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Divert and Deflect...News Stories You Probably Missed
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

Last week while the 24/7 Jussie Smollett divert and deflect media barrage was still ongoing, these important news stories went basically unreported. So, I have decided to give you a brief synopsis of but three news stories the msm does not want us focused on.

First up, a news update on America's very own court jester, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, more affectionately known as Ms. Alexandria Common Core-tez.

Back in early March, the National Legal and Policy Center, whose task is to promote ethics in government and private life as described in Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, filed an official complaint with the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) against freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, her now chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti, both the 'Brand New Congress' and the 'Justice Democrats' PACs, as well as others attached to Ocasio-Cortez' congressional campaign. The complaint documents showed an “elaborate scheme” to avoid proper disclosure of campaign expenditures “in accordance with” key sections of said code.

Simply, AOC and the others were accused of trying to funnel over $1 million in contributions into the two separate super PACs I just mentioned and then trying to move said money into two private companies that Chakrabarti owned...doing who knows what with said money. For this they faced and still face major fines and possible jail time if found they knowingly violated the law by hiding their direct control of the 'Justice Democrats' PAC...a PAC that may have “effectively supported” Occasio-Cortez's 2018 congressional primary campaign in excess of what is within normal legal contribution limits.

And just last week, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has been hit again with yet another FEC complaint, this time one alleging that she and Chakrabarti operated a “subsidy scheme” that ran “afoul” of campaign finance laws. And at the heart of this complaint is that they together oversaw a "shadowy web" of PACs in an effort to raise more cash than they could legally have. Also, in this newest complaint is that they set up an LLC to avoid federal expenditure requirements by offering our favorite little socialist and other Democratic candidates political consulting services at prices so low that the companies had to be shut down even before the election was over.

Ripping off other people's money even before she was elected...we now know why Ocasio-Cortez had no trouble trying to rip off our hard earned taxpayer dollars in an effort to stop planes from flying and cows from doing what cows naturally do.

Little Ms. Socialist...little Ms. Phony actually...has now proven herself to be as greedy as the rest of those in her party. Socialism is good for the masses it seems but not for AOC herself no matter that the media has already anointed her the new queen bee of the Democrat-Socialist party...the party's newest attempt at rebranding after their still not gotten over Hillary fiasco. Obviously now being exposed as a pariah out to attain for herself both power and money, the woman who loves to spew the socialist mantra “Change is closer than we think”...Bernie Sanders must have a big smile on his face right about the person Time Magazine has chosen to grace its newest cover, and that cover comes replete with the words “The Phenom” used to describe her. A better choice of words would have been “The Crook,” but then again aren't just about all Democrats crooks to one degree or another.

Next up I'm channeling my inner meteorologist to bring you the latest on the "weather."

There's a new syndrome going around and it's called “Climate Derangement Syndrome” as the Democrats keep sounding the alarm that climate change... translation: the “weather”...will be humanity's death knell. In fact, none other than climate scientist in her own mind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deems we'll all be dead within 12 years time unless her Green New Deal is somehow resurrected from the dead to save us all...except for the cows of course.

Well, that surely won't happen nor will the “weather” doom us all to death as NASA has now confirmed that our climate is actually cooling due to low sunspot activity. In fact, Dr. Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center and the associate principal investigator for SABER (our weather satellite that monitors infrared radiation from carbon dioxide and nitric oxides) stated that, “We see a cooling trend because high above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy. If current trends continue, as is expected, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold.” And what he's talking about is what's known as a “Little Ice Age,” something I've tried to tell the unbelieving about for years now.

Still don't believe that climate change, or global warming as some still call it, is just a hoax the gullible and misguided have bought into, then how about this...the NASA findings I cited are in direct line with studies by UC-San Diego and Great Britain's Northumbria University,* both of which predict that within a decade or less the Earth will bear witness to sunspots disappearing more rapidly than normal as the sun starts entering what's called a grand “Solar Minimum.” In fact, during the entire month of February not one sunspot was recorded. And whether climate change alarmists like it or not, the truth is that Earth's weather is controlled by sunspots...changing magnetic fields affecting the amount of activity on the sun's natural variability if you will...and not by carbon emissions, by pollution, or even by cows being cows.

