Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why No Blog Entries
By: Diane Sori

Over the past two weeks or so I have received numerous messages and emails from people wondering why I have not posted any blog entries, if I am in FB jail yet again, or if I have somehow suddenly lost the will to fight for our country anymore...so now I will break one of my cardinal rules about never posting personal information.

Just a few days ago my precious mother lost her 40+ year battle with Parkinson's disease...the same disease that Michael J. Fox is battling and one which he too shall lose for there is no cure.

Diagnosed young like Michael J. Fox, my mother's Parkinson's progressed ever so slowly at first... barely noticeable in fact...and turned into the most vicious of killers in the end...a death I pray you my blog followers never have to see. And sadly, all diagnosed with Parkinson's face the same hell my mother and family just went through.

So now just having laid my mom to rest, know I will be back as soon as I can for it's what my mother wanted...like the rest of us she wanted our country back and she wanted me to continue on in that fight.

Rest in Everlasting Peace 'mommy'...you fought hard in a battle you could not win...but you are finally free as heaven just got another angel.