. Congressional and intelligence sources have said the probe has moved at a snail's pace. There's been a "near total lack of progress," House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said in December.

It's all par for this administration's foot-dragging course. Remember: The FBI conducted a drive-by investigation last fall, flying in and out of Libya after a paltry 12 hours on the ground. What difference did the phony YouTube narrative plied by U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and President Obama make? As former deputy chief of mission at the U.S. embassy in Tripoli, Greg Hicks testified last week that the damage done was "immeasurable" because it delayed the FBI probe.

Classified documents were left unsecured at the compound. Critical time and evidence were squandered.

As Hicks explained, the YouTube fable publicly contradicted Libyan President Mohammed Magariaf, who had immediately reported after the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack that "this was an attack by Islamic extremists." The nonsense YouTube talking points "affected cooperation with the Libyans," Hicks said. "I firmly believe that the reason it took us so long to get the FBI to Benghazi is because of those
Sunday talk shows." Meanwhile, the Washington Free Beacon's Bill Gertz reports, Qumu's Ansar al-Sharia goons "continue to operate freely" in Benghazi and spread jihadist ideology.

Instead of keeping as many terror operatives as possible off the streets and out of commission, the Obama administration is once again vowing to shut down Guantanamo Bay. Attorney General Eric Holder, whose former law firm Covington and Burling represented 18 Gitmo detainees demanding freedom, announced "a renewed effort to close Guantanamo" this week. This despite the chilling disclosure by the office of the director of national intelligence that 27.9 percent of the 599 former detainees released from Guantanamo were either confirmed or suspected of later engaging in jihadist attacks. That's a "2.9 percent rise over a 25 percent aggregate recidivism rate reported by the intelligence czar's office in December 2010," according to Reuters.

Closing Gitmo, you should note, just happens to be the top policy goal of the left-wing Center for Constitutional Rights. CCR is the U.S. group of jihadi-sympathizing lawyers who helped spring none other than Benghazi terror plotter Abu Sufian bin Qumu from Gitmo.

Social justice for Qumu and the Gitmo Goon Squad. No justice for the Benghazi Four. When it comes to Obama's vow to hold the killers accountable, there is no there there.

Scandal-Plagued Obama May Have Jump-Started Tea Party Movement

tea partyBy JAVIER MANJARRES / The Shark Tank

In the wake of numerous scandals involving the Obama administration and its outrageous suppression of political dissent, the fractured Tea Party movement appears to have received the necessary kick in the behind that it badly needed and is in the process of reconstituting itself for more organized political activity.  
Why do we need something in addition to the steering committee?…My concern is that politicians all of a sudden start co-opting the mantle of “Tea Party”. If all of a sudden being in the Tea Party is not something that is happening in Main Street, but rather something that’s happening in Washington D.C., the “Tea Party” all of a sudden becomes some sort of movement run by politicians…it’s gonna lose its effectiveness and I’m concerned about that.  I think that the real power of the Tea Party comes from its ability to drive the debate and the issues from the grassroots up, as opposed to from the politicians down.”- Senator Marco Rubio (Video)
In a show of unity, Tea Party organizations such as Freedomworks, Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots, The, and others, joined Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to denounce the IRS and its targeted audits of Tea Party groups.

Since its success in the 2010 election cycle, the Tea Party movement has been co-opted by organizations and politicians which has splintered the movement and gutted its effectiveness.

In addition, the Democratic Party and its minions have been able to effectively dismiss and demonize the movement as a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists and racists without any effective counter-messaging from either the Republican Party or the Tea Party organizations themselves.

But with the disappointments of 2012 in the rear-view mirror and the upcoming 2014 mid-term elections looming larger by the day, the Tea Party movement could be poised for a comeback, as the focus will be to pick off more seats in the House, and  in the Senate.

In addition to the recent Benghazi, IRS and Associated Press scandals that are dominating the news cycle, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s sponsored bill to repeal Obamacare has passed in U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 229-195.

Bachmann said that Obama care is nothing more than a “monstrosity full of taxes, fees, and thousands new regulations.” Florida Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) summed it all up by calling the law for what it really is– the Obama administration’s “dangerous experiment on our families, our businesses and the overall economy.”

Other members of Florida’s congressional delegation also weighed in on the bill’s passage-
“The only way to make health care more affordable for families here in Florida is to repeal this law and start over with piece-by-piece plans written specifically to bring down costs, like medical liability reform, small business health plans, and purchasing insurance across state lines.” -Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL)
“The full and complete repeal of Obama Care is one of the most critical issues of our time.  The law’s budgetary costs are prohibitive, its bureaucracy is vast and unaccountable, and it harms Medicare recipients, jeopardizes the health plans of millions of Americans, and causes insurance costs to soar.- Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL)
In light of the latest news that the IRS official who targeted the Tea Party is now in charge of running its health care office, no longer can any argument be advanced by Democrats to assert that the IRS has any credibility whatsoever to act without bias as it attempts to enforce an already unworkable and coercive federal law.  

