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Today, Tuesday, August 21st from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss 'Fake News Takes Aim at Right Side Patriots'; and important news of the day.

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Fake News Takes Aim at Right Side Patriots
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last week liberals, the fake news mainstream media, and a proscribed terrorist organization decided to use RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS, myself and Diane Sori and our respective blogs, The National Patriot and The Patriot Factor as weapons with which to attempt to assassinate the character of a very, very good man…Congressman Brian Mast of Florida.

On Tuesday night, Congressman Mast was our special guest on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS, where we spoke to the Congressman about his bid for a second term in the House, his campaign, how he connects with his constituents, working his way through the swamp, and a number of other things.

We did not talk to Congressman Mast about Islam…and even the fake news mainstream media, The Hill, and even CAIR acknowledged that as a fact, but it didn’t stop them from doing what they do best…


From a CNN article by Andrew Kaczynski, on Thursday August 16th....”A Florida congressman has made three appearances on a radio show hosted by two people who regularly espouse fringe anti-Muslim comments.”

“Republican Rep. Brian Mast appeared on the Right Side Patriots radio program on Tuesday, an online show hosted by conservative commentators Diane Sori and Craig Andresen who proudly describe themselves as anti-Muslim.”

The link CNN provided is to a meme posted on The Patriot Factor in 2013…it is not a meme made by either Diane Sori or myself, in fact, I suspect the origin of the meme is from Britain as the word “color” is spelled...”colour.”

CNN also claims that we “regularly espouse fringe anti-Muslim comments.” We do, in fact, make anti-Muslim comments when they are germane to a segment of the show, or an article in one of our blogs, but “regularly” is quite a stretch as the vast majority of our writings, and for that matter of our shows, have nothing whatsoever to do with Muslims or Islam.

CNN, fake news mainstream media hacks that they are, simply made that up which is par for their course.

From an article on The Hill written by John Bowden, also on Thursday August 16th...”A Florida Republican congressman appeared this week on a right-wing radio show with hosts who bill themselves as "anti-Islam."”

For the record, neither Diane Sori nor myself has ever billed ourselves, either individually nor as RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS as “anti-Islam,” and since they put that in quotes, perhaps they would like to provide some reference to that made up fake news “billing” other than using the exact same British meme that they also linked from The Patriot Factor back in 2013.

Interesting though, isn’t it, that two separate articles appearing in two separate sources, written by two separate authors come across with such similar verbiage and using the exact same link.

Coincidence? I rather doubt it as when one reads through the rest of the separate articles, in separate sources written by separate authors the similarities are, to say the least, stunningly transparent. The hit pieces against Congressman Mast seem obviously derived from some sort of talking points and I suspect they either came from one of Congressman Mast’s opponents, or from that aforementioned proscribed terrorist organization which goes by the handle of CAIR.

While CAIR may well take umbrage at being called a “proscribed terrorist organization” their beef isn’t with me or Diane, and if they have an issue with the label they need to talk to the United Arab Emirates about it as they are the ones who called CAIR that and for good reason. CAIR is linked to Hamas…a known international terrorist organization, and as of 2006, according to Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha, writing for Middle East Quarterly, “Perhaps the most obvious problem with CAIR is the fact that at least five of its employees and board members have been arrested, convicted, deported, or otherwise linked to terrorism-related charges and activities.”

The publication went on to state that, “Five of the men indicted, including CAIR's Royer, (Randall ("Ismail") Royer, an American convert to Islam) were found to have had in their possession," according to the indictment, "AK-47-style rifles, telescopic lenses, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and tracer rounds, documents on undertaking jihad and martyrdom, [and] a copy of the terrorist handbook containing instructions on how to manufacture and use explosives and chemicals as weapons."

You can read all about it by clicking this link.

In fact, here's yet another link related to CAIR actually admitting their ties to terrorist groups.

The point is, CAIR, a proscribed terrorist organization, CNN, a fake news mainstream media hack organization, and some writer at The Hill are all hot and bothered because congressman Mast appeared as a guest on our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS show last week, where only 25 percent of the show dealt with anything regarding Muslims...and only that there seems to be a concerted group of Muslims running for public office in our country in November’s midterm elections.

Why is this a big deal? I’ll let Diane Sori get into that a bit more deeply, but in a nutshell the political ideology of Islam simply doesn’t mesh with the political ideology of a nation whose foundation is liberty and freedom.

It has been said that terrorism has no religion, and that is most likely true. What terrorism does have is a political ideology. Therefore, terrorism in the name of Islam is terrorism in the name of the political ideology of Islam.

How can I say this? Because both Diane and I believe what we see in the actions of Islam around the world, and actions speak louder than the words of those who try to cover for those actions or the abject lack of words from those who, as part of Islam, remain silent or offer a combination of excuses or apologies for the acts of Islam.

So…why would CNN, CAIR, The Hill and/or Congressman Mast’s opponents fabricate lies regarding myself and Diane Sori, our blogs, and our radio program to use as a weapon against the Congressman?

