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Deafening Silence of the Jewish Kind
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."
- Joshua 1:9

Seventy-four years ago on May 7, 1945, Germany surrendered and World War II in Europe was finally over. All told between 70 to 85 million people lay dead, six million of them Jews. Around two-thirds of Europe's Jewish population was systematically murdered between 1941 to 1945, but to say the world didn't know is not true for the 1930's saw the lead-up to what was to come as Dachau, which started it's killing operations in 1933, was known about by many.

And only with the end of the war did the number of Jews killed and the atrocities committed upon their person really begin to sink in...and yet even those numbers and the horrors inflicted did not stop the cancer that is anti-Semitism from spreading into our country. In fact, many Jewish Americans fail to see let alone accept the new reality that today's Jew-hatred coming from islamists and white supremacists has been both coupled and amplified by the Jew-hatred emanating from some newly elected and long standing Democrat members of Congress. And it's these folks who continue to make sure that what they perceive as “rightfully deserved” hatred of Jews is back as item number one on their silent “to do” anti-Semitic agenda.

But even sadder is that America's Jewish and Christian populations...see my article Deafening Silence of the Christian Kind...both seem engulfed within a cocoon of deafening silence and blinding delusions that the many atrocities ongoing in the world today will not happen here. Christians, for the most part, keep collectively silent as churches are vandalized and defiled both here within our own country and around the world...sometimes with many killed...and Jews don't want to hear how Iran keeps wanting Israel wiped off the face of the map with those in the Diaspora thrown in for good measure. And in the case of the Jews this is all being done while overt acts of anti-Semitism seem to be met with the same nonchalant Christian attitude of forgiveness and pardon...why else is it that outwardly anti-Semitic lhan Omar has yet to be legally expelled from Congress.

Turn the other cheek” seems to be just as erroneously revered by Jews as it is by Christians as followers of both faiths seem to think that forgiveness is the sole duty of the victims. Forgetting that those who unjustly kill in the name of hate need not be forgiven by mere mortal men but by God alone...if He so chooses to forgive that is... otherwise why would there be a Hell to send sinners to. And while the Talmud itself says that even those who unjustly kill must be given the chance to repent before their Judgment Day, thus being allowed to reconcile with God if you will, that does not mean that the murderers of six million Jews, for example, must be forgiven by any of those of the Jewish faith alive today.

And the majority of American Jews seem to remain both locked in deafening silence as well as being blind to the fact that it's not just islamists that they need to fear...islamists who are undoubtedly the biggest perpetrators of hate, bloodshed and death against both Christians and Jews...but it's also the anti-Semitic, Nazi condoning, far right fringe of sorts coupled with those within the progressive far left of the Democrat party itself. 

"Never Again" is indeed happening again, this time via the very political party too many Jews support.

The Democrat party basically remained silent, except for a few cursory remarks, when one of their own targeted and slaughtered 11 Jews worshiping in a synagogue in Pittsburgh just six short months ago, and did the same on the last day of Passover just past when another Chabad synagogue was attacked, this time in Poway CA, leaving one dead and 4 others injured including an eight year old child. Now as the Democrat party sees itself being slowly exposed as the true the enemy of both American Jews and the Jewish State of Israel, it's way past time that Jews hear that truth before it's too late...and know that particular doomsday clock is already ticking down ready to explode here at home.

The Democrat party...the party Jews overwhelmingly and ever so foolishly continue to support...sees hatred of them going way beyond just the likes of vile muslimas Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Thalib, as some of that hate...albeit to a far lesser degree...also surfaces from the Republican side of the aisle. Resonating within the very halls of Congress itself...a Congress that can no longer hide behind what was once veiled yet accepted tropes against Jews...still sees the majority of American Jews continuing to support both liberal causes and candidates, as well as the party that actually hates them. And they do so while attacks against synagogues and destruction of Jewish cemeteries increases not just here at home but also in Europe, while at the same time rockets are lobbed into Israel almost on a daily basis.

And yet few Jews are crying out in anger as the deafening silence that breeds Jew-hatred continues on as it festers and grows even stronger with each passing day. Deafening silence for like with the Christians who remain silent to the slaughter of their brethren half a world away coupled with the defaming of the tenets of their faith, so too do the Jews remain eerily silent to attacks on those of their faith. Sure the rabbis will speak out in the immediate aftermath of any such attack as do the priests, ministers, and pastors when those of their faith are attacked, but none of their words spoken ever seem to be backed up with even so much as a basic plan regarding much needed tangible actions or should I say reactions.

