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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

People who entered the United States illegally may be called "undocumented" in politically correct circles, but what is all too well documented is the utter irresponsibility of both political parties in dealing with immigration issues.
Both Democratic and Republican administrations have left the border with Mexico porous for years -- porous not just for Mexicans but for anybody else, including terrorists from the Middle East.

Two very different issues have gotten jumbled together in the political stew called "comprehensive immigration reform." The first and most fundamental issue is whether we are going to have an immigration policy at all. The second issue is: Just what should that immigration policy be?

If we do not control our own border, then we do not have any immigration policy. We may have immigration laws on the books, but if anybody can cross the border that wants to, those laws are just words on paper and a bad joke.

Polls showing the surprisingly favorable reactions of some Republican voters to Donald Trump's irresponsible generalities about immigrants probably reflect many people's frustrations with politicians' weasel words on the subject, and politicians' failure to do anything about a festering problem.

The recent murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant with multiple felonies and multiple expulsions, followed by multiple illegal returns to this "sanctuary city," has been galling to many people.
Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaign has performed a public service by shining the national spotlight on the problem of “sanctuary cities” which shelter illegal aliens from deportation. The tragedy of Kate Steinle, who died in the arms of her father after being shot by an illegal alien, is that her death was preventable, yet officials have defiantly defended their sanctuary policies.

It wasn’t only the City and County of San Francisco that released the seven-times-convicted, five-times-deported Mexican who killed Kate Steinle; Obama’s ICE let him go, too. ICE has released many thousands of criminal aliens onto unsuspecting local communities instead of returning them to their countries of origin, including 121 who were subsequently charged with murdering Americans in the last five years.

According to government figures compiled by Jessica Vaughan, more than 8,100 deportable aliens (including 3,000 felons) were released by sanctuary cities and counties in just the first eight months of last year. Some 1,900 of those wrongly released aliens have already re-offended 4,300 more times, racking up 7,800 new charges including murder, violent assault, rape and child rape.

The first local sanctuary policy was officially adopted more than 30 years ago by Los Angeles’ notorious police chief, Daryl Gates. Since then, about 300 cities and counties have adopted one or more sanctuary policies, such as: refusing to inquire about immigration status when making a traffic stop or other routine police work; refusing to report a subject’s unlawful status to the appropriate federal agency (now called ICE); or refusing to honor a “detainer,” which is a written request to detain a subject until ICE can deport him.

Counterterror expert: “deradicalization” is “practically impossible”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Counterterror expert: “deradicalization” is “practically impossible”
Ganor is quite right in saying that “deradicalization” doesn’t work: many such programs are based on the premise that the true teachings of Islam are peaceful, and so all that needs to be done is show the jihadis how they’re misunderstanding the Qur’an and overlooking its teachings of peace, and all will be well. But […]
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Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs
iran us relations
Looking into the future, Obama is going to make Hitler look like a goof-off.
“IRAN DEAL WORTH MORE THAN ALL U.S. AID TO ISRAEL SINCE 1948,” By Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart, June 27, 2015
The Iran deal will provide Iran with a cash windfall as sanctions are eased and assets are unfrozen. The total amount is estimated to be as high as $150 billion. If so, the Iran deal would give more cash to Iran than the $124.3 billion U.S. has given in total aid to Israel since 1948.
The exact amount that Iran would gain through the unfreezing of its foreign assets is a matter of some dispute. The Israeli ambassador has put the number at $150 billion; the Obama administration puts the number at $50 billion, since some of...


Scott Walker: Trump Using Old Democratic Talking Points Against Me

By Greg Richter / NEWSMAX
Image: Scott Walker: Trump Using Old Democratic Talking Points Against Me
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says Donald Trump is using old Democratic talking points against him when he claims Wisconsin is in terrible shape because of Walker's leadership.

On Monday, Trump tweeted that although Walker currently leads the polls in Iowa, people won't vote for him when they discover his record.

Walker, appearing Monday on Fox News Channel's "Your World with Neil Cavuto,"  countered 
"The rainy day fund is 165 times bigger than when we took office. Pensions are funded. The state is better," Walker said.

Cavuto noted that Trump says Wisconsin now has a $2 billion deficit.

"Interesting," Walker said. "Those are the Democratic talking points. That they've stopped saying them because they're wrong."
The budget he recently signed finishes with a cash balance, he said.

Trump went into attack mode after a Walker staffer called Trump a "DumbDumb."