Because liberals are growing more desperate by the day, they’re watching their dream of a blue wave in November vanish before their eyes, and because they can’t win an election based on the merits of their platform, they manufacture dirt on their opponents. Congressman Mast is one of their opponents, and he’s so clean he squeaks. He’s a decorated military Veteran. He’s a wounded warrior. He didn’t let his loss of limbs slow him down. He’s dedicated his life to serving his country. He’s a rock solid Conservative. He’s a Constitutionalist. He’s approachable. He connects with his South Florida constituents, and Congressman Mast is honest. He’s the real deal.

Unable to find any dirt on Congressman Mast, because no dirt exists, a fake news mainstream media site, CNN, The Hill, and CAIR, a proscribed terrorist organization, had to make stuff up about myself, Diane Sori and RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS, and then attempt to infer that Congressman Mast matches up to what they made up.

It reeks of desperation, employs the low-life techniques of propagandists, and smacks of quintessential liberalism.

For the record, Diane and I are anti-Islam...based on the facts surrounding Islam and based on what we see regarding those facts, and yet we realize and appreciate those individuals within the Muslim community who are trying their best to change not just the perception of Islam but the reality of Islam.

Diane and I are also anti other things. We’re anti-socialism, anti-liberalism, anti-big government, anti-indoctrination into the agenda of liberalism by public schools and universities or colleges. We’re anti-tax and spend, anti-political activist judges, anti-weaponiziation of our governmental agencies against any political affiliations, and anti-infringement on our rights as specified in our founding documents.

Perhaps the best way to put it is that Diane and I are both anti anti-American and the vast majority of what we write or talk about on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS is that. The vast minority of what we either write or talk about is Islam but the fact remains...Islam, as a political ideology which we both believe it has been since its inception in the 632 AD until this very day...goes directly against the freedoms and liberties upon which our American foundation is based.

Also, for the record, neither Diane nor I will back down, we will continue to tell the truth, and bring forth our opinions and the facts that support our opinions regarding every topic we take on which will include our occasional dealings with Islam.

As for the details of why we’re anti-Islamic…I’ll let Diane explain it, and know that I am in complete agreement with her straight down the line.
Now since CAIR, CNN, and The Hill seem to have targeted me, Diane Sori, as being against all of islam...which I freely admit I currently am...let's start with CAIR Florida the very group that states on their website of wanting to “empower muslims”...yet never define exactly what “empower muslims” means. Saying that, “Right Side Patriots (is a) radio show hosted by anti-Islam commentators bashing American Muslim candidates for committing “ballot box jihad,” if CAIR had bothered to read my entire article and not just the title they would see that in my article I give irrefutable proof as to why I believe “ballot box jihad” is being committed.. Deliberately ignoring that as per islam the word “jihad” does not only mean through violence but through peaceful means as well...in this case being the ballot box...CAIR has painted me as a bigot when nothing is further from the truth, but then again truth is a foreign concept to the likes of CAIR, what with “taqiyya” and all.

As for CNN...in their one-sided article of omission...they cite half quotes by which to paint me as a bigot. Saying in their article that on our August 14th, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio show I said, “It's also important for people to remember whether they like to hear it or not, we are at war with Islam. Plain and simple. I cannot say it enough. Islam is not a religion and we are at war with Islam -- not radical Islam, all Islam,” I freely admit I said it and I'm proud to stand by those words. But what CNN leaves out is that I've said it before...as has my partner Craig Andresen...but that most times it is either prefaced or followed by a statement or a brief discussion about Turkey's President Recip Erdogen who, as a devout muslim, has himself stated countless times that, “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. There is only one Islam,” and that the term "moderate Islam" has been fabricated by the West in order to weaken islam.

So it seems CNN has no problem with Erdogen saying it...as in that all islam is one and the same...but they do have a problem with me, an American-infidel, saying what amounts to the same words. I guess CNN hopes that by twisting my words it will help boost their ever-falling ratings both in print and on TV. After all, in today's world both CNN and the rest of the leftist media love to twist any and everything we conservatives say about muslims or islam into being acts of “islamophobia” when what they perceive as “islamophobia” is usually we on the right telling the truth about all that is islam.

Now as for The Hill...a site that we conservatives believed to be balanced and fair in its reporting...to that I say no more for their piece alluding to myself and Craig Andresen was journalism at its worst. First in their trying to defame, fabricate, and/or dig up non-existent dirt on Congressman Mast...a most honorable of men...for appearing on our radio show where we discussed nary a word about islam nor muslims with the congressman...The Hill chose not to contact us for their hit-piece article. Instead, The Hill took quotes from CNN as the basis for their article...and all I can say is shame, shame on them for there's nothing like one-sided reporting taken from a far left station to taint one's what was once spotless reputation. If The Hill truly wants the truth about me and my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen's unwavering beliefs about islam both separately and together as RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS they should at least ask us directly...we'd be so happy to tell them along with why we believe as we do.

