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Saturday, May 21st, from 11am to 1pm EST, Right Side Patriots Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss everything Trump from his many business failures, to his hypocrisy on the issues, and to his John Miller facade. Also discussed will be Obama's bathroom dictate.
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Homeland Security Committee Chairman: Obama's 'Drip, Drip' Foreign Policy Doctrine Has Failed

Homeland Security Committee Chairman: Obama's 'Drip, Drip' Foreign Policy Doctrine Has FailedHouse Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul just made a sobering trip to the Middle East, where he gained some unfortunate updates about the fight against ISIS. He shared his findings at George Washington University Thursday afternoon, hours after the downing of EgyptAir flight MS804, which has been rumored to be terrorism.

“A worldwide terrorist exodus is underway and we are woefully unprepared to deal with it,” Chairman McCaul said during his remarks at GWU.

“We have entered a new phase in Islamist terror,” he continued. “Fifteen years after 9/11, our enemies have regained their momentum.”

The resurgent radicalism ISIS is engaged in is escalating to a frightening level, reaching major cities around the globe, such as Brussels and Paris.

“We are not winning this war,” McCaul concluded. ISIS, he said, is not on the run as President Obama suggested this fall – “they are on the march.”

Pakistani Muslim arrested crossing Texas border, lied to FBI
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Pakistani Muslim arrested crossing Texas border, lied to FBI
“The FBI was in possession of records consisting of photographs and travel records, as well as written accounts from other government agencies, which show that the statements Muhammad made during his interviews by the USBP and the FBI were materially false, fictitious or fraudulent.” Why would Juvaid Muhammad be lying and trying to enter the […]
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John Kerry: Afghanistan One of ‘Proudest Achievements of the Obama Administration’

Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs

kerryThis is so severely delusional, Kerry should seek professional help. Afghanistan has not been an “achievement.” What has the Obama Administration “achieved” in Afghanistan? The needless deaths of U.S. soldiers in green-on-blue attacks. The wasting of billions of dollars that has been given to the corrupt Afghan government. And what about the Taliban, that the U.S. went in to Afghanistan to fight? Is it defeated? No: as soon as the Americans are gone, it will take power again.

These people are nuts.

“John Kerry: Afghanistan One of ‘Proudest Achievements of the Obama Administration,'” by Jeryl Bier, The Weekly Standard, May 16, 2016 (thanks to Todd):
Secretary of State John Kerry recently spoke at...


The fate of EgyptAir Flight MS-804 has once again thrown the media spotlight on Paris, France, where the plane took off for Cairo before going down over the Mediterranean Sea.

All 66 people aboard perished.

U.S. intelligence agencies said the crash exhibited “indications of an explosion.”

The airliner, only 13 years old, was cruising at high altitude in good weather conditions when it suddenly went down. There was no call of distress.

While much of the media has focused on Paris as the location where a terrorist could have loaded a bomb onto the plane, an expert of Egyptian politics and the Muslim Brotherhood says look again at Cairo.

The plane left Cairo for Paris and then was on a return flight to Cairo when it went down.

It only sat on the ground in Paris for an hour, said Dr. Mark Christian, founder and president of the Global Faith Institute, an Omaha-Nebraska-based think tank that focuses on Islamic terrorism.

Rubio's Replacement: DeSantis Leads Among Conservativest
By John Gizzi / NEWSMAX
Image: Rubio's Replacement: DeSantis Leads Among Conservatives
With their primary to choose a successor to retiring Sen. Marco Rubio less than three months away, Florida Republicans are now genuinely undecided on a favorite candidate.

For the GOP, this is a major dilemma. The race for Rubio's seat could be crucial as to whether the GOP retains control of the Senate.

Polls at this point almost universally show Democrats in Florida moving to centrist Rep. Patrick Murphy over far-left Rep. Adam Grayson, and major dollars appear to be moving to Murphy as well.

Among Republicans, however, the situation appears to be precisely the opposite.

According to a just-completed News Bay 13/News 9 poll, more than half of likely Republican primary voters have no favorite in the Senate primary.

Among those who do, Rep. David Jolly leads fellow Rep. Ron DeSantis by a margin of 18 percent to 11 percent. In third place is Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera with 9 percent and businessmen Todd Wilcox and Carlos Beruff at 7 percent and one percent respectively.            

