Monday, January 11, 2016

Political correctness has become one of the constants of our age. Many of the examples are more ridiculous than anything else.

Inappropriate Halloween costumes, campus safe zones free from controversial ideas, saying “happy holidays,” and now, from Sweden, men sitting when they have to urinate. But at a time when people are being murdered at home and abroad because of their religion, PC—which really stands for political cowardice—can be downright dangerous.

The latest case just occurred in Philadelphia. Thirty-year-old Edward Archer ambushed a cop, wounding him three times. The officer should recover, but he and we can be thankful that Archer, who blasted away 11 times, was such a bad shot.

The attacker, dressed in what one cop termed “Muslim garb,” was quite explicit about why he shot Officer Jesse Hartnett. Said Police Commissioner Richard Ross, Archer “has confessed to committing this cowardly acting the name of Islam.” Why? “According to him, the police defend laws that he believes are contrary to Islam.”

Captain James Clark, head of the city’s homicide unit, added more detail: Archer “stated that he pledges his allegiance to Islamic State, he follows Allah, and that this is the reason he was called upon to do this.” There was no standard claim of an underprivileged background or other form of victimization. Archer stated “I follow Allah and I pledge allegiance to the Islamic State. That is the reason why I did what I did.” Explained Clark: “He just kept on echoing those sentiments, and he wouldn’t give us anything more than that.”
With North Korea back in the news, so too is Hillary Clinton’s failed record in the region.

Before she was sworn in as Secretary of State in 2009, Clinton pledged that one of her goals would be to end North Korea’s nuclear program. Well, with reports that the nation just conducted a hydrogen bomb test, it became quite clear we are nowhere near meeting that goal.

Natalie Gillam, the Deputy Communications Director for AR2, a conservative 501(c)4 organization, shares the belief of many that this spells trouble for Clinton:
"North Korea's reported nuclear test yesterday could be a preview of things to come from Iran due to the dangerous nuclear deal, which Hillary Clinton helped set in motion as Secretary of State. North Korea's actions show the folly of negotiating with bad actors who never keep their promises, but Clinton is willing to gamble on nuclear policy." 
America Rising PAC’s Jeff Bechdel agrees:
“Secretary Clinton failed as Secretary of State to ‘end the North Korean nuclear program’ as she claimed was her goal in 2009,” he said in a statement. “No 300-word campaign statement can change the fact that Clinton’s record at the State Department is one of failure and the news from North Korea only highlights that fact.”
America Rising also listed a number of Clinton’s claims vs. reality. For instance, in March 2012, Clinton praised North Korea for complying with a U.S. requirement that they would freeze their nuclear program in exchange for food and aid. Just one month later, however, North Korea violated the plan and as a consequence we had to cancel the shipment of resources.

As former Secretary of State, Clinton is supposed to be strongest on foreign policy. Yet, between her weak record around the globe and her brewing email scandal, it is undoubtedly her biggest point of contention.

Obama ordered CIA not to support 2009 Green Movement in Iran because he wanted to court Khamenei
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Obama ordered CIA not to support 2009 Green Movement in Iran because he wanted to court Khamenei
As demonstrations and revolts swept the Muslim world during Obama’s first term, he was enthusiastic. He had encouraging words for the “Arab Spring” demonstrators in Egypt and Tunisia, and even gave military assistance to their Libyan counterparts. During the third and last debate of the 2012 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney and Obama sparred over which […]
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President Obama Invites Syrian Refugee to State of the Union

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Obama-Middle-FIngerObama is a very dangerous, disturbed individual.

Maybe the two refugees that were arrested this week on jihad terror-crimes are available also.

How about the other 41 Muslim “refugees” in U.S. arrested on jihad terror charges.
Are the victims families from the San Bernardino invited? Chattanooga jihad? How about the hero that took out the jihadis in our Garland free speech event?

I expect he’ll invite a GITMO enemy combatant too.

“President Obama Invites Syrian Refugee to State of the Union,” By Mary Chastain, Breitbart, January 10, 2016:
President Barack Obama has invited Syrian refugee Refaai Hamo, 55, to sit in Michelle Obama’s box during the State of the Union address.
Refaai Hamo: I refuse to be called...