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Okay; repeat after me: fracking does not pollute your drinking water. As Sean Hackbarth over at the Chamber of Commerce noted, a Yale study found no evidence that fracking, which is used in the process of extracting natural gas, causes drinking water to become undrinkable:
Organic compounds found in drinking water aquifers above the Marcellus Shale and other shale plays could reflect natural geologic transport processes or contamination from anthropogenic activities, including enhanced natural gas production. Using analyses of organic compounds coupled with inorganic geochemical fingerprinting, estimates of groundwater residence time, and geospatial analyses of shale gas wells and disclosed safety violations, we determined that the dominant source of organic compounds to shallow aquifers was consistent with surface spills of disclosed chemical additives. There was no evidence of association with deeper brines or long-range migration of these compounds to the shallow aquifers. Encouragingly, drinking water sources affected by disclosed surface spills could be targeted for treatment and monitoring to protect public health.
So, there you have it–deep drilling doesn’t poison drinking water. Yet, we knew this back in 2010, where the Environmental Protection Agency tested the drinking water in Dimock, PA and found that most of the harmful compounds in the water were “naturally occurring substances.” In all, the water was safe to drink.
In recent months there have been a series of cases reported in the media, where some teenage thug -- white, black or Hispanic in different cases -- has been stopped by a policeman for some routine violation of the law and, instead of complying with lawful instructions, such as "show me your driver's license," chooses instead to defy the policeman, resist arrest and finally ends up physically assaulting the cop.
In the most recent case, the teenager happened to be white, but the story doesn't seem to change much, whatever the complexion of the guy who violated the law. Nor does the sad ending change, with the young wise guy shot dead. Nor do the reactions of the media and the parents vary much.

"He was only a kid" is an almost automatic reaction of the parents and the media. "He didn't deserve to be killed" over a traffic violation, or because he didn't drop a toy gun when ordered to, or some other minor infraction.

Are we so addicted to talking points and sound bites that we can't be bothered to use common sense? If you are killed by a teenager, you are just as dead as if you had been killed by the oldest man in the world.
It doesn't matter how minor the law violation was that caused the young guy to be stopped. He wasn't shot for the violation -- which could have been jay-walking, for all the difference it makes. He was shot for attacking the police, after having foolishly escalated a routine encounter into a personal confrontation.

Israel Must Deport Them All

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

It’s time.

There is a place for “Palestinian” terrorists – Hell. The others who support terrorists can go to those empty parts of Iraq and Syria where their brothers-in-arms and ideological butcher brothers reside. Or they can go to Jordan and Saudi to live their lives as non-residents and see how the Saudis and Jordanians, Muslim brothers all, treat their own when their “Palestinian” brothers start stabbing girls and old women, children and unarmed civilians.
As for Israel, it cannot win an ideological war against liars who are now supported by Marxist pro-Islamist antisemitic co-conspirators in high offices in the US and the UN. The US propagandize that Israel is responsible for every knife-wielding...

Sears stops selling “Infidel” hats after Muslim complaints
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Sears stops selling “Infidel” hats after Muslim complaints
Islamic supremacist Imraan Siddiqi complained to Sears about the hats, and it was apparently his complaint alone that was enough for them to remove the hats from sale. After he succeeded in strong-arming Sears into removing the hats, he screamed “Allahu akbar”: This incident, along with the TPM article about below, is a good example […]
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The Status-Quo...Israel's Ground Zero
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

“We are preserving the status-quo...we are the only ones doing that, and will continue to do this responsibly and seriously.” 
 -Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after Sunday's terrorist attack in Beersheba

The self-professed religion of peace...Obama's religion...was at it again this past Sunday as violence in Israel reached yet another crescendo when a Palestinian terrorist armed with a pistol and a knife attacked the Beersheba Central Bus Station in southern Israel's Negev district, killing 19-year old IDF soldier Sargent Omri Levy, and wounding 10 others, four of whom were police officers. The attacker was shot and killed...hopefully somebody peed on his body so he will NOT get his 72 virgins...while police continue to search for inside accomplices as this man somehow managed to get through security at the station's entrances.

