Saturday, August 27, 2016

The American people have a right to know where presidential candidates stand on important issues and how they respond to various controversies. While her GOP opponent, Donald Trump, has held numerous and extensive news conferences in recent months, Hillary Clinton has employed a hide and go seek strategy with the press. Sadly, she has refused to engage the national news media in an open and honest manner and, in the process; shown tremendous disrespect for the American people.

The press should be outraged over such poor treatment, but they follow a different set of rules for Hillary Clinton. She is an exception as the first woman to be a major political party’s presidential nominee. She also merits special treatment because she is a liberal and a politician with the last name of Clinton, a hallowed name among so-called American journalists.

The old image of tough investigative reporters is a vestige of the past. The vast majority of today’s journalists are merely liberal cheerleaders trying to cause problems for conservative candidates and help the Democrat Party in every possible way. Over the years, numerous surveys of journalists have confirmed the unmistakable liberal bias; however, this year it is more blatant. In fact, Jorge Ramos of Univision, whose daughter worked in the Obama administration, claims that “neutrality is not an option” since Donald Trump is so “polarizing and disrupting.”
    Florida’s Not Blue Yet
    The 2016 Presidential race is about to turn into the final stretch run, and the Sunshine State is again going to be a major player in the final outcome. As a born and raised Floridian here in Tampa, I will explore some important nuisances I believe will determine the Florida vote.  
    First, there is little motivation to put too much stock in any polling from here before the Labor Day break. Until we start receiving post-Labor Day numbers based on likely voters and not just registered voters, the picture is too broad to base any concrete conclusions.

    Since the Democratic Convention bounce of Hillary Clinton, she has received the most accolades for leading the Florida polls.  That has prompted some in the mainstream media to spin that Florida is headed to Blue territory.

    Not so, not yet. 

    The latest reliable poll, albeit in a broader sense, indicates that Team Trump is tightening the race in Florida. The Florida Atlantic University poll conducted Aug. 19-22 has Trump at 43, Clinton at 41, Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson at 8, undecideds at 5. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a consensus of polls pointing to a Florida dead heat shortly after Labor Day.
No free country will survive this
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Translated from French:
MAUJO*, a reader of, lives in one of the islamic suburb of Paris. He told us that he witness the ethnic French population replacement with immigrants with Muslim roots.
“I live in a northern suburb and every month I read the “birth-page” in the local newspaper.
90% of the names are of foreign origin.
This is confirmed when I go to work in the morning.
I see migrants children with their veiled mothers on the way to school.
The “big substitution” is in action for sure, no one and nothing will stop it.
We will have to move to Corsica or to Eastern European countries who resist the diktat from Brussels.
*) his name was changed because if he would testify under his real name, he...

Video: Robert Spencer on the West’s Absurd Polices Toward Islam
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Video: Robert Spencer on the West’s Absurd Polices Toward Islam
On August 21, 2016, I addressed the American Freedom Alliance conference in Los Angeles on “Can Islam Coexist with the West?” Pamela Geller, President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, introduced me. She also spoke immediately before me; here is the full video of her remarks, followed by her introduction of me and my own […]

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Vouchers Are Not The Answer
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

Earlier this morning I saw a black educator on FOX complaining that we need more vouchers so inner city "minority" kids (Black kids) can go to what he called "better" schools...translation: schools in white neighborhoods. However, there is a big flaw in his thinking...more times than not...these kids will bring the schools they are transferred to down instead of bringing themselves up because the same problems they had in their previous schools follows them to their new schools.

Before some call me racist (which I most assuredly am not) let me explain and as the daughter of an inner city school of the few 'successful' inner city schools...I can speak from facts not from what the media wants you to believe...and the fact is vouchers (often involving busing) is not the answer.

Fact one: it's not the schools or the teachers that are's the lack of parental involvement in their children's education (and sometimes their lives) and nothing else that is the cause of inner city schools routinely receiving failing grades.

Fact two: A-schools are A-schools no matter their location because of parent involvement...parents who volunteer, parents who make sure their kids homework is done, parents who attend PTA and school board meetings, parents who take part in classroom special activities...parents who stay on top of curriculum...simply parent involvement in every aspect of their children's education.

Fact three: for most inner city parents...and usually these kids come from single-parent households or households with 'multiple daddies' of multiple is thought of as a free baby sitting service first and a place to learn second if even that.

Fact four: inner city parents must stop whining and start setting a good example for their kids. together if need be. Set and adhere to a good school day schedule as in bedtime at a reasonable time, limit TV and computer gaming time, and surely limit or eliminate 'hanging' time...idle time when kids get in trouble...when kids do drugs.

Fact 5: know that change doesn't happen overnight but it does happen with consistency, involvement, and in kids are not a free ride to more welfare are the future...please don't tie them to events of the long gone past. Kids are a blank slate...they learn what they are taught and that teaching starts in the home.