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Slavery, Reparations, and Votes Garnered
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
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Simply stated, our country is now in the midst of a race war of sorts, a war that, in my opinion, started back in 2009 with Barack HUSSEIN Obama's infamous words, “If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon.” And while many presidents before Obama made mistakes in regards to racial issues, Lyndon B. Johnson, to me, remains one of modern day history's most prominent. How so...because with his September 1965 Executive Order #11246...aka “Affirmative Action” color based appeasement became law and unfortunately it's still law today. But Johnson did not live long enough to see the true unforeseen ramifications of his actions taken nor did he see that over time the remaining embers of old-style racial hatred had started to dim...that is until Obama took office and uttered those nine little words.

And it was those very words that helped to fuel on the call for so-called “reparations”... “reparations” in believed to be blood money owed...owed to black folks who were never slaves, owed to them by white folks who never owned slaves...or so “they” instigators and liberals who support them..say.

Reparations” now being demanded for acts of slavery that have long since passed...passed and made amends for numerous times over via the government mandated free ride that “Affirmative Action” has afforded many based solely upon the color of their skin. And sadly, for some, their skin color remains their sole defining feature as they willingly choose to forget or simply ignore Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s very wise words that someday black folks “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of one's character.” And “character” is the very thing that programs like “Affirmative Action” actually take away what with “character” itself being a foundational hallmark of American values, especially when coupled with “taking responsibility for one's own actions.”

And what are “Affirmative Action” and similar type programs but reverse discrimination in their own right. How so...simply with their deeming that one's skin color alone must be the key and many times sole reason for government help being given. And by said programs doing so they help refuel racial bias many times over with preferential treatment given to those who skin color is black whether that person is qualified for a specific job let alone a college admission. In fact, and most importantly, programs like “Affirmative Action” actually in a round about way punish those black Americans who do not want preferential treatment, but want to be judged solely on their “character,” their merits, and the hard work they've done to achieve success found.

Unfortunately, the call for “reparations” is growing in our country, especially in blue states, with monetary payment demanded to be given to not just those who can prove their ancestors were slaves; but deemed by some to be given to all black people whether slavery is in their family history or not, and that it's not just to be given to them by white people, but also by any American company that in the past profited from slavery and/or the slave trade itself. Simply, what these folks want is a “free ride” for life solely because their skin happens to be black.

And for many with their hands out “reparations” is not about slavery's past but about “Affirmative Action” not being enough for those black folks who have squandered away the very opportunities that program, and others like it, have afforded them. Hanging the shame of slavery over folks not even alive during slavery's days reeks solely of a “gimmee, gimmee” attitude where the long sought striving for “equality” that most black people have fought for and achieved has now been replaced by a segment within the black community who no longer call for “equality” but for “equity” in pay us until we have what you have without us having to work for it. In other words, putting a dollar amount on the injustices of slavery's past, thus making those black folks doing so no better then the tribal chiefs who sold their ancestors into slavery for money, trinkets, and assorted goods.

But, what this most boisterous segment of today's black population forgets is the very concept of who, why, when, and how slavery actually began in our country.

Here let me begin by saying that contrary to words being spewed by black “reparations” activists and their cohorts on the political left, America was not a slave nation since colonists first set foot on our soil. In fact, before 1776 and our declaring independence from England, there was no America to speak of as we were but a collection of British colonies, thus any slaves then owned, bought, or sold were technically the property of England and the British king. And this means that with the birth of the United States of America on July 4, 1776 and President Lincoln's freeing of the slaves on September 22, 1862 via the “Emancipation Proclamation,” slavery existed in what became America for 86 years...basically by today's standards being but one possible lifetime.

Also lost to those screaming “reparations” is the truth of how slavery actually began in the 13 British colonies. The institution of slavery itself reached our shores when on August 20, 1619, twenty+ black Angolans who were kidnapped by the Portuguese...well known slave traders at that time...arrived in the British colony of Virginia where they were bought by English not American colonists. And once America was born, Congress voted to abolish the slave trade in 1807 and made it a crime punishable by death in 1820, with the last American slave ship...a retrofitted racing yacht named “Wanderer”...having sailed in 1858.

So while we all can agree that slavery was, is, and will always remain a truly repulsive act on any level, know that slavery has always been part of the human condition whether slaves were gotten through war's bounty or by acts paramount to human kidnapping...and yet the moniker of being slaves is not the sole property of black people for all people', white, yellow and red... have been slaves at one time or another in their history. But what's really sad here is not only the fact that slavery still exists today, but that some of the most currently prolific of said slave traders are those from Africa, where black men, women, and children are captured, bought, and sold into slavery every day with not a word said nor actions taken by so-called “black activist” individuals or groups here in the U.S...the very folks demanding reparations the most.

And the number of black people currently enslaved is staggering. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum there are 7.6 victims of modern day slavery for every 1,000 people residing in the African region alone. And the International Labour Organization estimates that, by their definitions (which includes sex slaves) over 49 million people (predominately black) are victims of slavery today. And to break those figures down into more understandable numbers we find that in Mauritania...a sovereign islamic ruled country in Africa's Northwest...a country that has legally banned slavery five times since 1961...there are tens of thousands of blacks being held in bondage. And add to those numbers that the Global Slavery Index (GSI) estimates that over 106,000 black Africans are currently being held as slaves in Algeria. And this is in but two of Africa's 54 countries, as per the U.N.

Not a word said nor an action taken by “black activist” individuals or groups here in the U.S...I cannot repeat that enough times...for while a certain segment of black folks continues to demand “reparations” for actions not seen in our country in almost a century and a half, their black brethren in Africa are still being held in chains.

Sad indeed, as is the fact that Joe Biden is pandering for 2024 black votes by reaffirming his administration’s commitment to “advancing racial equity” for what he calls “underserved communities” with “reparations” being at the forefront of “racial equity.” And when a statement such as this is made it didn't take Gavin Newsom, the uber liberal governor of the uber liberal blue state of California, long to jump onboard the Biden “equity/reparations” bandwagon and doing so with a particular reason in mind.

And know that the equity/reparations”“ nonsense really took hold in California back in 2020 when California Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, chair of California's Legislative Black Caucus, established a nine-person task force to study “the impact of slavery on black people in California,” and recommend to the legislature not just what kind of compensation should be provided...without a specific dollar amount being given...but who should receive said compensation, along with what form it should take. Gov. Newsom officially signed onto the task force but a few days after it was proposed.

Now fast forward to early March 2023, and these words said by Tinisch Hollins, the current vice chair of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission...“This really is about payment and redress for unpaid labor, for restrictive covenants and for legislation that was particularly [targeted against the] Black community and created a system of harm for the Black community.” And to that I say no way” my opinion...“reparations” in California has always been about Gavin Newsom's 2024 run for president and his willingness to pay any amount to garner the black vote. Simply, timing is everything, and again in my opinion, Newsom is buying black votes hidden in the guise of “reparations”...a bitter pill easier for Californians to swallow than is the truth that with California not having been a slave state it should never be obligated to make amends for slavery they took no part in.

And with a now five million dollar sum being battered about as being each black person's payout, the man who sees himself as the best candidate to replace Joe Biden in 2024 does not care if he bankrupts his state by giving monies to those who will not just have succeeded in putting “whitey” in their so-called place, but getting ever so rich in the process. And all Newsom asks for in return is for their black vote...the true chains of slavery and all its ensuing still masked race war ramifications be damned. Case closed.

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