Monday, November 9, 2020

Investigative Report
The Game Isn't Over Yet
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

We will pursue this process through every aspect of the law to guarantee that the American people have confidence in our government. I will never give up fighting for you and our nation.”                                       - President Donald J. Trump, November 6, 2020

In 2016, Hillary couldn't do it. The Mueller Report also failed as did Nancy Pelosi's constant calls for impeachment, but now via voter fraud the Democrats least for the time securing Barack HUSSEIN Obama's defacto third term in office. And really folks that was what the 2020 election was all about.

So while CNN and FOX News were quick to jump on Saturday's 'Biden is elected' bandwagon they ignored the fact that the news media does not pick our president as they have no constitutional authority to do so especially in a disputed election rife with voter fraud. And while we know that the Democrats have been setting up a Trump downfall for four years now via stock piling phony ballots and inserting compromised software into vote tabulating machines, we also know that in the weeks leading up to the election the Democrat party filed hundreds of lawsuits to eliminate the ballot due date restriction of Election Day. And in that particular quest the Democrats unfortunately had help courtesy of a nasty little virus from China now being politically weaponizing to use against President Trump.

And yet still-President Donald Trump is standing strong for he knows Joe Biden and crew...with Obama as their puppet master...will be manipulated into turning our constitutional republic into a socialist nightmare. Rightfully not conceding the election as nothing has been officially certified, Trump issued this statement after turncoat FOX called Biden the winner, and it begins with his saying that, We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed...” And how right he is for the truth involves dirty little secrets that must be hidden at all costs...dirty little secrets the media doesn't want you to know about as the legal battles start moving forward.

And here, as I write this, are but a few of the many dirty little secrets that the Democrats used to secure the presidency for Joe Biden.

Dirty little secrets like a software “glitch” in Antrim, Michigan was found to have switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden as announced by state GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox, who stated that said “tabulating software glitch" caused a miscalculation of the vote. In fact, 47 counties in Michigan use this software thus raising serious tabulation issues. But even more grievous is that the same compromised software called “Dominion” was used in every swing/battleground state...PA, GA, NV, MI, WI, AZ and MN...with the project to deploy this software being called “Project Hammer” and “Operation Scorecard.” And now it seems that “Dominion” was also being used in parts of 28 other states as well, and if reports are correct, it was used by Joe Biden's campaign itself...interesting and disturbing to say the very least for that supposed "software glitch" could easily have been used to change the vote tallies.


And a few little side snippets from Michigan include that some 35,000 Biden ballots were “found” in the dead of night in Detroit with not a Trump ballot amongst them, and that the Republican-led Michigan legislature will hold hearings to consider voter fraud claims after it was found that, also in Detroit, there were 4,788 duplicate voter registrations; that 32,519 more folks were registered to vote than there were folks eligible to voter; and that 2,503 dead people had cast their ballots including a man born in 1823. In fact, voter fraud claims have been heating up Michigan's voter fraud hotline ever since I began writing this article along with the fact that two observers including Bob appointed and trained Republican poll challenger...who were at the TCF Center in Detroit during the absentee ballot counting process...have now produced affidavits claiming that they witnessed election workers creating new voter files with information obtained from ballots, and that computer operators at several counting boards were then manually adding these unknown and unverified names and addresses onto thousands of ballots and putting said ballots into the QVF system. 

And here is some dirty little secrets from yet another battleground state, this time it's Wisconsin. Wisconsin called the state for Joe Biden no matter that Biden only garnered roughly 20,000 more votes than did President Trump, which does equate to a margin of less than one percent which technically should have led to what is an automatic recount. And such a recount was surely needed especially when it seems that both county and municipal clerks, as well as some poll workers across the state, unlawfully altered witness statements on thousands of absentee ballots. As per Wisconsin Statute 6.86, an absentee ballot must be signed by a witness who is also required to list his or her address, and if a witness address is not listed, then the ballot is considered invalid and must be returned to the voter to have the actual witness add in said information. However, on October 19th, the Wisconsin Elections Committee (EEC) sent instructions to clerks that they can simply fill in the witness address themselves so that the ballot would not be invalidated which of course they did, thus legally invalidating thousands of absentee votes...and who knows how many Republican ballots were part of said votes.

