Monday, February 15, 2021

Well, if you’re Beijing, this is welcome news. It’s nothing earth-shattering, but any Trump policy aimed at curbing Chinese influence in America would probably be a breath of fresh air now that the Biden administration has taken over, right? Consider this a 2020 election dividend from the Biden White House? They quietly nixed a Trump rule that aimed to track and root out potential Chinese Communist propaganda influence within our education system. It dealt with ordering our schools to disclose ties to the Confucius Institutes, which some have alleged is a breeding ground for disseminating communist propaganda (via Daily Caller):

The Biden administration quietly withdrew a rule proposed by the Trump administration that would have required American schools and universities to disclose their partnerships with Confucius Institutes, which some U.S. officials allege are front groups for Chinese Communist Party propaganda.

EVIDENTIARY PROOF! Voting Machines Removed 6% of Votes from Each Windham, New Hampshire GOP Candidate – Same Machines Used in 85% of Towns
By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT

Dominion is filing punitive, costly lawsuits against anyone who reveals the truth.

If they were able to cheat even in small rural states like this and it seems to be frighteningly consistent from the hand recount done in one district, then what are the odds they did it everywhere?

LISTEN to the phone call recording at the end of the story with David Strang of the NH GOP. It is mind blowing–statistics on the NH voting patterns that mirror the fraud in other statesb ut without huge cities where the populations are bigger than NH, one would never think that they’d bother. Avarice.

Here is a major update to our report on Wednesday on voter fraud in New Hampshire.

As we previously reported — Read more here: