Thursday, July 28, 2022

It's official...RECESSION!...two consecutive quarters of negative growth. 
Real GDP dropped another .9% Thanks Joe.🤬

Please Remind Joe That He's Speaking to China's President Today, Not the Local Carry-Out 
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

We’ll all need some opiates today. The GDP report expects to show that we’ve experienced two consecutive quarters of economic contraction. That’s a recession. Joe Biden’s team has deployed the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ protocol by denying we’re in the financial toilet. That’s the go-to for liberals when something doesn’t go their way; just deny it exists. As many have said for years, liberalism is a mental disorder. As the Biden White House deploys countermeasures and spin, which will fail, we must also look to another critical issue today: China.

China recently fired a warning by demanding we halt the latest arms shipment to Taiwan. Joe Biden caved to such threats and urged Speaker Nancy Pelosi to postpone her trip. Congressional Republicans and Democrats told Joe to shove it on that one. If all goes wrong, and by recent history, it should be nothing short of a disaster, the nation suffered a one-two punch today.

217 Democrats Just Went On-Record Saying They Don’t Support Border Patrol Agents                                           Spencer Brown – Townhall Tipsheet

Democrats in the House of Representatives took both their opposition to law enforcement and their support for a lawless border to a new low on Tuesday evening when they blocked consideration of a mere resolution expressing Congress’ support for the heroic border patrol agents who are fighting to keep America safe — despite the chaos caused by Biden’s border crisis and baseless smears from his administration.

The resolution from GOP congressman Michael Guest of Mississippi is simple:

Expressing continued support for all U.S. Border Patrol agents who carry out the important mission of securing our borders.

The resolution goes on to explain the baseless smear of border agents that the Biden administration and Democrats engaged in against the agents accused of whipping illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. via the Rio Grande without…Read more here.