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Ukraine's Hell...Only One Solution Is Possible
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

We now have war in Europe on a scale and of a type we thought belonged to history.” - NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg

The war started by Russia against the independent nation of Ukraine has given birth to both heroes and villains...some obvious, some preferring to stay in the shadows. But one thing I do know is that Ukraine's President Volodymir Zelensky is a man who is the epitome of the word “hero” and it's not just for his vowing to stand and fight for Ukraine even when offered a way out, but this one man...a man of courage and fortitude...has almost single-handily rallied the free world against Vladimir Putin whose plans to rebuild the Russian Empire will, I believe, end in abysmal failure.

So as I began writing this article on the fifth day of Russia's war on Ukraine, the first round of cease-fire talks between Ukrainian and Russian delegations had wrapped up and, as expected, failed to produce anything but the promise to continue talks “in the near future.” And it appeared to me that those first talks were but a false flag being raised, because while those very talks were ongoing Russian troops were busy shelling what they knew was a residential neighborhood in the eastern city of Kharkiv, killing at least ten Ukrainian civilians, thus showing the world collateral damage be damned.

But last week did hold a few positive surprises as the Russian economy entered free-fall as international sanctions started taking effect, with the rouble dropping to its lowest level ever. Also, the historically neutral nation of Switzerland considered the Ukrainian situation so dire that even they took sides with Ukraine against Russia by joining in the European Union's (EU's) sanctions against Russian assets, while Finland and Sweden...both previously not taking sides...are seriously considering joining both the EU and NATO as Russian aggression continues unabated. In fact, the EU announced, for the first time in its history, that they will directly send not only funds to Ukraine for weapons, but will send them much needed fighter jets as well.

Last week also saw President Zelensky signing an emergency request for Ukraine to immediately be admitted to the EU under a so-called "new special procedure," while not saying what this procedure involves. However, the EU did approve Ukraine's application to join the organization, thus solidifying their promise of sending more military weapons and humanitarian aid to the now war torn country. And fearing for his country's safety, Eugen Caras, Moldova's ambassador to the U.S., is also considering asking to join both the EU and NATO no matter that Moldova has a neutrality provision written into its constitution. And why...because a recently surfaced video shows Putin's puppet Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus' president, standing in front of a map that appears to suggest that the Moldovan breakaway state of Transnistria is the next target for invasion.

Also during the week we also saw Vasily Nebenzya. the Russian ambassador to the UN, telling lie after lie about genocide being committed against the Russian nationals living in Ukraine, at the same time that Russian “cluster munitions”...what's known as “vacuum bombs”... were, on Putin's direct orders, being deliberately dropped on other populated civilian areas in Ukraine's east in addition to those that had already targeted the city of Kharkiv. And while Putin knows that said bombs have been outlawed by the Geneva Convention, coupled with the fact of his having already put his country's nuclear forces on “high alert,” shows the world that he cares nothing about the Geneva Convention let alone what the world thinks about him or his agenda. More on that in a bit.

So, as last week progressed, we learned that Ukraine's armed forces stopped an assassination attempt against Zelensky. It seems that a unit of elite Chechen special forces, known as Kadyrovites, were involved in a plot to “eliminate” Ukraine's leader, but thankfully the only ones “eliminated” were the assassins themselves. However, Zelensky's life is still in great danger as 400 members of the so-called “Wagner Group”...a group of Russian paid mercenaries...bloodthristy killers supposedly at Putin's beck and call...were given the assignment to “decapitate Zelensky’s government” and prepare the ground for Moscow to take control. 
Given a list of 23 Ukrainians Putin targeted for assassination, with Zelensky topping said list, the Klitschko brothers are number two. And these two brothers...Vitali and Wladmir... both world class boxing champions...are a personal thorn in Putin's side for their now deceased father was a Soviet loyalist, a high ranking Russian military commander who was a hero of sorts at Chernobyl, and a personal friend of Putin. And yet both sons are now actively, vocally, and publicly fighting for Ukraine. The ultimate slap in the face to a man whose ego thrives on loyalty to himself and to "Mother Russia."

Then on Wednesday, in a rare emergency “special session,” China officially said “no” to sanctioning Russia while Wang Webin, spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, stated China would continue “normal trade cooperation” with Russia “in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit,” thus directly going against China's repeated claims that it respects a state’s sovereignty. Also, China abstained during a UN General Assembly vote...a nonbinding resolution (a symbolic vote) which passed with 141 “ayes”...that called for Russia to “halt its war on Ukraine” and withdraw its military forces. Only five nations opposed the resolution...Russia of course, Belarus, Eritrea, North Korea, and Syria...all nations within Putin's sphere of influence. But a big surprise was when Cuba, a staunch ally of Russia, abstained as well.

Also, by mid-week Russia claimed control of the southern port city of Kherson with Russian troops seen in the city's center. And as street battles continued on in Kharkiv, Kyiv braced itself for a Russian ground assault now that the stalled 40-mile long caravan of men, munitions, and assault equipment started slowly moving forward again with the end game being to circle Kyiv, move in, and take over the city.