Walker said that person, New Hampshire venture capitalist Gregory Slayton, was an unpaid volunteer, and neither any paid staffer, nor himself, would ever refer to any other candidate by such a pejorative.

Walker also said he would be willing to sign a pledge not to run as an independent after RNC Chairman Reince Priebus made the suggestion that Republican candidates might need to do so. Trump has threatened to run as a third-party candidate if the GOP doesn't treat him with respect.

"I'm running because I want to turn the country around, and I believe the Republican Party best matches up with my beliefs and my values, and I would hope that anyone running as a Republican would want to do that," Walker said.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The 3-year highway funding bill up for debate in the Senate today has been surrounded by plenty of controversy. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) very publicly lambasted Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for including an amendment to the legislation that would reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which many conservatives criticize as coporate welfare. Although McConnell also tacked on a vote to repeal Obamacare to somewhat appease his small government-minded colleagues, Cruz scoffed that it was no more than an empty gesture.

Unsurprisingly, the Obamacare repeal vote has failed to reach the 60 votes it needed to progress.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Senate votes on today's highway bill.

Update: In another blow to conservatives, the Senate has voted to reauthorize the Ex-Im bank.

Cruz and other Republicans are incensed not only because McConnell offered the Ex-Im amendment, but also because he rejected their attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, which they tried to do for obvious reasons.

By the way, Republicans determined to stop the president's health care law are not letting today's defeat slow them down. Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has already made clear he will introduce the Obamacare repeal amendment again once the highway funding debate is over.
Donald Trump is surging. He’s tapped into the anger within the electorate about how Washington has failed to do anything about immigration. Yet, it’s really grounded in what voters see as a lack of the rule of law on this issue and many others, specifically Obamacare, coming from the Obama administration. The president’s delay of the employer mandate is arguably on the precipice of violating separation of powers, but that’s for another time. The Donald wants to “make America great again,” but he doesn’t want to tell you how he would do it. He has no issues section on his website, as Rare’s Corie W. Stephens noted yesterday. She also wrote that we shouldn’t be surprised:
Trump’s political speeches tend to be rambling, barely coherent declarations of self-promotion, often citing how rich he is and listing off people who allegedly ask him for favors. Trump has made vague policy commentary in the form of statements such as “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall, mark my words.” 

Obama White House says Turkey has right to attack Kurds

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Obama White House says Turkey has right to attack Kurds
Muddying the waters.  The Obama Administration apparently threw the Kurds under bus in order to induce the Turks to do something — anything — against the Islamic State. And so yet again Obama antagonizes an ally in service of an entity that is far less likely to be pro-American. “White House says Turkey has right […]
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Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: "1001 Muslim Myths and Historical Revisions"
“1001 Muslim Myths and Historical Revisions”
amela Geller, Breitbart News: “1001 Muslim Myths and Historical Revisions” - See more at:
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

In his 2006 speech at the University of Regensburg in Bavaria, Pope Benedict XVI quoted a 14th-century dialogue between Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Paleologus, and a Persian Muslim scholar;
“Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”
Yes, that more accurately sums up the Islamic contribution(s) to mankind.
“1001 Muslim Myths and Historical Revisions,” by Pamela Geller, Breitbart News, July
CNN last Wednesday ran a viciously mendacious “article” dragging out the “Muslim inventions” myth – yet again.
This is hardly new; I wrote of it in 2012. CNN is pushing a new book that is based...

Less Than 60 Days and Counting
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

"Members of Congress will ask much tougher questions when we meet with the president's team, and because a bad deal threatens the security of the American people, we're going to do everything possible to stop it."
- Speaker of the House John Boehner on Obama's Iranian nuclear surrender

Oh so pretty words out of the mouth of Obama placater John Boehner, especially with his and the House's track record of doing the right thing being NOT exactly stellar. And while the bipartisan leaders of the Senate 'Foreign Relations Committee' did condemn Obama's outwardly having pushed for ratification of the Iran nuclear deal by the U.N. Security Council before Congress even had a chance to read it let alone vote on it...the fact remains that Congress is still basically rendered impotent to stop its passage because of the Corker-Cardin Bill...a bill which actually protects the Democrats wanting to make a deal with Iran... actually protects Obama's wanting Iran to become a nuclear power.

