Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wuhan virologist who worked on bat coronaviruses tied to military scientists, report says
Former State Department adviser told network he is 'confident' that the Chinese military was funding a 'secret program'
Edmund DeMarche | Fox News
A top Chinese virologist has been tied to at least two Chinese military scientists who collaborated with her on coronavirus research in the past, including one now listed as deceased, a report Tuesday said.

In March, Dr. Shi Zhengli, the Wuhan-based virologist who has been accused of conducting risky experiments with bat coronaviruses, flatly denied allegations that the Wuhan Institute of Virology conducted studies with the military, an NBC News report said.

But the network reported that it uncovered evidence linking Shi to military scientists. She collaborated with Ton Yigang, a military scientist, on coronavirus research in 2018 and then with Zhou Yusen, another military scientist in December 2019. Zhou who was listed as deceased in the footnote of an article published in 2020, the report said. The report said it could not confirm the cause of his death.

David Asher, a former State Department adviser who co-authored a fact sheet last January on activity inside the lab, told NBC News that he is "confident" that the Chinese military was funding a "secret program" that involved coronaviruses.

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Johns Hopkins Doctor Blasts Delta Variant 'Fearmongering,' Calls More Masking 'Overkill'
Scott Morefield / Townhall Tipsheet
Dr. Marty Makary, a Johns Hopkins Hospital surgeon, Fox News medical contributor, and one of the few talking heads these days displaying any sanity at all on the topic of all things COVID-19, lent a heavy dose of reality to the ongoing "fearmongering" about the Delta variant.

The newest scarient, first discovered in India, is currently on a fast track to becoming the dominant coronavirus strain in the world. It's also becoming the latest excuse for the powers-that-be to try to keep people masked-up, in their homes, and frightened out of their wits. Except, while Delta is indeed more transmissible, no evidence exists that it's any more deadly than previous strains. And since the elderly and vulnerable mostly have either natural or vaccinated immunity, its infection of mostly younger people so far doesn't appear to be resulting in any significant upsurge in U.S. hospitalizations or deaths.

During a Tuesday afternoon appearance on Fox News' "America Reports," Makary called Los Angeles officials' Delta-induced recommendation of indoor masking "overkill."  

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