Payback should be a bitch after it's the only thing cowardly anti-Semites, 7th century savages and those who make heroes of them both, respect let alone fear.

And when you add in the media who not only remain, for the most part, silent in their reporting of acts of violence committed against Jews or who affords such acts mere token words at best, and you couple that with the media actually helping to perpetrate can be seen in this recent New York Times cartoon...the reality is that only Israel truly understands the gravity of the now worldwide situation for only Israel fights back against those doing them and their citizens harm.

"Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went up to him and asked, "Are you for us or for our enemies?" - Joshua 5:13

Simply, only Israel seeks and initiates much needed “revenge” when Jews are killed or property of Jews is either destroyed or damaged by those who wish them all dead, and it's time that “revenge” here in our country is not treated as a four-letter word. An “eye for an eye” does have a place in today's world and it's time American Jews seek “revenge” against the party that is helping to perpetrate and spread all the anti-Semitic hate.

But said “revenge” in the case of the Jews is surely quite different than it is with the Christians needing an actual Crusade of sorts to rescue Christianity, for in the case of America's Jews the best revenge comes in the guise of changing the actual mindset of why they continue to vote Democratic. Voting Republican should and must be the end game for even while American Jews truly want to “do good in the world”...a concept deeply rooted within the Torah itself...they foolishly continue to buy into the Democrat tenet of “social responsibility.” And what is “social responsibility” but a politically over-hyped misnomer on par with the “it takes a village” nonsense of the Hillary Clinton days. Missing the mark that it's “personal responsibility” that must and should take precedence over any and everything “socially” related, only when Jews start taking seriously that the Democrat party is not their friend will some progress in stopping the anti-Semitic hate be made.

And while Democrats and especially the progressive far left faction of the party abhor Christians for their deep faith in the very God they as Democrats relish in “booing,” Democrats abhor Jews, I believe, more out of simple jealousy of their collective economic and professional successes than they do of their religious tenets. Yet Democrats work hard to garner both the Jewish vote as well as their campaign contributions for as much as they dislike the Jews they do realize they can capitalize on the Jews shared acceptance of variations in “societal norms”...variations in “societal norms” that help to make up a great part of the Democrat party agenda and platform.

But until American Jews accept as fact that it's that very acceptance Democrats are using to help push forward what is actually a hateful agenda that does allow anti-Semitic rhetoric and hate to flower and grow... and until Jews realize that with their having the highest percentage of voter turnout of any American ethnic group (Jews make up just 2–2.5% of the U.S. population but 94% of that population lives in the 13 most key electoral college states which combined have enough electors to elect the next president)'s now time for the roughly 65% of American Jews who call themselves Democrats, to stop being silent and vocally leave the Democrat party.

And that exodus has thankfully started as a result of both Republican and President Trump's rightful stances on Israel. And if that's not enough incentive to leave what is the true party of hate, then maybe America's Jews should consider these the 2018 election four muslims were elected to federal office; 13 were elected to state office; eight were elected to county office; 19 were elected to municipal office; six were elected to the judiciary (very significant wins when you consider how judges don't seem to be concerned about the Constitution anymore and look to foreign law and "precedent" in many of their rulings); with these numbers not including those muslims elected to school board positions, state attorney general positions, or other numerous important positions. 

And dare I forget that those muslims all ran as Democrats...more haters of Jews now in the very halls of our government.

So muslims and their unapologetic slaughterer of both Christians and Jews...muslims who have no problem promoting their wanting to "change" our culture and society into theirs replete with sharia law being placed above the Constitution...those very muslims and their Democrat supporters are the ones Jews need to be most fearful of for nothing changes the fact that muslims as a collective whole want to see Jews...and Christians...dead. It's in their (un)holy qur'an after all.

And while Jewish voices quiver as to the scope of the true nightmare they face, it's now time to follow Israel's example and fight back against those wishing them harm, for if they don't just like with the Christians possibly having no church to come home to in the end, the same can be said of the Jews having no synagogues at which to worship. 

So the Jews and the Christians must unite together as one...unite together to fight not only all the hate coming most especially from one side of the political aisle, but to fight together against the savages lurking at both Judaism's and Christianity's proverbial door. And if they don't, just like it is now with their Christian brothers, it will be the Jews deafening silence that is Judaism's death knell as well. I truly wonder how God our Yahweh... will feel about that.

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