And even though the 'Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015' was approved by 98 Senators and 400 House members, the 'Corker-Cardin Bill' itself leads the way... whether intentionally or NOT...for Iran to become a nuclear power because first, this bill does NOT require that Congress approve the Iran deal before sanctions can be lifted and second, it reverses, if you will, the Constitution’s presumption against international agreements, meaning the Constitution does NOT give the president the right to make binding agreements with foreign countries on his own. The Constitution surmises that the president should NOT and must NOT take on any enforceable international agreements, deals, or accords without the approval of those 'We the People' elected to represent us and do our bidding.

And the Constitution mandates that NO international agreement can be considered binding unless it garners either a super-majority approval by two-thirds of the Senate or said agreement is enactment through the normal legislative process, meaning passage by both chambers of Congress, and then and only then a signature by the president. But the 'Corker-Cardin Bill's' passage means that instead of requiring the president to get a two-thirds super majority of the Senate to approve the Iran deal, it requires those against the deal to get a two-thirds super majority of the full Congress to defeat the deal. Translation: with Republicans now needing 67 disapproval votes in the Senate and 291 disapproval votes in the House to kill the deal...which will be hard to do...Obama will now once again most likely succeeded in selling America...and Israel...out to the enemy.

And let's be honest as to who is really to blame here...besides first and foremost America's traitor-in-chief of's the Republicans in Congress...the now majority in Congress...who passed this Constitutional trampling 'Corker-Cardin Bill' minus the much-needed but voted down amendments that would have automatically re-imposed sanctions if Iran vacillated in any way from the deal; that would have required treating the deal as a treaty as mandated by our Constitution; that would have required...actually demanded...that Iran free all the Americans they're falsely imprisoning; and that would have required Iran to accept the all-important supposedly non-negotiable right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state.

They voted all this down to pass instead a bill that the Democrats...that Obama...liked and now the U.N. itself has added insult to that injury by ramming the Iranian deal through its Security Council while Congress sits back and blames everybody else without taking a good long look in the proverbial mirror. Now hopping mad at what the U.N. did before they had a chance to vote either in support of or hopefully against this very deal, Congress remains oblivious to the fact that they themselves are complicit in these events because instead of standing up to Obama they put their own political interests...meaning getting re-elected...over national interests...par for the course I'd say of those too afraid of the race card being used against them to do the right thing.

And after the U(seless) N(ations) did what it did Obama's mouthpiece in this deal...John 'Swiftboat' Kerry...had the unmitigated audacity, in a recent nationally televised interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, to warn Israel they dare NOT attack Iran’s nuclear program either via bombing or cyber-attack. Warning Israel...actually threatening our ally Israel...Kerry tried to hide the very fact that in Annex III, page 142, Section D-10 of this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (see entire transcript of the deal here: are words that allow for a possible counter-attack by the U.S. and others to help Iran protect its nuclear sites against any and all attacks by Israel. Saying instead that an attack by Israel on Iran would be a huge mistake with grave consequences for both Israel and the region, Kerry slipped and admitted that, and I quote, “Iran already has enough fissile material for 10 to 12 bombs” ...something I and my Right Side Patriots partner and friend Craig Andresen have been saying since this Iran brouhaha first started.

And now, in addition to the annex issue, it's been leaked that the IAEA and Iran have reached two separate and very secret agreements in reference to the inspection of Iran's, to date, off-limits Parchin military complex along with how Iran will or will NOT address the IAEA’s still unanswered questions regarding past weaponization work. Remember, this very bad deal addresses Iran's presently known facilities alone.

Also, it was announced that these secret agreements have NOT and will NOT be released for either public perusal nor will they be submitted to Congress for review before a vote on passage or rejection of the deal is taken. And this alone is a breech of law...a breech which Obama knows about but does NOT care it goes directly against the 'Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015' that he himself signed into law and which clearly states that “any and all annexes, appendices, codicils, side agreements, implementing materials, documents, and guidance, technical or other understandings and any related agreements, whether entered into or implemented prior to the agreement or to be entered into or implemented in the future,” must first be approved by Congress.

"Put simply, no deal means a greater chance of more war in the Middle East," Obama keeps bloviating ad-nauseum, but the truth is hidden in what Kerry did NOT say during the above mentioned interview. Besides his referring to the deal as a treaty which we know as per our Constitution it is that America, the P5+1, and the IAEA are now willing participants in setting-up Israel to be forced to attack Iran because Iran will surely NOT abide by the deal...secret or otherwise...that they signed...and that Iran will then counter-attack Israel with the U.S. under the Obama regime siding with Iran the enemy against Israel our ally in their joint effort to rid the world of the 'pesky' Jewish do to the Jewish people what Hitler could NOT accomplish.