As per retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who worked as a Milwaukee poll watcher on Election Day, “The statute is very, very clear. If an absentee ballot does not have a witness address on it, it's not valid. That ballot is not valid.” And Gableman added that, "In defiance of and direct contradiction to the statute, the Wisconsin Elections Commission gave guidance--that is, cover--to all 72 county clerks and turned the statute on his head,” because they anticipated a legal challenge, thus instructing clerks to write in these witness addresses in red pen so that they “would be easy to find during a recount or audit of the vote." 

In fact, the Republican Party of Wisconsin believes that thousands of voter addresses may have actually been changed, thus invalidating those ballots. And know that absentee ballots are somewhat different than regular in-state mail in ballots as they include ballots received from those currently out of the country or state and can and do include military ballots as well. And this obvious infraction can indeed substantially change vote tallies which has led President Trump to rightfully now call for a recount of all Wisconsin's votes.

And here's an additional four secret Wisconsin snippets regarding voter fraud with the first being that at one point during the actual counting of votes Wisconsin had more votes cast then they had registered voters. Now add in that between 3:30am and 4:30am last Wednesday morning Wisconsin suddenly “found” 112,000 ballots marked Biden but nary a single one “found” was marked Trump. Then we see seven Wisconsin wards posting 100% voter turnout; two wards posting a 200% turnout...which is impossible without voter fraud; while 15 Wisconsin wards went for Biden by 95% of their vote...something that's statistically next to impossible. And lastly, a partisan split along Wisconsin's Election's Commission saw the Wisconsin Supreme Court blocking the Green Party presidential ticket from being included on the ballot by arguing that they filed too late, thus their inclusion would have caused over one million ballots from being sent out by the statutory September 17th mailing date. But the truth is that the Green Party ticket would have taken votes away from Joe Biden and given them to President Trump.


And here's a little voter fraud snippet out of Pennsylvania regarding their Supreme Court also denying the Green Party ticket from appearing on their ballots, a move which in turn dealt a blow to President Trump's reelection bid by saving Joe Biden from having to face some “left wing competition” at the polls. And their excuse with Wisconsin, Pennsylvania also suddenly deciding late in October to extend its mail-in voting by three days which saw the Green Party candidates then logistically unable to appear in person to refile, instead sending authorized surrogates in their place, an apparent but not known to them no-no.

And speaking of Pennsylvania, their multitude of dirty little secrets runs extremely deep for on election night President Trump had a commanding lead in the Keystone state of over 400,000+ votes until “miraculously” hundreds of boxes of ballots were dropped off in the middle of Thursday night by Biden stickered U.S. Postal Service trucks with nary a vote for President Trump amongst them.

And while Trump's campaign filed an emergency appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court over those late-arriving ballots, and with the SCOTUS ordering Pennsylvania election officials to both separate ballots arriving after 8pm on Election Day and to count those late ballots separately, it still saw Trump's overwhelming lead being cut until his once 400,000+ lead now saw Biden ahead. But what do you except when those and previously counted ballots were fraudulent in and of themselves.

How so? First, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowed those above stated late arriving ballots to be counted as long as they were postmarked by November 3rd, even in cases where the postmark wasn't legible. And the PSC also ruled that mail-in ballots cannot be thrown out or invalidated even when the signature on the ballot clearly doesn't match the signature on the voter's application. If that's not fraud than I don't know what is. But thankfully Sen. Lindsay Graham is now demanding that the Justice Department and the U.S. Postal Service investigate the ongoing Pennsylvania shenanigans including “whistle blower” Hopkins' claim that there was a scheme to add illegal postmarks to those late mail-in ballots. And with Sen. Graham saying that “the expanded use of mail-in voting is making the post office the administrator of elections, not the local election officials” and that “Officials in Pennsylvania should take allegations by Mr. Hopkins and others seriously before certifying a final outcome,” just might be reason enough to see his claims echoing up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

And second, it seems dead people do indeed vote in Pennsylvania with voting credits granted to registrants after federally listed dates of death, with new voter registrations being established after said deaths. And this has led “The Public Interest Legal Foundation's” President and General Counsel J. Christian Adam to file suit stating that,“This case is about ensuring that those deceased registrants are not receiving ballots,” and that, “This case isn’t complicated. For nearly a year, we’ve been offering specific data on deceased registrants to Pennsylvania officials for proper handling ahead of what was expected to be a tight outcome on Election Day. When you push mail voting, your voter list maintenance mistakes made years ago will come back to haunt in the form of unnecessary recipients and nagging questions about unreturned or outstanding ballots.

