Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Faux Science Allowed...Real Science Garners a Timeout
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 

At around 4:30pm EST on Tuesday, June 21st I found a notification from the FB gods that I will be in FB jail...yet another timeout if you will...for 19 hours, that I will not be able to post or comment on groups, and that all my posts will appear lower in the FB feed for 29 days. And why...because they claimed that a recent post of mine violated their Community Standards and was considered "Hate Speech." What I posted can be seen to the left.

To the FB gods and their so-called "Fact Checkers" and "Anti-Bullying" squad, it's perfectly okay for scientific fact to be deemed "Hate Speech" while faux science used to help push forward the lefts "woke agenda" is fact it's actually encouraged.

Now what I'd like to know is how this post is hateful. Did I put down trans folks...NO. Did I say they were mentally ill...NO. Did I accuse them of play acting...NO. Did I say men can't give birth let alone have a period or breast feed...NO. Did I accuse the parents of trans children of child abuse...NO. I simply stated the fact that it's's genetic biological code...that determines ones sex. And that is proven, truthful scientific fact for while one can take hormones to in feminize...or in's physical appearance...and while one can cut off or add body parts and even mess around with one's innards a bit, one cannot change their actual genetic code in regards to sex for today's medical science has no means by which to do so. And please do not confuse "genetic manipulation" with genetically changing one's sex for the two are totally different in nature.

"Genetic modification"...or "gene editing" as it's more commonly known at this point in time in regards to science possibilities...can "rewrite" (as in alter) a limited number of certain segments of one's DNA...basically the instruction manual of all living organisms...and can disable certain "target genes" that cause specific diseases and genetic illnesses in plants, in animals, and in we humans, but this type of limited editing cannot turn a biological male into a biological female or a biological female into a biological male. The "how to" to do just that simply does not exist yet and probably never will for the ramifications of doing so would take the concept of "selective breeding" to a whole new and quite dangerous ethical and moral level.

Clearly the FB gods know well that this post of mine stated in simple terms the above stated scientific facts and yet they still chose to punish me for speaking the truth...a truth that while it might not coincide with their "woke" philosophies and leftist agenda is truth nevertheless.

And while I was allowed to disagree and "appeal" their decision, it took the FB gods less than one minute to say that their "Hate Speech" decision stands as does my timeout, but that I could take it higher to what's called an "Oversight Board," which is their handpicked panel of 28 so-called "international experts"...who we know no names of nor their qualifications for being on said board. And what a joke and waste of time that is for even if said board found in my favor it clearly states when one clicks "continue" that it would not change Facebook's decision nor release me from my timeout. A useless "face saving" step that allows the FB gods to say they allow appeals and challenges to their rulings when in fact they really do not.

So now as I write this I have but a few hours left in this my 48th FB timeout (I surely must be doing something right), one more day until I can post and comment on groups, and 28 days left in my posts being relegated to the bottom of the "feed"...oh woe is me...said quite "tongue in cheek." And know it will only get worse for all of us on the right the closer we get to November's midterm election for Facebook will continue being one of the main propaganda arms of the Democrat party and the purveyor of all things "woke" with even science fact be damned, Oh what misguided power Facebook still yields over our right to "free speech," and yet their time will come when their little authoritarian world will come crashing down for even the mighty do eventually and ever so rightfully fall. Case closed.

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