And Israel knows this well for the details hidden in the annexes, appendixes, and secret agreements of this very bad deal are NOTHING but a blanket threat to Israel to either accept as fact that Iran will soon become a nuclear power or that we...the United States of America...will help Iran make sure that the Levant becomes reality.

So while Obama appeasers John Boehner and Mitch McConnell put on a phony front of concern and consternation about this very bad deal, we now have less than 60 days to make sure we garner the needed votes to NOT only kill this capitulation to the enemy but to override Obama's sure to come veto if we do. And then after the vote is taken, and NO matter its outcome, immediate impeachment proceedings must be started against Barack HUSSEIN Obama for willingly and knowingly 'aiding and abetting' the's called signing a deal that goes directly against our Constitution, our national security, and the security of what's left of the still free world.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kerry Warns Israel: Any action will justify Iran’s pursuit of nuclear war

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

iranObama’s Middle East strategy points to one thing and one thing only — a post-Israel Middle East.

There is no other explanation.

Listening to John Kerry sell this genocidal war pact is like listening to Joseph Goebbels explain the Jewish problem.

“Kerry Warns Israel To Leave Iran Alone,” By Jeff Dunetz, The Lid, July 24, 2015
Secretary of State Kerry took his “selling the crap sandwich” show on the road as he sat down with Matt Lauer of the Today show about the P5+1 deal with Iran. When asked he warned Israel against attacking Iran’s nuclear program either via bombing or cyber attack.
“Well I think that would be an enormous mistake. A huge mistake with grave consequences for Israel and the...

In light of the tragic death of Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco, Congress is debating legislation to deal with so-called sanctuary cities. The thought was that these local ordinances would allow illegal immigrants to report crimes without fear of deportation. Well, this skirting of federal immigration law has reaped some awful results. Yesterday, the House passed legislation that would withhold funds to cities that have passed sanctuary ordinances (via the Hill):
House Republicans passed legislation on Thursday that would deny federal funds to sanctuary cities. 
The bill, passed 241-179, would withhold certain federal law enforcement grants to cities that have policies designed to shelter illegal immigrants from deportation.
Critics of the sanctuary laws say such policies encourage people to immigrate to the U.S. illegally at the expense of citizens.
“A refuge for whom? A sanctuary for whom?” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said. “A sanctuary for Kate Steinle? Or a refuge for a convicted felon with a 25-year-long criminal history?”
Democrats accused House Republicans of bringing up the bill in part because of real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s focus on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities; they dubbed the bill the “Donald Trump Act.”
“Just a few weeks into his campaign and Donald Trump has a bill on the floor of the House. That is better than some of the senators he’s running against.” Rep. Luis GutiĆ©rrez (D-Ill.) said mockingly.
Republicans denied that Trump had any influence on their decision to bring up the legislation.
“This is a valid concern that we’re voting on today,” said Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.), who has often broken with his party on immigration in the past and said he finds Trump’s comments offensive. “I’m not going to let Donald Trump dictate my vote.”
With just a year and a half left to go for his time at the White House, President Obama is telling the BBC what his greatest frustration has been as commander-in-chief: having his gun control agenda "stymied."

"If you ask me where has been the one area where I feel that I’ve been most frustrated and most stymied, it is the fact that the United States of America is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient, common-sense gun safety laws – even in the face of repeated mass killings," Obama said. "And if you look at the number of Americans killed since 9/11 by terrorism, it’s less than 100. If you look at the number that have been killed by gun violence, it’s in the tens of thousands...For us not to be able to resolve that issue has been something that is distressing, but it is not something that I intend to stop working on in the remaining 18 months."

First, it is complete nonsense when Obama says the "United States is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient, common-sense gun safety laws." The U.S. has hundreds of gun laws on the books both at the state and federal levels. Further, there are no laws that aren't already in place that could prevent the type of "gun-violence" Obama refers to. Second, when President Obama refers to the "tens-of-thousands" of people killed by "gun-violence," he's being extremely disingenuous by a) failing to point out that majority are suicides b) the majority of the remaining occur in very specific parts of the country like Chicago, a city that has the strictest gun control measures around. Third, Americans should be concerned about what Obama is working on to implement more gun control without Congress. Earlier this week we saw  report about the administration using the Social Security Administration to put people who need help managing their benefits on the no-gun buy list. We've already seen this type of government overreach implemented at Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics across the country.

