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Top 5 vice presidential debate moments between Pence, Harris

Coronavirus, packing the Supreme Court and more were on the table in the debate between the vice presidential candidates

Tyler Olson | Fox News


In a debate that was both contentious but also cooled down by several degrees compared to last week's presidential debate, Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris squared off Wednesday night on topics ranging from the pandemic to health care to the USMCA.

Pence and Harris, D-Calif., one of whom no matter what will be the vice president to the oldest president of the United States ever elected by January, met in what will be their only face-to-face public appearance of the election. Along with their convention speeches, the Wednesday debate will likely be their highest-profile moments of the general election.

Here are the top five moments of the vice-presidential debate.

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Designation Needed
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

With the presidential election being less then a month away we still see the violence and mayhem continuing on unabated in Democrat controlled cities even while the media seems to be downplaying it. And now with those on the left mimicking the excuse used by BLM that said violence and mayhem is but “ opportunistic vandalism” and that most BLM protests are peaceful in nature, even more lies are being added to the lies already spewed that Black Live Matter is not an anarchist group and therefore should not and must not be labeled as such. And it's my opinion that BLM is indeed not only a Marxist based, agendized, anarchist group, but a group whose hierarchy plans and coordinates said riots and mayhem while sitting back, as most cowards do, paying others do their dirty work. Simply, BLM along with Antifa, should rightfully be designated as domestic terrorist groups.

So why aren't they both designated as usual because of partisan based rhetoric coupled with their shared overtly leftist Democrat-Socialist party enablers. Remember back to July 18, 2019 when Senate Resolution 279 was first proposed, a resolution that called not only for groups and organizations acting under the banner of Antifa to be designated as domestic terrorist organizations, but also called for the “Federal Government to redouble its efforts, using all available and appropriate tools, to combat the spread of all forms of domestic terrorism, including White supremacist terrorism”...well that resolution basically went nowhere because of word semantics regarding Section 802 of the Patriot Act.

And while the Patriot Act does address foreign based terrorism (think jihad here)...domestic in home grown terrorism...would basically be, if the act were to be amended, an expansion of foreign terrorism that would now include domestic terrorism as meaning (like with foreign terrorism) any person or group who has engaged in an act “dangerous to human life” that is in violation of the criminal laws of a given state or of the United States itself. Now couple that with domestic terrorism then designated to mean (again like with foreign terrorism) “an act intended to intimidate or coerce the U.S. civilian population; influence the policy of our government by intimidation or coercion; and/or affects the conduct of our government via mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping,” and one would clearly see how the ongoing actions of both Antifa and Black Lives Matter truly do fit the definition of a terrorist organizations as both groups share similar ideologies and objectives.

But what's not so easy to understand is the Democrats reasoning behind not giving both groups the much needed domestic terrorist label. Saying that Antifa...founded in Germany and the U.K. during the anti-fascist movements of the 1920s and 1930s, Antifa as we know it today came to the U.S. in the 1970s and 1980s as an anti-fascist action and left-wing political movement. And while Antifa is not a “formal organization” per se, as it does not have a formal leader, specific membership roles, or a defined centralized structure, it is an array of autonomous and diffuse localized groups that are indeed organized, and who have fairly large followings on social media, an example of which is the Rose City Antifa in Portland, Oregon who has played a key role in that city's ongoing violence. 

Also, Antifa’s goal according to those members, if you will, who have spoken to the media is to both deny who they consider to be fascists or far-right activists a platform from which to speak as well as to “dehood Klansmen” even if it takes violence to do so...with legalized policy reform be damned. 


And the group...or the sometimes called movement...we commonly refer to as Black Lives Matter is actually an “umbrella coalition” comprised of 150 different organizations, including the Black Lives Matter Network. And it's this network which demands "reparations for the wealth extracted from our communities through environmental racism, slavery, food apartheid, and housing discrimination," and who pushes forward the aforementioned “opportunistic vandalism” nonsense as being not only a justifiable excuse to burn, loot, and terrorize, but that it's an owed to them form of reparations for the injustice of injustice that they themselves were never party to. 

But the truth is that the actions of Black Lives Matter have shown their message to be based more upon continuing the generational “gimme-gimme, you owe me” mentality used to keep their own people in line. And why so? Simply, because that allows BLM to continue with their instilling of a misplaced sense of entitlement within poor inner city black communities by their feeding upon an unnatural fear of a self-perceived white enemy, while at the same time allowing their leaders to grow richer and politically more powerful as their group's numbers increase.