The Hypocrisy of Donald J. Trump
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on 

As Obama tries to distract us with all the brouhaha over who goes to the bathroom where...and just know that without the media aiding him in this should be obvious issue this what have long ago died a rightful death... some of us have become complacent... accepting really...of a candidate who has not even garnered the needed 1237 delegates to claim the 'official' title of the Republican nominee for president.

And you all know I am speaking of Donald J. Trump...shoved down our throats by the media... especially by FOX News and Trump's chief flag waiver Sean they try to anoint him as the second coming of the savior of us all. And if you think Obama was and is anything but our savior, the truth is that neither is Trump for his 'horns' are visible in all his hypocrisy for all who truly look at him with eyes wide open.

Case in point...we all know today's world is a most dangerous place what with the muslim invasion of Europe; ISIS committing genocide against Christians as we in this country just give this atrocity mere lip-service; as Iran continues to chant 'Death to America' and moves forward with its plans to wipe Israel off the map; as North Korea has as its leader a man-child who truly is quite mad; as China tries to militarily take over the China Sea; and as acts of terrorism are now so common place as to garner little if any media attention. This list barely touches the surface but those of us with eyes wide open do least on the surface...the dangers facing both the Western world and Western civilization in general on a religious, secular, and tangible basis.

But, and this is so sad, what many do not see is that it's not only the Democrats turning a blind eye to the above stated reality, but that some 'supposedly' on our side are doing so as well. Enter center stage Donald J. Trump...a man whose ego rivals that of Obama's but maybe even more so as Trump has the dollars to buy allegiances and sell loyalties even on an international scale.

Take Israel for example...the Jewish State of Israel...the tiny sliver of a country surrounded by bullying Arab and muslim nations...the very country that many blame for all the world's woes. Israel...a biblical promise to the Jews by God with that promise finally fulfilled by man in 1948 when today's Israel rose out of the ashes of WWII... and by ashes I mean literal ashes...ashes of the attempted genocide of the entirety of the Jewish people...a should be warning for Christians everywhere.

Israel...our closest ally in all the Middle East if not the world has not seen a true and long lasting peace in its 68-years of modern existence. desperate for an American president who will outwardly side with and support them against their enemies...and know that their enemies are our enemies as well...surely will not see one if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders becomes president. Remember, their true allegiances lie with Obama and his brethren as witnessed, in Hillary's case, by the advisers and confidants she surrounds herself with. Does the name Huma Abedin ring a should. And in Sanders' case it comes down to the word 'isolationist' for if Sanders has his way Israel and the rest of the world either would become one global nation or be damned.

And now with the possibility of Trump becoming the Republican nominee and even America's president, Israel again is on tenuous grounds at best as Trump is not fully in their corner either...and having a Jewish son-in-law and marching in a Jewish parade does not make one a true friend to Israel. And how do I know this...Trump's actions speak louder than any words to the contrary he can say.

"No one will be a bigger friend to Israel than me," Trump loves to say, but if truth be told how can one be a friend to Israel when one publicly states that they want to try to remain neutral in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and then flip-flop and say that they sees this ongoing and continuing conflict as "the ultimate deal" in the making. And why would this be the "ultimate deal"...because Donald J. Trump has so many business dealings going on with Arab countries that do not like Israel...or Jews for that matter...that to say or do otherwise would kill those deals.

Telling the 'American Israel Public Affairs Committee' earlier this year that "there is no moral equivalency" between Israel and the Palestinians, and calling to task Palestinians for fostering a society that glorifies terrorists as "heroes and "martyrs" are all pretty words to help garner the pro-Israel vote, yet not spoken of is Donald J. Trump's business dealings with the very people who when all is said and done would stab Israel in the back faster than one can say Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

"The Palestinians are not a real estate deal, Donald," said former presidential hopeful Senator Marco Rubio during one of the GOP debates, but in Trump's elitist empire building world that is exactly how Trump sees the Palestinians for if he can sway enough power... money the countries surrounding Israel he can then dictate to some degree the goings on within the country of Israel itself, including with the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. And know as fact that Trump has many business dealings going on with the very countries that are no friend to Israel...with the very muslim countries whose people he wants to stop from entering the U.S.

Fact, American wanna-be presidents do not go around making personal business deals with 'unfriendly' nations just to pad ones personal wealth, but apparently Trump does. Making millions from business deals in countries where islam is the main religion, let's site just a few examples of how two-faced Donald J. Trump really is. First up is Trump Home's partnership with the Dubai-based and Landmark Group operated, 'Lifestyle' brand where not too long ago Lifestyle CEO Sachin Mundhwa announced that Lifestyle would officially partner with Trump Home to sell high-end home furnishings exclusively in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The rich pandering to the rich for profit alone...never mind that these countries are not really America's friends.