Translation: the more sunspots the warmer the weather...the less sunspots the colder the weather.

So what we'll soon be experiencing will be similar to the “weather” of the mid-17th to early 18th centuries, corresponding roughly to the middle and coldest portion of the climatic cooling cycle known as the a fore mentioned “Little Ice Age”...a period of extreme and extended cold weather caused by what's called a “Maunder Minimum.” Happening between 1645 to 1715 when sunspots became exceedingly rare, as noted by solar observers of the day, temperatures dropped way lower than even the coldest winters of today. This explains the extreme cold the colonists were experiencing and the records kept pertaining to the harsh winter conditions at the beginning of our nation's founding.

And nothing we do or don't do can or will affect the sun's cycles, so it would serve us well to accept as fact that the thermosphere always cools off during “Solar Minimum”...the very period our sun is now entering...the very period that will indeed cool us all down.

And lastly is President Trump's upcoming proposal to fully replace ObamaCare...the monstrosity of a health care plan the Democrats passed without even reading what's in it.

The sky is falling or so say the Democrats as they're in the throws of yet another meltdown, this time claiming that President Trump's new health care proposal will see millions of Americans becoming uninsured....which par for the course sees the Democrats being just plain wrong yet again. And while our president says his proposal will not be released until after the 2020 election, we do know these three things...there will be a special fund for people with preexisting conditions, there will be lower-cost plans, and there will be much needed Medicaid in bye-bye Medicaid leaches and scammers.

But the Democrats especially don't want you to know that Trump's proposal does protect people with preexisting conditions. How so...simply by putting in place nationwide what a number of states already have successfully put in place, as in funding coverage for those with preexisting conditions separately. And separately is a vastly different animal than abandoning those folks as Democrats claim Trump wants to do.

As for the dollar and cents numbers comes this from Trump's Council of Economic Advisers: coverage for chronically ill people and those with preexisting medical conditions, in what would be the individual market, would cost about $20 billion a year, less than half the $55 billion currently spent subsidizing people to overpay for ObamaCare, thus allowing the remaining funds to be used to subsidize premiums in said individual market, which will then see premiums being way lower than they are now as ObamaCare premiums have almost tripled since 2013.

And the Democrats don't want you to know that Trump's new proposal will include lower-cost plans that do not force consumers to buy “overburdened and overpriced” policies rife with ObamaCare mandated must haves...must haves that very few people want, need, or have money to pay for. Remember having to pay for maternity coverage for men and post menopausal women, prostate coverage for women, and pediatric dental care for people having no children...well those and more will be gone. And Trump's proposal will also allow consumers to buy low-cost options such as short-term plans and association plans.

Also, the 20 million folks who became newly covered under ObamaCare actually saw three-quarters of them going on Medicaid instead of into private health care plans offered in the ObamaCare exchanges. And the Democrats want forgetten is that under ObamaCare, Medicaid, originally meant for low-income women with children and for the disabled, instead saw millions of able-bodied childless adults and what I call “sponges” being added to the Medicaid rolls.

Simply, Trump's proposal calls for able-bodied, healthy, Medicaid recipients to work even if it's securing part time work, as right now a whopping 40% of those recipients who can work don't work, and don't work by choice. Trump's proposal would rightfully dictate that all healthy Medicaid recipients be required to work, attend school, care for family, or volunteer. Translation: Medicaid freeloading would become a thing of the past, saving we taxpayers billions of dollars both in the short and long term.

So there you have it, just three of the many news stories the media does not want us focused on. And while the Jussie Smollett case remains the media topic of the day, what with his now refusing to reimburse the city of Chicago for the $130,000 they spent on investigating his hoax of a hate crime, there really are more important stories out there that affect us all. Now if only those stories were given as much air and press time as a grade B actor run amok...a grade B actor caught in his own lies...maybe then we can focus on the Democrat party imploding from within.

Come on 2020...let's get it done and over with...divert and deflect be damned. _____________________________________
* Both universities are leaders in the Earth Science/Climate field.

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