So while Black Lives Matter does say in its online mission statement that “we stand against state-sanctioned violence and anti-Black racism," those words are but divert-and-deflect propaganda material for while BLM says one thing they have proven almost daily to do just the opposite, as in actually advocating for violence specifically against white males and the police. To BLM and their ilk, state sponsored violence targets black people alone no matter that the very concept they use to feed their hate does not really exist. And the fact is that a big part of the violence being witnessed today is actually courtesy of BLM encouraging their own people to both continue to set American cities on fire and to continue the rioting until their self-serving objectives are met.

And the other obvious sponsor of violence is the Antifa sorts what with their supporters sharing both common protest tactics and specific key targets with Black Lives Matter as well as their believing that violence, mayhem, and terror tactics...including military-style tactics...are the much needed tools by which to combat what they consider to be the in far-right extremists and white nationalist groups they erroneously say have grown stronger, more vocal, and more defiant under the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Guess they willingly ignore the fact that almost all the racial unrest going on today began courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama's “If I had a son...” rhetoric.

In other words, those supporting and taking part in either BLMs and Antifa's thought processes and what amounts to terror driven theatrics are of the same mindset for both see the government and white people as a common enemy that must be eliminated through any means possible including violence if need be. And both Antifa and BLM are indeed the perpetrators of the still ongoing riots and mayhem...actions now peppered with murder if need be...vile actions that the Democrat party along with its hierarchy still vehemently refuse to condemn, and we all know that if one does not condemn one surely does condone.

So as we continue to bear witness to over one hundred days and nights of violence, we don't need the media, the Democrats, BLM or Antifa telling us that what we see going on with our own eyes in major Democrat controlled cities is simply nothing but “opportunistic vandalism.” And we surely don't need Trump-hating Democrats with an agenda telling us that there is no legal authority that would ever allow either group to be designated as domestic terrorists. Saying that to do so would automatically lead to First Amendment challenges, the fact is that even if by some chance the First Amendment did offer either group a modicum of protection as per their right to “free speech” and to “address grievances,” both groups have outwardly and continuously violated the right of “peaceably assembling.”

And with both groups having committing tangible crimes...crimes actually caught on tape and born witnessed to...crimes we still see happening every night on the news... leaves both BLM and Antifa open to abject criminal charges if nothing else...criminal charges that neither group has yet to be prosecuted for. But hopefully that too will soon change for while the RICO law was designed specifically to prosecute organized crime, the courts have allowed RICO to be applied somewhat more broadly, thus allowing BLM and Antifa to fall under the description of being RICO charged.

But the overall fact remains that both entities, whether they be an organized group or not, do need to be classified as domestic terrorists, after all their actions demand it. And while neither Black Lives Matter nor Antifa fits the current federal definition of a terrorist organization nor has either been designated as such on the State Department list of foreign terrorist organizations, there still remains an important legal question that must be answered in order to do so...with the question being do either of the group's acts of violence rise to crimes of terrorism as defined in the Patriot Act? I believe they do no matter that the definition includes the need for specific criteria to have been carried out as in if said group(s) have engaged in planning and preparations for possible future acts of terrorism and/or if they retain the capability and intent to carry out such acts in the future.

And while we all do know the answer is most assuredly yes on both accounts, there currently exists no legal process for designating any domestic, home grown group as a terrorist organization...the must needed first step. Therefore, applying the so much needed moniker domestic terrorist, as it exists now, to either Antifa or BLM becomes but a non-legally binding catch phrase at best when what is truly needed is an actual legally applied designation. And besides, attorneys on the left would raise a constitutional ruckus that BLMs and Antifa's actions are both protected speech and assembly no matter that they sometimes, actually that they most times, seem to turn violent, thus opening up the possibly for both short-and long-term political implications that we have no specific frame of reference by which to gauge right from wrong constitutionally wise. This alone would justify political adversaries concerns that such a designation has a great potential for abuse.

So while I personally believe that President Trump should indeed declare both groups as domestic terrorist organizations...for truthfully that is what they are designation or no designation...he needs to do so with the letter of the law solidly and irrefutably behind him. After all, we are a nation of laws and it's that very concept of law that has made and kept America both exceptional and strong.

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