Will these scandals serve as sufficient motivation for Tea Party organizations to coalesce and regain the same momentum that led to decisive across-the-board electoral victories in 2010?  Stay tuned…
Obama is angry...who cares
By: Diane Sori 

Obama is angry...he's angry about the IRS 'incident' (his word of choice)...he's angry about the AP 'incident'...and he's oh so angry about the Benghazi 'incident'.

Yeah he's angry all right...angry that all these 'incidents' have exposed the reality of his miserable administration, and above all else Barack HUSSEIN Obama is angry that now he's been caught in a web of lies of his own doing.

The honeymoon appears over between Obama and the msm, at least for now it does, as the media is starting to pull back from their own creation...their self-created myth of an 'anointed (black) savior' who would save us from ourselves...a creation that is turning into a demon from hell now that the media itself appears to be a target for a take-down as well...something they NEVER expected.

Benghazi, the AP, the IRS...a 'Trifecta of Scandals' as some call these Obama referred to 'incidents'...and it couldn't have happened to a nicer (gag) guy.  And Obama brings this all on himself as his self-proclaimed most transparent administration in history is anything but as he and his minions pile lie upon lie as each 'incident' comes to light.  And with subterfuge added to cover the lies Obama really must think 'We the People' are stupid...that we'll sit back and swallow his nonsense with NO questions asked...NO I don't think so.

And his nonsense continued on Wednesday night where in a hastily arranged 2-minute statement from the East Room, Obama announced that he was firing IRS Commissioner Miller because of the revelation that the IRS targeted conservative groups for added scrutiny when applying for tax-exempt status, yet he failed to tell us that Miller was set to retire in early June, less that three weeks from now.  Oh the games this man plays.
And the games continued as yesterday's White House press conference in the 'rose less' Rose Garden proved, when Obama announced he's taking a series of steps to secure our embassies after what he called the 'Benghazi incident' adding that Congress must "honor the sacrifices" of "those four Americans" by working together to secure needed funding to do so. 

But once again Obama LIED for securing funding was NEVER a problem or an issue for either side of the aisle.  And his words "honor the sacrifice" makes me seethe for Obama still doesn't get or want to get that Benghazi was NO 'incident' but was a calculated deliberate terrorist attack (by his muslim brethren) on our embassy.  And it's way past time for this president to say in NO uncertain terms, in a voice for all to hear, that Benghazi was a terrorist attack and a terrorist attack alone.

And those 'four Americans' have names...names that he refuses to say...Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty...and to say we must "honor the sacrifice" is an insult to their families for these men did NOT make a 'sacrifice'...these men were MURDERED because someone in authority gave an order to 'stand down' (and that order could only have come from the top) callously and with malice denying their pleas for help.

And by the way, next time Obama holds a press conference with a foreign leader who is a practicing muslim, he needs to step away from that county's flag as it's quite insulting to America and Americans to see Turkey's flag with its muslim/islamist logo in every shot.

And while I'm at it how rude was it that Obama called over a Marine in his Dress Blue uniform to stand in the rain and cover him with an umbrella while he spoke...does he melt in the rain or something.  Oh time...better a Marine than a mere staffer who is supposed to assume this role. Such a lack of respect shown to one wearing the uniform of our country...but I digress.

And mind-boggling was the deliberate ambiguity and LIES that spewed from his mouth when asked, "did anyone at the White House know about the IRS targeting conservative groups". Obama responded with, "I certainly didn't know about the IG report before the IG report was leaked through the press"..."I didn't know"...I, I, I...but more critical than his response was the fact that the reporter did NOT ask about the report...she asked about the targeting of conservative groups.

By the way, Obama's response was what is legally known as a 'non-response' because he did NOT answer the reporter's question at all but twisted the question to try and cover his own butt.  But Obama forgets that if anybody in the White House is found to have been involved in this he is in big trouble for his General Council admitted they knew about the IG report for three weeks before it was released, and in NO way did they NOT tell him about it.

And while he did say the actions described in the IG report were unacceptable he did NOT back that up with any discernible actions of merit for he added that he will try to fix it...NO Obama...fix it damn it...fix it now, and start with firings from the top on down...but sadly we all know that won't happen, after all, silencing of conservative voices is something way up on the Obama agenda.

And when Obama responded to a question about the DOJ's securing of AP reporter's phone records by saying, "Leaks from a news organization put Americans, put our military at risk...." he was trying to justify the DOJ's actions and protect his buddy Eric Holder, who has now recused himself from all future questioning involving this 'incident'...suspicious in and of itself.

As for leaks the America we now live in under this miserable president, leaks are all we have to tell us the truth...truth this administration needs to keep hidden at all costs.  And Obama telling us that a special prosecutor from the DOJ will investigate the AP 'incident' makes me gag for having the government investigate itself is paramount to one BIG joke, and that joke is one perpetrated on 'We the People'.

And so Obama's games continue on but if I was him I would start at least preparing for a loss because the 'Trifecta of Scandals' will NOT be swept under the rug like 'Fast & Furious' was...and that he can take to the bank...or if we're lucky to prison.