Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Manchin admits 'Inflation Reduction Act' won't tame inflation for Americans anytime soon
Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said after President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act that it would take some time before investments brought down prices nationwide for Americans
Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., on Tuesday admitted that the Inflation Reduction Act won’t "immediately" temper inflation, telling reporters that the necessary investments needed to bring down prices would take some time. 
Manchin’s comments came after President Biden signed the landmark climate change and health care bill into law on Tuesday, delivering what he has called the "final piece" of his pared-down domestic agenda. Though Democrats have labeled the measure the Inflation Reduction Act, nonpartisan analysts have said it will have a barely perceptible impact on prices.

Asked by Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn whether it was misleading to call the bill the Inflation Reduction Act because it won’t make everyday goods less expensive, Manchin said, "Why would it?"

"Well, immediately it’s not," Manchin said. "We've never [said] anything would happen immediately, like turn the switch on and off." Read more and see video here.

Anti-Trump Snowflake Liz Cheney Got Blown Out the Door Last Night
Matt Vwespa / Townhall Tipsheet
If there was something I misjudged about the Wyoming primary, it’s how bad Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) would lose. The final polls had the incumbent Republican down by at least 30 points heading into Election Day. I thought she would be defeated within the eight-to-twelve-point range, but as it turns out, she got slaughtered. Cheney asked for this brutal drumming when she began a near-obsessive campaign to purge Trumpism from the Republican Party. In that effort, she ingratiated herself with Democrats and forgot why she was re-elected to Congress in 2020. She claimed to be a defender of our constitutional republic, and the people fired her. 
The concession speech also provided another reminder of why this woman was sent packing. Cheney compared herself to Abraham Lincoln, took more swipes at Donald Trump, and just expounded on things that provided Wyoming Republicans who voted her out with great confidence that they made the right choice at the polls. 

Cheney is a classic snowflake who thinks her principled stand against Trumpism will echo throughout the ages as the new ‘Goldwater moment.’ No, she was just an anti-Trump Republican who went so crazy that people...Read more, see tweet and video here.
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