Also, there's Trump International Golf Course in Dubai along with a management deal with DAMAC Crescent Properties; Trump Hotel in Dubai with others under construction in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia... the very country the 911 hijackers originated from and who are America's ally only when it serves their purposes and their purposes alone. Trump also is connected to Qatar know Qatar the very country solely under islamic rule complete with sharia law...the very country which has its main office in of all places Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

Trump also has various interests in the United Arab Emirates; a luxury hotel and residence deal in Baku, Azerbaijan; and Trump Towers Sisli, a residential tower in Istanbul, Turkey...Recip Erdogen's radical Turkey that sells ISIS oil, transfers monies for ISIS banks, and is a weapons delivery transit stop for terrorists from around the world... Turkey where Trump has licensed out his name to the tune of five million dollars; and Trump also has two new ventures on the drawing board in the largest muslim country in the world, Indonesia, where he has plans to build a ultra-luxury resort in Bali and a golf course in West Java, Indonesia; with all being built to increase the wealth of Trump and his empire alone. But isn't it odd that 'Mr. I'm a Billionaire' has not one altruistic project in sight to help those country's struggling middle class or poor.

And what exactly is Trump's hypocrisy in all this high stakes muslim wheeling and dealing, and how does it show him to be unsuitable to be the steward of America's ship let alone a friend to Israel...first, Trump has said on numerous occasions that he believes all muslims, no matter their country of origin, should be temporarily banned from entering the U.S. (not a bad thing actually) because we, according to him, cannot trust any of them or differentiate between the 'good ones' and the 'bad ones', yet this very man is in our face doing business with muslim countries just for personal profit and gain. Doing business with countries not truly America's friend, and employing and paying said countrymen, so isn't Trump in reality possibly helping to fund those out to kill us all. Now if that's not hypocrisy I don't know what is for if Donald J. Trump was an honorable and forthright man...a man who believed in the words he said...shouldn't he stop doing business with, profiting from, and creating jobs and wealth for the very people he does not want here...I certainly would think and hope so.

But as we all know, hopes, especially in the political arena...and Trump is indeed the consummate politician...are just thoughts cast to the wind when the bottom line is and always was, greed.

Second, with Trump acting and truly sounding like all in every single one...are least when trying to stir up the masses and the angry to garner their votes...he seems to think that he and he alone can decide the exceptions to the very rule he himself is proposing. Remember, to do otherwise makes it seem that as long as a muslim country has enough money to line Trump's pockets, said country's terrorist nature...and its terrorist supporting people...can and will be overlooked. And in this hypocrisy is forgotten the fact that logic in and of itself dictates that if muslims are physically banned from coming here...whether temporarily or permanently...than that same logic should dictate that their for personal gain money should be banned here as well, especially when said money goes to line the pockets of one of America's wealthiest men who's trying to make us believe that he is one of in the struggling middle class.

So how does all this influence Trump's stance on the afore mentioned Israeli/Palestinian conflict...first, it shows that Donald J. Trump cannot be trusted to do the right thing for Israel for how can America's remaining neutral be the right thing when one of our closest allies is surrounded on all sides by those trying to wipe her and her people off the map. Second, as Trump is about the almighty dollar alone you just know that there must be dollars to be had by remaining neutral and waiting to see how this conflict plays out. And the fact is that no matter who wins in the end there is money to be had...lots of the rebuilding of Gaza and the West Bank. If Israel wins Trump can say he did not stand in Israel's way and invest for profit in Israel's rebuilding of land that was always rightfully theirs, and if the Palestinians are successful in stripping Israel of even more of its land for a people who actually do not exist, then Trump can move in and help develop, again for profit, a new Palestinian homeland. Either way his empire grows as do his pockets.

And the bottom line in all this...especially when we're living in such a dangerous time.. is that we're almost at the end of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's eight years of narcissistic, ego driven hypocrisy...we (and Israel) sure do not need nor can we afford another four or eight years more of the same courtesy of Donald J. Trump...a Democrat masquerading as a Republican dressed in 'Made in China' clothing.


Saturday, May 21st, from 11am to 1pm EST, Right Side Patriots Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss everything Trump from his many business failures, to his hypocrisy on the issues, and to his John Miller facade. Also discussed will be Obama's bathroom dictate.

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