And why is this critical in so close of an election...because as of October 2020 there were 21,000 deceased Pennsylvanians still voting including 92% who died before October 2019. And this is no matter that under Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which requires officials to make “reasonable efforts” to maintain voter lists...which Pennsylvania obviously did affords a private citizen the right to file a lawsuit if standards are not met...which Trump's legal team is rightfully now doing.

And then there's Arizona's dirty little secret. It seems that Maricopa County officials “incorrectly”...but I say “deliberately”...rejected votes cast by in-person voters on Election Day, rightfully leading the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee to file a lawsuit in the Superior Court for the State of Arizona and for the County of Maricopa, which alleges that numerous voters were being alerted by devices in an electronic tabulation machine to a “facial irregularity” in their cast ballot. Described as an “overvote,” these voters were “induced by poll workers to override the tabulator’s rejection of the ballot in the good faith belief that their vote would be duly registered and tabulated”...which they were not. In fact, overriding the electronic tabulator’s alert automatically disqualifies the “overvotes” without additional review or adjudication, which led to Matt Morgan, Trump 2020 campaign general counsel, to state that, “The result is that the voting machines disregarded votes cast by voters in person on Election Day in Maricopa County.”

So what exactly does this particular lawsuit ask for...simply for the manual inspection of purportedly "overvoted" ballots that were cast in-person, the same way that elections officials examined "overvoted" ballots that were mailed in or dropped off. And this the Democrats are fighting and we obviously know why.

Now as for Georgia's dirty little secrets we saw a state that should have been called for President Trump on Election Night still seeing election workers rescanning a number of ballots in Fulton County as late as last Friday night after it was found that some votes were not being scanned or uploaded to election tallies. And this included provisional, military, and overseas ballots which once rescanned all “miraculously” showed Biden's lead increasing over President convenient is that. And how amazing is it that in the very state where Obama garnered 1,844,123 votes in 2008 and 1,773,827 votes in 2012; and where Hillary got 1,877,963 in 2016, that somehow Joe Biden got 2,449,580 votes and counting in 2020...that just doesn't add up for how can Joe Biden possibly be more popular than either Obama or Hillary...he simply can't be.

And lastly, Nevada's dirty little secrets. It seems a “whistleblower” in Clark County has come forward and has swore an affidavit sent to the DOJ...stating that he witnessed illegitimate processing of ballots as an election worker. Saying that he was instructed by his supervisor, whom he names in his affidavit, to count and “put through” ballots needing signature verification even though they lacked said signatures to be eligible as well as to ignore discrepancies with addresses, has led a Trump campaign attorney to state that, quote, “The affidavit makes clear that we’re not dealing with oversights or sloppiness. This was intentional criminal conduct.” In fact, these words from Trump Campaign Co-Chair Adam Laxalt make matters even worse, “...the fact remains that hundreds of thousands of ballots have been counted in Clark County and as a Judge and the Secretary of State have confirmed we have not been allowed to observe or challenge a single signature match for these votes...”

And to those above stated words might I add that not only was "criminal conduct" intended but that "criminal conduct" can be witnessed by the fact that everywhere votes have been tampered with, recounted, rescanned or whatever, the lead in that state always turns in Joe Biden's favor never in President Trump's...a "red flag" warning of voter fraud if ever there was one. And as for Nevada itself, according to the Nevada GOP a submission of a “criminal referral” has been sent to Attorney General William Barr regarding 3,602 instances of voter fraud in the Silver State.

Now add in these random snippets with the first being that Virginia saw 100,000 of its votes being switched from Trump to Biden with the claim that it was due to a “clerical error” and second, while Republicans held the Senate and picked up seats in the House nowhere in all those found ballots” did neither the Senate nor the House shift. And while this would indicate that Biden garnered Democrat votes, there appears to be no "down-ballot" Democrat voting which is not only very odd for a party that usually sees straight party line ballots, but makes one wonder just how and why such a lop-sided ballot was actually cast. 

So even as uncounted votes are now being found in Georgia, Nevada, and other key states, and even as socialist mouthpiece Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues with her threats to create an “accountability list” of Trump staffers and supporters, Donald Trump Jr. has promised that legal surprises for the Democrats are coming, possibly even starting today, as he stated that things have been in place just in case such a voter fraud scenario were to take place. And while Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden that no matter what happens that he should, “not concede under any circumstances,” I say never underestimate President Trump for if anyone can turn the tables on the Democrats it's Donald J. Trump, after all America's future depends on it for if election fraud wins out now, no future elections will matter. 

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