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Disgraceful, disgusting miserable excuse of a president

Obama quotes Alinsky in speech to young Israelis

Channels theme of 'Rules for Radicals' book dedicated to Lucifer

by Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM – In his address in Jerusalem today, President Obama channeled Saul Alinsky, citing the radical community organizer’s defining mantra as he urged young Israelis to “create change” to nudge their leadership to act.

Obama told a crowd of college students at Jerusalem’s main convention center that Israel “has the wisdom to see the world as it is, but also the courage to see the world as it should be.”

One of Alinsky’s major themes was working with the world as it “is” to turn it into the world as “it should be.”

In his defining work, “Rules for Radicals,” which he dedicated to “the first rebel,” Lucifer, Alinsky used those words to lay out his main agenda. He asserted radical change must be brought about by working within a system instead of attacking it from the outside.

“It is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be. That means working in the system,” wrote Alinsky.

Obama related his Alinsky quote to a suggestion that “peace” begins with the people and not just the leadership – a statement some may relate to community organizing.

He further suggested Israelis do an end-run around the country’s leadership and “create the change that you want to see.”

The president said: “That is where peace begins – not just in the plans of leaders, but in the hearts of people; not just in a carefully designed process, but in the daily connections that take place among those who live together in this land, and in this sacred city of Jerusalem.”

He continued: “Speaking as a politician, I can promise you this: Political leaders will not take risks if the people do not demand that they do. You must create the change that you want to see.”
It’s not the first time Obama used the Alinsky phraseology of the world as it “is” versus how it “should be.”

In a May 2011 speech, Obama stated: “There must be no doubt that the United States of America welcomes change that advances self-determination and opportunity. Yes, there will be perils that accompany this moment of promise. But after decades of accepting the world as it is in the region, we have a chance to pursue the world as it should be.”

In an April 2009 talk to a London girl’s school, first lady Michelle Obama recalled that on her first date with Barack Obama, he took her to a “community meeting” and taught her about the world “as it is” and “as it should be.”

“As he talked to the residents in that community center, he talked about two concepts,” she stated. “He talked about ‘the world as it is’ and ‘the world as it should be.’ And I talked about this throughout the entire campaign.”

Alinsky’s ideology is not foreign to Obama. The politician started his career as an Alinsky-style community organizer in Chicago and taught the radical’s tactics at the University of Chicago.

WND was first to report the executive director of an activist organization that taught Alinsky’s tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation was part of the team that developed volunteers for President Obama’s 2008 campaign.

Jackie Kendall, executive director of the Midwest Academy, was on the team that developed Camp Obama, a two-to-four day intensive course run in conjunction with Obama’s campaign. It trained volunteers to become activists to help Obama win the presidential election.

WND also reported the Woods Fund, a nonprofit for which Obama served as a paid board director from 1999 to December 2002, provided capital to the Midwest Academy.

Obama sat on the Woods Fund board alongside William Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization.

Also, in 1998, Obama participated in a panel discussion praising Alinsky alongside Midwest Academy’s founder Heather Booth, an organizer and dedicated disciple of Alinsky.

The panel discussion following the opening performance in Chicago of the play “The Love Song of Saul Alinsky,” a work described by the Chicago Sun-Times as “bringing to life one of America’s greatest community organizers.”

Obama participated in the discussion alongside other Alinskyites, including Booth, political analyst Aaron Freeman, Don Turner of the Chicago Federation of Labor and Northwestern University history professor Charles Paine.

“Alinsky had so much fire burning within,” stated local actor Gary Houston, who portrayed Alinsky in the play. “There was a lot of complexity to him. Yet he was a really cool character.”

In a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe, Alinsky’s son praised Obama for stirring up the masses at the 2008 Democratic National Convention “Saul Alinsky style,” saying, “Obama learned his lesson well.”

The letter, signed L. David Alinsky, closed with, “I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully.”

‘Communist fellow traveler’

Former 1960s radical and FrontPage Magazine Editor David Horowitz describes Alinsky as the “communist/Marxist fellow-traveler who helped establish the dual political tactics of confrontation and infiltration that characterized the 1960s and have remained central to all subsequent revolutionary movements in the United States.”

Horowitz writes in his 2009 pamphlet “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution. The Alinsky Model”: “The strategy of working within the system until you can accumulate enough power to destroy it was what ’60s radicals called ‘boring from within.’ … Like termites, they set about to eat away at the foundations of the building in expectation that one day they could cause it to collapse.”