Also on Sunday, Palestinians clashed with the IDF near Bet Hagai in the Mount Hebron region of the West Bank, 100 Palestinians hurled firebombs and rocks at Israeli soldiers in Tulkarm, and the IDF confronted some 60 Palestinians throwing rocks outside of Ramallah.

And it's important to note that in recent years the problems have been increasing NOT only along the lines separating Jewish and Arab neighborhoods but in 'mixed' neighborhoods as well. In fact, there have been over 12,000 'incidents' of stone throwing, bomb throwing, and fireworks lobbing, along with hit-and-run automobile attacks, and stabbing and shooting incidents, since July 2014. And now a breaking point of sorts between the Jewish State of Israel and the U.S. has been reached with Barack HUSSEIN Obama's alluding that it is Israel who are the terrorists and the problem, refusing to call out his muslim brethren who are the true root cause of it all.

“Today we will begin taking steps against incitement, including against the Islamic Movement, which is the foremost inciters,” was Benjamin Neyanyahu's counter response...and know that when Israel...when Netanyahu...says steps will be taken...know that they will.

And all this violence and killing is because observant Jews requested (but were denied to keep the staus-quo) more access to the Temple Mount...as in the right to pray at the holiest site in Judaism...the site where King Solomon's Temple stood and where Abraham 'bound' Isaac before God. And while the 'so-called' Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank continue to claim Jerusalem as their capital, the simple fact is that Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people since the days of King David, and has NEVER been the capital of any Arab, muslim, or non-existant 'so-called' Palestinian people. And while muslims claim mohamad rose to heaven at the Temple Mount...guess what...mohamad NEVER set foot in Jerusalem nor is Jerusalem even mentioned one time in the quran yet it is mentioned over 600 times in the Holy Bible.

And even as Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian representative to the U(seless) N(ations) continues to accuse Israeli security forces of “escorting Jewish activists onto the Temple Mount and into the al-Aqsa Mosque compound” to pray...and as he continues to accuse Israel for the wave of current violence wracking the Holy Land...this like most things spewing from a muslim's mouth is quite simply a lie for Israel, according to Netanyahu, is NOT the problem at the Temple Mount, but is the solution...and being ignored by Mansour are Netanyahu's words to the fact that the staus-quo will NOT change.

And to that affect, Netanyahu has rejected the French proposal to place international observers at the Temple Mount site to “internationalize the holy sites” with vehemently anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian U.N. observers...all while their proposal to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) mentioned NOT a word of the ongoing Palestinian terrorism...terrorism organized and carried out by operatives of Hamas, the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel (both of which are under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood), and Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement... terrorism that includes “attacking Jews from them” (the holy sites) while claiming the so-called 'staus-quo' has been breached.

And this 'so-called' status-quo is the main point of contention and the basis of all the current violence. But what exactly is the status-quo...simply, it's how the Temple Mount is governed and has been governed since after the '67 War when all of Jerusalem was united under Israeli control, and when Israel extended 'Israeli law' to East Jerusalem, including to the Old City and to the Temple Mount. And this law gave Jews the right to visit the Temple Mount but NOT to pray there in order to keep the peace, if you will, with day-to-day administration of both the al-Aqsa mosque...Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary)...and the Rock of the Dome being under a Jordanian-supervised islamic trust.

However, the law afforded Jews the right to visit NOT only during the week but on the Sabbath as well, but now that is NO longer possible, and entry to the Temple Mount by Jews having a religious appearance...as in Hasidic or Orthodox Jews...is limited to groups whose visits are monitored by Jordanian Waqf guards and policemen. Also, visiting hours for Jews and tourists are now restricted to Sunday through Thursday, for four hours each day...three in the morning and one in the early afternoon.