Finally, it should be noted that a recent Pew Research Center poll shows more Americans believe gun rights should be protected while fewer believe more gun control should be implemented.

Thanks to RCP for the video.

Justice Dept Backs Off Criminal Probe Over Hillary's Classified Emails                                                     By Melanie Batley / NEWSMAX

Image: Justice Dept Backs Off Criminal Probe Over Hillary's Classified Emails Attorney General Loretta Lynch's Justice Department has been asked by two inspectors general to launch a probe of Hillary Clinton's handling of classified government information while using a private email account while she was secretary of state.

The New York Times, which was the first to report the development, cited unnamed sources saying that the request was criminal in nature.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that a Justice Department official initially confirmed that a criminal investigation had been requested, but later reversed its position without comment.

"The department has received a referral related to the potential compromise of classified information. It is not a criminal referral," said an official.

Inspectors general for the State Department and  Office of the Director of National Intelligence are seeking the investigation after writing two memos on the subject to Patrick F. Kennedy, the under secretary of state for management, copies of which the Times said were provided to it.

Saturday, July 25h, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 11am to 1pm EST, Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss the latest on Hillary and her oh so many scandals, the erasing of American history, and shoving the Iran deal down John Kerry's throat.

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New York Times: Feds Eye Criminal Probe of Hillary Clinton's Emails 
By Melanie Batley / NEWSMX
Image: New York Times: Feds Eye Criminal Probe of Hillary Clinton's EmailsThe Justice Department has been asked by two inspectors general to launch a criminal probe of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account for government communication when she was secretary of state, The New York Times reported late Thursday, citing unnamed senior government officials.

The request is under review, but no decision has been made by the Justice Department, the officials told the Times.

The request, by inspectors general for the State Department and for the intelligence agencies, stems from two memos they wrote to Patrick F. Kennedy, the under secretary of state for management, copies of which the Times said were provided to it.

The conclusion of the memos was that Clinton's private email account had "hundreds of potentially classified emails," Fox News reported.

The inspectors general said that at least one email that had been made public by the State Department contained sensitive information, according to Fox News.
America's two major political parties have a difficult task: amassing a 51 percent coalition in a nation that has always been -- not just now, but from the beginning -- regionally, religiously, racially and ethnically diverse.

George W. Bush's Republicans in 2006 and 2008 were not able to hold together the 51 percent coalition that re-elected him in 2004. Barack Obama's Democrats in 2014 were not able to hold together the 51 percent coalition that re-elected him in 2012.

And, while the media and the voters are transfixed by the antics of Donald Trump, and speculating on possible damage to Republicans, Democrats are having some trouble holding their coalition together in the run-up to 2016.

That trouble was apparent at last weekend's Netroots Nation conference. Martin O'Malley, the former Maryland governor whose candidacy has made few ripples so far, was faced with "Black Lives Matter" protesters. His response, one that almost all Americans would agree with: "Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter." At which point he was booed off the stage.

Similar treatment was given to Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator who's been challenging Hillary Clinton's lead in polls in heavily white Iowa and New Hampshire. Sanders emphasizes economic issues -- single payer health care, a 90 percent top income tax rate -- but he appeals primarily to gentry liberals.

The fallout from attempted ammo bans for AR-15 rifles to dead on arrival gun control initiatives in Congress, which would do next to nothing to curb future mass shootings (or gun violence), has lead to President Barack Obama becoming one of the greatest gun salesman of all time. Okay. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but he’s certainly one of the best in the past decade (via the Hill):
Gun production has more than doubled over the course of the Obama administration, according to a new report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. 
“The ATF report confirms what we already know, that Barack Obama deserves the 'Gun Salesman of the Decade' award,” said Erich Pratt, spokesman for the Gun Owners of America. "People have been rushing to buy firearms because they’re afraid that Obama will take away their Second Amendment rights.”
The ATF’s annual firearms commerce report tracks the number of guns manufactured in the United States, which provides an indication of gun sales around the country.

Border walls rise across Mideast as jihad threat shakes nations
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Border walls rise across Mideast as jihad threat shakes nations
Will the UN denounce these security barriers as “apartheid walls”? Or does only Israel come in for such treatment?

“Border walls rise across Mideast as jihad threat shakes nations,” Bloomberg News, July 23, 2015: CAIRO — As they confront the rising threat of modern jihadist violence, many of the nations most at risk are retreating […]
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