Obama saying he stands with Israel is a joke for...

rubio cuba demcracy pac
Last January, Senator Marco Rubio’s and his ‘Gang of 8′  U.S. senators set forth a ‘statement of principles’ as the framework for a potential immigration reform bill that could surface as early as April or May of this year.

The bipartisan effort identified several conditions that illegal immigrants must meet in order for them to be able to eligible to receive a “pathway to citizenship” in the United States.  Included in the criteria for illegal immigrants who chose to come forward and declare themselves are the requirements to pay a fine, back taxes and learn English.

immigration post

But what’s interesting to note is that while many politicos talk a tough immigration game and believe that English should be the official language, no one has suggested that English should be designated as the official language of the U.S. in any immigration reform bill.

Isn’t it important for immigrants- illegal or legal- to first learn the ‘official’ language of the United States- especially those whom have chosen to come out of the shadows and enroll in any future immigration reform program?

The Republicans’ Dangerous Makeover

by / Personal Liberty Digest
The Republicans’ Dangerous Makeover
The Republican National Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Reince Priebus, said the party must change if it ever hopes to win the White House again.

So it issued a 97-page report that describes the GOP as “out of touch,” “narrow minded,” and the party of “stuffy old men.” (Those are some of the quotations in the report from focus groups the committee held.)

“Public perception of the Party is at record lows,” the report said. “Young voters are increasingly rolling their eyes at what the Party represents, and many minorities wrongly think that Republicans do not like them or want them in the country. When someone rolls their eyes at us, they are not likely to open their ears to us.”

Unless something changes, the report indicated, “It will be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win another presidential election in the near future.” So what should be done?

If the GOP is to become more relevant to today’s voters, the report insisted, it must “be inclusive and welcoming” on social issues. Plus, it needs to embrace “comprehensive immigration reform,” a code phrase that usually means providing illegal aliens with a path to U.S. citizenship.

Oh, and it’s important for Republican policy makers to realize that voters who are struggling to make ends meet in this economy “do not care if the help comes from the private sector or the government — they just want help.”

Do they think that’s the sort of message that will have millions of voters rushing to support Republicans next time around? Who are they kidding?

It sounds to me as though they’ve been watching too many Democratic commercials. What else can you think when the report offers conclusions like this: “The perception that the GOP does not care about people is doing great harm to the Party and its candidates on the federal level, especially in presidential years. It is a major deficiency that must be addressed.”

It was no surprise that Democratic activists loved the resulting publicity. Jesse Ferguson, communications director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said the report is “a total indictment of the Republican agenda in Congress.”

The report is a result of something called the Growth and Opportunity Project of the RNC. We’re told there were thousands of interviews and more than 50 focus groups, led by a team that included former George W. Bush White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, RNC National Committeeman from Mississippi Henry Barbour and Jeb Bush adviser Sally Bradshaw from Florida.

To make the Republican Party “more relevant,” RNC chairman Priebus wants to spend $10 million to reach out to black, Hispanic and Asian communities. Here’s how he described this part of his plan:

“It will include hundreds of people — paid — across the country, from coast-to-coast, in Hispanic, African American, Asian communities, talking about our party, talking about our brand, talking about what we believe in, going to community events, going to swearing-in ceremonies, being a part of the community on an ongoing basis, paid for by the Republican National Committee, to make the case for our party and our candidates.”

I have no doubt that having real live human beings reaching out one-on-one will be a lot better than pouring millions more dollars into television commercials no one wants or watches. But wouldn’t it make more sense to put most of that effort into areas where a substantial number of people agree with your core principles?

Oops, sorry. “Core principles” are something the Beltway consultants want to ignore, not play up.

Before Republicans make such drastic changes in how they deliver their message, I hope they’ll consider a few important points.

First, remember that they won resounding victories in the House of Representatives three years ago — the biggest gains in more than 75 years. And they held that majority through last year’s elections. Yes, the Democrats got Obama re-elected (with fewer votes and by a much smaller margin than most people realize). And they made some gains in the House and Senate.

But there are plenty of reasons to be more optimistic about next year. For one thing, the Democrats have more to lose. There are 22 Democratic Senate seats that will be decided in 2014, compared to 14 now held by Republicans.

And be aware that seven of those Senate seats now in Democratic hands are in states that Obama lost last year. In fact, his average vote in those States was a dismal 41 percent.

Already, four incumbent Democratic Senators have announced that they are retiring next year. I’d be willing to bet that there will be several more who decide to hang up their hats rather than run in a race they are likely to lose.

Yes, I’m aware that the Democrats have made all sorts of noise about how they’ll not only keep control of the Senate next year, but they will also regain control of the House. I don’t buy it for a second — if the Republicans will field candidates who stick to the message that brought them victories in the past two campaigns.