But since it seems that CAIR, CNN, and The Hill want to know my personal beliefs about islam I'll give them an albeit brief synopsis. First, until islam goes through a reformation, as did Judaism and Christianity, and with the qur'an still containing 164 verses related to “jihad” in one form or another, and with at least 109 verses that speak of war and the killing of we nonbelievers...which muslims believe is justification for today's acts of “jihad”...as in islamic terrorism...islam will not fully be accepted here in America. And with few muslim-Americans having denounced said acts of terrorism, I will continue to stand against islam...all islam...as per Erdogen's words.

And my beliefs about islam and its followers can best be summed up with these words of mine which I have stated on air and written in articles more times than I can remember, “If you do not condemn you condone.” And the truth is that few muslims here in America condemn “jihad”...condemn islamic terrorism...for if one is a true believer and follows the qur'an, as all muslims are commanded to do, one then believes in and will carry out “jihad” when they deem it is the right time and place to do so.

But I also will admit that before 9/11, I knew little about islam, as did most Americans, but on 9/11, again as did most Americans, I learned much about islam and muslims by seeing how muslims both here in the U.S. and around the world rejoiced in the savagery committed by their fellow muslims in the name of allah and islam. And so I immersed myself in learning about islam, its (false) god allah, its prophet muhammad, along with the collective acts of terror that have, since 632 AD, been committed in allah and islam's name. And that includes the fact that the rise of ISIS brought with it a surge in acts of islamic terrorism, including that up until the beginning of 2018 there have been eight confirmed cases of islamic terrorism here on American soil...all committed with “allahu-akbar” as the terrorist's calling card. And then there are the one hundred plus cases of planned but thankfully foiled islamic terrorist attacks that were to have occurred within our borders up until the end of January 2018...cases we of course heard little to nothing about from the mainstream media.

And not to be forgotten is that worldwide since 9/11, there have been to date at least 33,689 islamic terrorist attacks...as in “jihad”...with 26,621 deaths...all committed in the name of allah and islam...with most of those involving the brutal and savage slaughter of Christians.
But have we heard a collective muslim-American voice loudly raised to condemn such acts of islamic terrorism...no we have not...that is save for a very few...which means that for the vast majority of muslim-Americans their deafening silence is an overt and deliberate act of condoning. And fear of reprisals being used as the excuse for their silence is but cowardliness of the worst kind for we're constantly being told by the media that peaceful muslim-Americans far outnumber the radical element of their kind. Strength in numbers, in other words, should afford a collective echoing of condemnation but doesn't...meaning silence in condemning is just more “taqiyya” in action.

Now as for my article Ballot Box Jihad which CAIR, CNN, and The Hill referred to...an article about the role of muslim-American candidates in the upcoming mid-term election...know that those I cited as both winning and losing their primary elections speak for themselves. And I stand by every word I wrote for when a group of people does not assimilate into the fabric of American society...when they do not adopt the very customs and societal norms which unite us as Americans... when said group demands 'special treatment' based upon their so-called religion and then demands that we Americans cater to their whims and archaic beliefs, than yes, muslim-Americans candidates and voters are committing a form of “jihad,” albeit non-violent “jihad” via the ballot box.

And why is this considered non-violent “jihad”...because according to islam's definition of “jihad”...as in it being a struggle or fight against the enemies of islam...means that while “jihad” is usually but not always committed through acts of violence, it can be committed by simply forcing one's belief in allah on non-believers. Remember, muslim's believe that we infidels are committing sins against them and their religion by us not willingly converting or accepting their 7th century societal norms which include the horrors of female genital mutilation, honor killings, and child marriages...to name but a few.

But when acts of islamic terrorism are no longer carried out within the realm of the civilized world...and when a true reformation of islam has been accomplished...then and only then will I change my views about islam...views shared by millions upon millions of my fellow Americans. And being that I still have the right to free speech...except on facebook that is...I can share those views as I so choose for I have never called for physical retaliation against any muslim nor will I. Their own uncivilized actions will be their own demise or a reformation will occur, and hopefully it will be the later for the former will not be a pretty picture for either side.

So I hope I've answered CAIR, CNN, and The Hill's wanting to know if I am truly anti-islam...anti-all of islam...then yes...at this point in time I freely admit I am for until islam enters the 21st century...not living like in did in the 7th century albeit with 21st century weapons...and forever leaves its ongoing murderous ways in the past...islam will never peacefully coexist in the civilized world and will always be thought of as a pariah out for infidel blood. And know that while I am anti-islam, as is my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen, being so is not the same as being anti-all muslims for the two are different entities all together, and neither of us will ever say all muslims are evil or bad for to do so would be a lie and we do not lie...period.

Take that CAIR, CNN, and The Hill for we cannot wait to see how both our words are again twisted to fit not the truth but your leftist agendas.

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Today, Tuesday, August 21st from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss 'Fake news Takes Aim at Right Side Patriots'; and important news of the day.

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