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Deafening Silence of the Christian Kind
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

"But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you...”
- Luke 6:27-36

Their silence is indeed deafening...a roaring misplaced silence coupled with a feeling of emptiness now engulfing both Roman Catholicism and all of the other denominational Christian sects. And it's both sad and pitiful at the same time as it reeks of acquiescing and surrender to those who have always wished all we infidels dead.

And so it currently began with the Yzidi and moved on from there to the utter carnage in Africa with North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, India and Pakistan all added into the mix...with a smattering in Egypt thrown in for good or should I say bad measure...that is until President el-Sisi threw the Muslim Brotherhood out. And, no, I am not talking political turmoil here, I'm talking about the cries of Christians going unheard and unanswered... or worse...being deliberately ignored for the Christians being slaughtered in countries a half a world away are not the seemingly accepted and approved of brand of western-style “Christian tea.”

And then there's Sri Lanka...where now being reported is up to 350 mostly Catholics dead with more than 500 wounded as Catholic churches became the latest target of muslim... yes muslim...suicide bombers. Sri Lanka...where par for the course sees the media worrying more about reprisals against muslims than it cares about the Christian dead.

And when you add in said media's complacent silence after they report on any given church bombing or torching for maybe five or ten minutes, if even that, out of the 24/7 news cycle...when you add in that the media itself helped lead a major worldwide cry-fest when 50 muslims were slaughtered in a one-man isolated terror attack in New should raise but doesn't seem to raise any Christian ire that the media won't report on the number of incidents or the number of Christians killed since the rise of ISIS began in 1999.

By the way that number now stands at anywhere between the upper double-digit thousands to over one million depending on the news source one references, with 12 or more Christians being killed...being slaughtered...everyday. And these numbers alone leaves one to wonder why Christian matter their domination...have not united and collectively risen up to both vehemently condemn said deaths and make clear to the world that the slaughter of Christians and the placating of their killers must indeed stop.

There's strength in numbers after all, just as there is a collective silence within those same numbers especially when “turn the cheek” takes precedence over simple common sense. Stop them before they kill all of us should be Christendom's collective battle cry...with Chislam be damned.

And that killing started with the Yzidi when ISIS expelled them from their Northern Iraqi ancestral homeland with Yzidi women and young girls being forced into sexual slavery and with Yzidi men being killed by the thousand basically just for practicing their own form of Christianity. We also know about churches being burnt to the ground with parishioners locked inside throughout some of the countries of North Africa including Nigeria, Sudan, and the Central African Republic. And dare we forget how Christianity has been deemed the number one enemy of the state in North Korea; and how in Afghanistan no other religion except islam is constitutionally allowed to exist. And in Iran it's illegal to convert or even to preach Christianity for fear of death; while in Yemen, Pakistan and India, Christians face abject persecution on a daily basis. And where Christians were once least allowed to practice their faith...both ISIS and Iran's inroads into Syria have denied the remaining Christians even that.

And yet none of this even takes into account the number of churches vandalized, defiled and sometimes burned... at times resulting in deaths...both in Europe and here in the U.S. And except for the as expected cursory remarks made in passing by but a few in the media coupled with some also in passing words of sorrow spoken by priests, ministers and all amounts to empty words for it's words without much needed condemnation followed by a promise of tangible actions. And the reason we don't hear much about those incidents is that the majority of the media, upon the lefts orders, diverts and deflects our attention to the mundane out of fear of offending let alone naming those we more than just suspect committed such actions.

Out of fear perhaps of their being next, but then there's also capitulation of sorts as Christendom's collective silence is indeed the white flag of surrender.

A true surrender of faith in fact for nowhere in the Holy Bible does it say for Christians to be led like lambs to the slaughter. And yet we see that happening more and more with each passing day as Christians in their silence are applying first century words to today's 21st century world. Matthew 5:43-45 states, “You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.” And while those words are heartfelt and might have served the people well in ancient they are but words pretty in concept yet foolish in today's reality. And when you digest those words as they are written, in today's world...a world dominated by islamic terrorism...the words reek of the surrender of Christianity to islam...a brutal and savage enemy unbeknownst in Jesus' and Matthew's days.

And while islamic terrorism surely does also visit those of the Jewish faith, especially in Europe and most especially in Israel, there is a great difference in how the Jewish people react...they never make excuses for those who commit such acts...they fight back. “An eye for an eye” is their calling kill us we'll kill you...tenfold. And it seems to work very well for the simple fact that Israel still exists while being completely surrounded by those who wish them dead. Maybe it's time the Christians take a lesson or two from God's chosen people...their “blood brothers” the Jews.

And still more and more Christians are killed everyday by the same folks who wish Israel gone from the face of the map, yet today's Christians as a collective whole seem to do nothing but wallow in self pity while forgetting that in ages past fighting back was not only expected, but accepted and welcomed as the day's norm. Remember, the Crusaders did not “turn the other cheek”...they drew blood, they maimed and killed, all while reclaiming what was rightfully part of the faith, that is until new denominations of Christianity arose... denominations so fearful of picking up the sword that over time it led not just to mere complacency but to what became the abject surrender to what is called Chislam. 

Chislam...simply a hoped for form of bribery paid-in-full so that the that the followers of islam...won't kill too many of those of the collective Christian faith.

So how's Chislam been working out for Christianity...not too well of course.

And to break it down into simple political terms...political terms that might be easier to understand for a few...think of Chislam as being the Democrat party and think of Christianity as being America's black community. The Democrat party has made so many promises to blacks over the years yet accomplishing little to nothing to improve what many (but not all) blacks perceive as their sorry lot in life. 

In other words, Chislam and the clergy who embrace it as well as those practitioners of it, also live in a world of empty this case promises of peace and understanding between Christians and muslims...between Christianity and islam....parallel the blacks belief that the Democrat party is the answer to all their woes. And yet neither the Democrats nor Chislam has delivered on promises made for the racial divide in America is wider today than in years past and Chislam has seen no end to the killing of Christians, in fact, just the opposite as the spilling of Christian blood increases by the day.

Increases by the day, and yet for the most part Christians seem unwilling to both name the's islam...all of islam by the well as to physically fight back... instead choosing prayers alone as their weapon of choice...refusing to accept that in today's world...a world that now amounts to a terrorist's playground...prayers will get one only so far. And when you couple that with some Christian sects now too busy being at war with each other...Catholicism v. Evangelical Christianity comes swiftly to they're too busy fighting over mere technicalities, tenets and nuances of faith...making it obvious to some that these folks would rather spend time casting doubt on each other's legitimacy as heirs to Christ's church then pick up the sword and staining it with their collective enemy's blood.

And in their refusing to understand that without a here and now battle and without the spilling of said enemy's blood there very well could be no church to come home to in the end. Islam will win, churches will fall, and the Christian dead will keep piling up all because the collective of Christendom simply refused to fight back. Sri Lanka should be the rallying cry for a new Crusade of sorts, for if it's not and it becomes yet another bloodbath unanswered, then Christianity's death will become the Christians fault...I truly wonder how God our Father will feel about that.
Next Tuesday, May 7th, my article will discuss that while the Jewish State of Israel fights back against attacks on Jews in their country here in America there is 'Deafening Silence of the Jewish Kind.'

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