I’m talking about winning candidates such as Rand Paul in Kentucky, Marco Rubio in Florida, Mike Lee in Utah, Ted Cruz in Texas and the dozens of tough-minded conservatives who swept to victory in the House. Plus, let’s not forget that Republicans won governorships in 30 states.

My point is that the right message will resonate with a majority of voters. Oh, maybe not in New York City or in the People’s Republic of California (with a handful of exceptions).

But in area after area and State after State, a message of curbing government growth, eliminating trillion-dollar deficits, stopping wasteful government spending and living within our means has proven that it will appeal to most voters most of the time.

Rather than soft-peddle their beliefs, Republicans must point out that in the past 10 years, Federal spending has increased a whopping 89 percent. Meanwhile, the median wealth in this country has dropped 23 percent. And the median household income has fallen 5 percent. In other words, as Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) recently pointed out: “While families have been doing more with less, government has been doing less with more.”

That’s a message the average voter can relate to. And as candidates like Paul, Rubio and Cruz have demonstrated, when voters understand the message, they’ll elect the messenger.

Let’s hope we see more like them running for office next year.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

Obama tells "Palestinians" to cut out the genocidal jihadist rhetoric and rocket attacks -- no, wait...

From Jihad watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

Actually, he pretended that they have already done that. He spent his time hectoring the only side that really wants peace as if it were the only obstacle to that peace, and called upon it to take steps that would seriously imperil its survival. "Obama tells Israel: 'Peace is the only path to true security,'" by Stephanie Condon for CBS News, March 21:
Speaking before a lively and receptive crowd of 600 Israeli students, President Obama today urged the youth of Israel to accept "the realization of an independent and viable Palestine." A two-state solution, the president suggested, is the only viable path forward for Israel, given the political and technological changes underway. 
"Peace is necessary. I believe that," Mr. Obama said, speaking at the Jerusalem International Convention Center on his second day in Israel. "I believe that peace is the only path to true security. You have the opportunity to be the generation that permanently secures the Zionist dream, or you can face a growing challenge to its future."
Yes, creating a new base for jihad attacks against Israel will certainly secure the Zionist dream.
With the fast-moving developments in the Middle East sparked by the Arab Spring and the spread of democratizing technology, Mr. Obama said, "This is precisely the time to respond to the wave of revolution with a resolve and commitment for peace."
That "wave of revolution" brought to power governments that are unanimously and indefatigably hostile to Israel. So apparently Obama wants Israel to respond to this new threat not by preparing itself for a war that appears to be inevitable, but by pretending that the developments are positive and doing nothing to protect itself.
"Peace must be made among peoples, not just governments," he continued. "No one step can change overnight what lies in the hearts and minds of millions.... But progress with the Palestinians is a powerful way to begin, while sidelining extremists who thrive on conflict and division." 
Mr. Obama noted that, given the strong support for Israel in the U.S., it would be easy for him to put aside the idea of pursuing a two-state solution. However, he added, "It is important to be open and honest, especially with your friends."
"Given the demographics west of the Jordan River, the only way for Israel to endure and thrive as a Jewish and democratic state is through the realization of an independent and viable Palestine," Mr. Obama said, prompting cheers from the young audience.
Mr. Obama hailed Israel's thriving economy and robust democracy, remarking on the robust debate that young Israelis engage in. He even found the silver lining when a heckler in the crowd began yelling in Hebrew for the release of Jonathan Pollard, a Jewish-American intelligence analyst who spied for Israel.
"This is part of the lively debate that we talked about -- this is good," he said, bringing the audience to give him a standing ovation. He joked, "I have to say we arranged for that because it actually made me at home. I wouldn't feel comfortable if I didn't have at least one heckler."
Mr. Obama said that while he backs a two-state solution, "the only path to peace is through negotiation... That is why, despite the criticism we've received, the United States will oppose unilateral efforts to bypass negotiations through the United Nations."
He also said that Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with anyone who is dedicated to its destruction. Still, he said, "Palestinians - including young people - have rejected violence as a means of achieving their aspirations. There's an opportunity there -- there's a window."
Have they really done that? Where? Who? How?
The president made an appeal for empathy, noting that before delivering his speech, he met with a group of young Palestinians, between the ages of 15 and 22. 
"Talking to them, they weren't that different from my daughters. They weren't that different from your daughters or sons," he said. "I honestly believe if any Israeli parent sat down with those kids, they'd say, 'I want these kids to succeed.'"
It isn't the Israelis who are teaching their children that their highest aspiration is to hate Israel and work for its destruction by killing Jews.

(Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Fiscal Policy Debate in a Single Chart

I’m a sucker for a good flowchart because they either can help to simplify analysis or they can show how something is very complex.

Some of my favorites include:
I’d like to see a good fiscal policy flowchart, one that captures all the options for policymakers.

I created a matrix early last year to illustrate some of the goals and tradeoffs, but it wasn’t comprehensive.

Well, the folks at the UK-based Social Market Foundation have stepped into the breach and put together a flowchart that seems to cover every option.

They call it “The Gordian Knot of Growth.” It’s designed for the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer (akin to our Treasury Secretary and Office of Management and Budget Director), but I think the various boxes also capture almost all of the various policy prescriptions in the US.

Fiscal Flow Chart

But notice that I said this flowchart presents “almost all” of the options. You’ll notice that there’s no box for “tax increases” or “higher marginal tax rates.” That will give you an idea of how Obama’s class-warfare tax policy is way out of the mainstream.

For what it’s worth, I belong in more than one category. I’m an “Expansionary fiscal contractionist,” as well as a “Deregulator” and (under the TINA options) a supporter of “Long term measures.”

In other words, the burden of government spending should be reduced and we should allow markets to allocate resources.
Dumb and Dangerous: America's Fast Pass for Saudi Arabia

Dumb and Dangerous: America's Fast Pass for Saudi Arabia

By: Michelle Malkin / Townhall Columnist
It's business as usual in the post-9/11 world. Your federal government is back to pandering to wealthy travelers from Saudi Arabia. In the eyes of our massive homeland security apparatus, the comfort of Saudis is a higher priority than the safety of American citizens.

And thanks to reckless, feckless bureaucrats who fear being labeled "racists," "xenophobes" and "Islamophobes," political correctness remains the handmaiden of terror.

According to a new report released this week by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), President Obama's Department of Homeland Security plans to bestow "trusted traveler" status to travelers from Saudi Arabia. Yes, the home of 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers will soon enjoy the exclusive privilege of new entry shortcuts into the U.S.

Fox News points out: "Only an exclusive handful of countries enjoy inclusion in the Global Entry program: Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the Netherlands. According to the IPT, some officials are questioning why Saudi Arabia gets to reap the benefits of the program, when key U.S. allies like Germany and France are not enrolled."

Saudi suck-up Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, hailed "the bond between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" and pledged to work with the government to facilitate "legitimate trade and travel."

This foolish move is astonishing but not unprecedented. As I noted in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration had created its own fast-pass system for Saudi elites called "Visa Express." Thanks to this GOP idiocy, three of the 9/11 hijackers skipped the usual consular interview process and bypassed long lines in the hot Saudi sun.

Throughout the jihadist-coddling Saudi kingdom, applicants could simply file their visa paperwork through travel agencies and courier companies for a small fee -- without having to appear in person or submit to extensive background checks. The U.S. embassy in Riyadh bragged before 9/11: "Applicants will no longer have to take time off from work, no longer have to wait in long lines under the hot sun and in crowded waiting rooms, and no longer be limited by any time constraints."

Investigative reporter Joel Mowbray obtained the shocking, shoddy applications filed by the hijackers -- whose omissions about where, when and what they planned to do when they arrived in the U.S. should have raised blood-red flags. But after the Saudi-dominated 9/11 jihad crew murdered nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children on our soil, Bush administration officials bent over backward to assure touchy Saudis that no changes would be made "in determining visa eligibility as a result of the (9/11) attacks." Visa Express was expanded.

Moreover, State Department employees were banned from communicating with foreign governments about their citizens' visa applications, making it virtually impossible to verify vital information. The Bush State Department official in charge of implementing the "Visa Express" program that helped enable 9/11 hijackers and their colleagues was not punished. Instead, she received "cash prizes for 'outstanding performance in the 12 months from April 16, 2001, to April 15, 2002' -- a period during which at least five of the 9/11 terrorists received visas that should have been denied according to the law," as Mowbray noted, "and during which September 11 happened."

Since that time, consular screening has remained an abject joke. There is still no operational tracking system to detect and deport hundreds of thousands of visa overstayers, including untold numbers of illegal aliens from jihad-friendly Middle Eastern countries. Law enforcement training for consular officials is scant. And Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., stated the obvious about Obama's Fast Pass 2.0: "I think you have radical Wahhabism in certain elements in Saudi Arabia, and I think to be more lenient there than in other places would be a mistake."