And even though on Thursday the second round of ceasefire talks failed, Russia agreed not to fire on civilian evacuees. But with no guarantee that will hold true, and with the eyes of the world continuing to rightfully vilify Putin for his invasion of Ukraine, Putin continued to not only challenge current world order by attempting to change national borders, but he did so via his committing atrocities that equate to a possible charge of “war crimes” being leveled against both he and his generals. How so? According to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, war crimes include the willful killing and extensive destruction of property “not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly.” And how could Putin's actions be anything less than criminal as he invaded a country who was not at war with Russia nor posed any threat to Russia.

And Ukraine's hell week also saw Russian forces seizing Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest of Europe's nuclear plants. Hit by Russian shelling early Friday morning, a fire broke out in a parking lot near one of plant's six reactors, but Ukrainian authorities said the safety of the reactors had not been compromised. However, if the fighting continues it could “interrupt” power to the plant forcing the use of less dependable diesel generators to operate needed cooling systems. And so all of Europe is now on alert for Chernobyl did what it did with but its one reactor melting down, imagine if all six of Zaporizhzhia's were breached. Simply, half of Europe and even parts of Russia would become uninhabitable for decades to come.

So with Friday's decision by NATO not to place a "no-fly-zone" over Ukraine, Russian violence is escalating along with reports that Putin plans to hold public executions of dissidents and captured Ukraine fighters alike. And with protests against Russia continuing worldwide, including in parts of Russia itself, Putin has ordered a media blackout throughout his country for fear that the truth of atrocities being committed against Ukraine in Russia's name would not sit well with the Russian people. 

And with his still alluding to Russian nuclear capabilities, world leaders and foreign policy experts now fear that Vladimir Putin might be both paranoid and delusional for only a “madman”...asociopath”...would put his nation’s nuclear forces on alert after invading a neighboring country by falsely claiming he did so in “self-defense.  And while I understand why some now question Putin's sanity itself, I instead see him as somewhat successfully having played the world via actions we should have seen coming but didn't. For months Putin has left a trail of clues we should have picked up on but didn't as we instead had our and the world's eyes focused on what were cleverly crafted diversionary tactics...and here, I believe, enters China and Covid-19, topped off with China's refusal to sanction or even condemn Russia's actions, with the reasons for doing so hiding in obviously plain sight.

Also, it must be remembered that Vladimir Putin remains a former KGB official who specialized in killing, and is a man who has continuously violated international law and committed human rights violations, just ask those living in Chechnya and Georgia. And his reason for doing so was then as it is now with Ukraine, in that Putin claims he only sent in troops to protect Russians residing in countries who wished to be “re-united with the motherland.” But it's unfortunate that until now, he has gotten away with it, while at the same time masking his true intentions of rebuilding the all encompassing Russian Empire of old. Restoring Russian dominance over former Soviet satellite states, courtesy of negating Ukraine as a sovereign nation via his claim that Ukraine is linked geographically, historically, and culturally to “Mother Russia is just his first step in not only empire building but in hoped for Russian world domination

Now seeing himself as the self-appointed Czar of all Russia, Putin is a master of turning any perceived weakness shown by others into an opportunity to bolster both himself and "Mother Russia." And so he waited out Trump to seize the opportunity that a weak Joe Biden easily afforded him. And know that Putin has never hidden his true political agenda that includes his stopping American dominance over global affairs... what he calls a “unipolar world.” And Putin truly believes that America wants to expand NATO to Russia's borders forgetting that what he's now doing actually sees Russia on NATO's borders. But does he care...of course not for Vladimir Putin sees himself as the incarnate of Hitler's supposed military genius minus the mass exterminations, the ovens, and the camps.

So, the question is can Vladimir Putin truly be stopped?

Yes he can be, but only by literally taking him out. And whether some like it or not the truth is that Vladimir Putin must die as well as those in his inner in loyalists to Putin himself or to another just like him or worse...and to their goal of Russian world domination. And it must be done post-haste either by someone or even a group of someones in the Russian military who know the wrongs being committed in Russia's name, or by a rogue agent willing to risk his or her own life so that not only will Ukraine's hell finally be over, but so the Russian people themselves can be free of communist dictatorial rule. Remember, communism has proven to be but a failed political and economic system originally put into place to bolster the misguided concept of "dictatorship of the proletariat."

So now as I end this article it's day 12 of Russia's war on Ukraine, and it ends with Russia's military having shelled both a second Ukraine nuclear power plant as well as buses full of civilians trying to flee the outskirts of Kyiv. And with, to date, 1.5 million Ukrainians having become refugees while thousands on both sides lay dead, know that even if Putin wins said war it does not necessarily mean he will ever be able to keep what passes in the end for peace. Simply, if Vladimir Putin is not out of the picture the words of Albert Einstein can indeed come back to haunt for after Putin's initiated war ends...a war that could easily turn into a nuclear driven WW III...the next war will indeed be fought with “sticks and stones.” Case closed.

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