Restrictions on sites and grounds that rightfully belongs to the Jews...restrictions on sites and grounds that muslims actually have NO legal or Biblical claim to.

And this ongoing civil war, for that is what this really is, actually began in the 1920s when Jews living in what was then the British Mandate of Palestine were attacked by Arabs simply for being Jews who wanting to live in their ancestral homeland. However, in the 1920s there was NO police force or army to protect the Jews living in Palestine, so the Haganah and other Jewish defense forces were formed... precursors of the IDF and Mossad...with their purpose being to defend the Jewish inhabitants from Arab attacks, as well as carrying out retaliatory attacks when need be. And with the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s...and with Arab allegiance to the Third Reich secured...attacks against Jews NOT only continued but increased to such a degree that then Emir Abdullah bin al-Hussein of TransJordan (later King Abdullah I of Jordan) tried to broker a solution of sorts as he alone understood that the situation would inevitably get worse for the Arabs if a solution was NOT found.

Suggesting to the British government the establishment of a two-state solution comprising both TransJordan for the Arabs and Palestine for the Jews, Abdullah's idea was vehemently opposed by the other Arab states and by the British, and to that affect on June 5, 1938, in a reply to one of his critics he wrote that, “The number of Jews in 1921 did not exceed one hundred thousand. There are now nearly half a million. They own the most fertile lands and have infiltrated everywhere. Zionism is built on three pillars—the Balfour Declaration, the European nations trying to get rid of the Jews, and Arab extremists who will not accept any solution but only weep and wail while they appeal to those who will never help them.”

And by the Arab states NOT accepting Abdullah's two-state proposed solution...and with the 1948 establishment of the Jewish State of Israel... tensions continued to grow culminating in today's muslim leaders, extremists, and mullahs...as in the likes of Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas, and Hezbollah... all who have ties to Iran...helping to fuel the fires of hate as they turn the homeland of the Jewish people into a terrorist's powder keg ready to explode. Remember, these Palestinian savages...and YES they are savages...are the ones trying to change the afore mentioned Israeli-controlled status-quo that has kept things somewhat calm...as these savages are the ones using pipe bombs and rock attacks against Israeli police, Israeli soldiers, and Israeli civilians simply because the mullahs claim that some right-wing Israeli groups want an end to the prayer ban, even while the Israeli government has repeatedly stated...even while Benjamin Netanyahu himself stated...that neither he nor Israel has any intention of changing or altering the status-quo of the mosque, but that Israel was acting and will continue to act in an aggressive and systematic manner against “the wave of terrorism” through the reinforcement of security forces, and taking both deterrent and punitive steps... especially against those who set fire to the 'Tomb of the Prophet Joseph.'

So now as investigators continue delving into last Sunday's latest terrorist attack, John 'Swiftboat' Kerry heads off to meet with Netanyahu in Germany later this week...notice NOT in Israel where it's safe to assume he is now persona non-grata...followed by talks in Jordan...ain't that just a bit too cozy...with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Muslim Brotherhood supporter King Abdullah II after NO abating in the ongoing violence seems on the horizon. Ongoing violence that has, after Sunday's latest attack, forced four Israeli cities, including Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, Tel Aviv, and the nearby cities of Rehovot and Hod Hasharon, to ban Arab laborers and workers from their schools after parents demanded swift action to safeguard their children while at school after an ISIS affiliated group launched a media campaign calling on Palestinians to continue their attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, including children.

And Netanyahu responded to their demands by adding more armed guards at school gates and having police increase patrols in an effort to calm fears as the worst surge in Palestinian street attacks in years continues...continues as Dov Khenin, a legislator from the Joint Arab List...the largest Arab party representing the country's Arab minority...claims Israel's counteractions are racist.

So now muslims are pulling out the 'race card' (even though muslim is NOT a race) just like their protector and brethren Barack HUSSEIN Obama does every time someone stands strong against him...birds of a feather..need I say more.