Twelve years after a Saudi-dominated cabal of young male Muslims committed mass murder in the skies and brought down the Twin Towers, your government refuses to do the unapologetic national security profiling necessary to prevent another domestic attack by foreign jihadis. Instead, they're searching your grandma's knitting bag, your Marine's prosthetic limbs and your toddler's bags packed for Disneyland -- while waving Saudi "trusted travelers" through the fast lane. Deadly deja vu.

Israel, Iran, and the Obama factor
By: Diane Sori

Barack HUSSEIN Obama's photo-op 'it's all about me' trip to Israel was intended to heal open wounds that he will NEVER admit were of his doing...of Obama's doing because of his less than outward support for our most staunch of allies. Vacillating between mediocre support for the Jewish state and his true support for all things muslim, Obama told Jewish leaders that he was determined to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, that all options were on the table, but that there was still time for a diplomatic solution.

NO, I don't think so...

Not as long as Iran continues to play games with the gamekeepers, for even in light of a newly discovered 'secret' nuclear site (called Quds meaning Jerusalem), 15 miles from the Fordow facility (with a capacity of 8,000 centrifuges and with three operational chambers), Iran still assumes they're calling the shots. And as of now, you know what, Iran is as they just turned down the P5+1 (France, Germany, the US, China, Russia and Britain) proposal to limit their nuclear ambitions by limiting their uranium enrichment to 20%, and having them shut down their Fordow underground facility. Claiming the offer has 'no balance' as it demands Iran give up more than it gets in return for what they called 'a modest relief' from sanctions that have crippled their economy, Iran just stalled the game yet again giving them even more time to keep working on their nukes as NO sanctions currently in place has forced them to change their nuclear ambitions.

And Obama knew about this turn down even as he was bloviating with his best 'for the camera' smile to Israeli students in Jerusalem about his so-called 'support' for Israel by saying that the US would NOT stand in the way if Israel decided to take unilateral action against Iran. Sure Obama, send Israel in alone in light of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's threat that if any military action is taken against Iran they would level both Tel Aviv and Haifa.

"Every now and then the leaders of the Zionist regime threaten Iran with a military attack...They should know that if they commit such a blunder, the Islamic republic will annihilate Tel Aviv and Haifa"...a NOT so veiled threat by a supposed holy man...a madman really...and with madmen calling the shots in Iran anything is NOT only possible but probable.

And what did Barack HUSSEIN Obama say to's hard to hear through his deafening silence.

And Obama oh so willingly happens to forget Netanyahu's 'red line' warning from last September's U(seless) N(ations) speech that if Iran succeeds in the enrichment process they will reach an 'immunity zone' where it would be too late for military action to stop them, and that could happen by the middle of this year.

Obama's 'support' of Israel is photo-op 'empty substance' support and NOTHING more for if he really supported and stood by Israel against an enemy determined to wipe them off the map he would get in Iran's face and say to Iran's leaders, 'mess with mess with us.'  Sadly, I guarantee you that will NEVER happen.

And then there's his 'hidden in the words' condemnation of Israel in regards to the Palestinian issue.

"The only way for Israel to endure and thrive as a Jewish and democratic state is through the realization of an independent and viable Palestine," Obama said at the Jerusalem Convention Center.  "Peace is necessary, but peace is also just.”

Tell me how Israel is to make peace with an enemy who continuously lobs rockets into their cities, the latest attack happening while Obama was there.  Does Obama care...NO he doesn't as his answer was to ask Israelis to consider the Palestinians' "right to self-determination and justice" as they work toward a peaceful solution.  Definitely gagging on that one.

Bottom line...if Barack HUSSEIN Obama was a true supporter of Israel he would stop giving aid and lip service to the enemies of Israel.  Playing both sides against each other in what is really already a war is nasty business and dangerous to Israel, for the time is fast approaching when Israel will be forced to funnel all its resources into defense while Obama smirks and gives a wink to his muslim brethren.

Thankfully, Benjamin Netanyahu is a smart man, an ex-soldier strong of character, a man wise enough NOT to give any serious credence to the empty words of a community organizer who is play acting the role of a president (and doing a terrible job of it I might add) for Obama's sudden about face, pro-Israel bloviations are nothing but reading script lines for the cameras.  Remember, actions speak louder than words...and actions like arming the Muslim Brotherhood with F-16s and Abrams tanks says what his true intentions really are.

So did Barack HUSSEIN Obama's trip to Israel heal old wounds...maybe to him and his smirky smiling persona for the cameras it did but for true leaders of courage, like Benjamin Netanyahu, all it did was show that when it comes to all things Obama his words are as empty as his true support of Israel is.