Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Craig Andresen

Benghazi: The Truth Exposed...Part 1

By Craig Andresen on April 7, 2014 at 9:06 pm 

For the next two days, My Right Side Patriot’s radio partner, Diane Sori and I have combined our efforts to bring you the latest and most stunning coverage of the Benghazi cover up you will read anywhere.

Today, we have written separate articles with mine outlining what transpired before the attacks and Diane’s, regarding what transpired DURING those attacks.

If you think you already know the whole story…You don’t and, what you DON’T know is likely to light your hair on fire.

On January 15th, 2014, the Senate Select Committee on intelligence review of the Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Facilities in Benghazi was released to the public.

Naturally, you read that report.

You didn’t?

Well, surely you heard all the details of it on the news.

You heard that the Benghazi attacks could have been prevented. That’s what you heard on the news. 

In fact, that’s about ALL you heard on the news because, mainstream media and, in this case, even Fox news didn’t give the report the coverage they should have.

There’s a lot more, a WHOLE lot more in that report than, “It could have been prevented.”

For instance…

Were you aware that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence spoke with General Petraeus not once, not twice but, 3 times and one of those times was when the General was still the head of the CIA?

That is a fact that will become more important when you see how it ties in with the rest of this series later on.

The committee also spoke with the CIA Chief of Base Benghazi who was there on the night of the attacks, a fact made even more important given last week’s testimony from Michael Morrell, the then Deputy Director of the CIA who admitted that the unnamed Chief of Base Benghazi emailed him, just 4 days after the attacks to tell Morrell, in no uncertain terms that the attacks were NOT part of some protest over a You Tube video but were, in fact, a TERRORIST attack.

Were you aware…

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Benghazi: The Truth Exposed...Part 2 (of 3)
By: Diane Sori

My RIGHT SIDE PATRIOT partner and owner of The National Patriot, Craig Andresen, and I have teamed up to expose the truth about Benghazi...the truth the media...including FOX News...will NOT tell you. And as they say, 'the devil is in the details'...and those details can be found buried within the entirety of 'The U.S. Senate Select Committee on INTELLIGENCE REVIEW of the Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Facilities in Benghazi' and NOT within the abbreviated version the media 'sold' to the public.

These details are so critical and so ignored that Craig and I are doing a three-part series running today and tomorrow in our respective blogs and on Facebook leading up to our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio show this Wednesday at 2pm. Comprising our full second hour starting at 3pm, Craig and I will break down our finds into even more details...details and facts Obama and Hillary need to be kept hidden for fear that both a Constitutional crisis and their respective arrests might be in the making. Please visit Craig's blog thenationalpatriot.com first (Part 1) as he exposes the events leading up to Benghazi.

And now I will pick-up where Craig's article leaves off...

When foreign diplomats sense their lives are in danger they try to send paper 'classified documents' to 'safe' places or they destroy those documents which could fall into enemy hands. And if choosing to smuggle documents out they do NOT send them to just one person...they send copies of said documents to many...either couriering them out via a trusted person or most likely in Stevens' case sending the computer files through the internet and e-mails to those they trust.  I would safely guess that's what Stevens did, for being the consummate professional he was known to be, he probably documented everything (I believe) he suspected about Obama's involvement in the guns and weapons running operation, and sent it to those he trusted as the events in Benghazi and around the area started to heat up. And most likely Stevens' actions and his suppositions were discovered by Obama's and Hillary's people, and thus he was marked for a 'targeted kill' to silence him, because the presidential election was coming up and Obama could NOT afford any bad press. Sadly, Smith, Woods, and Doherty were mere collateral damage.

As I've explained in my previous op-eds and Craig in his, we both believed within mere hours of the attacks that Ambassador Stevens most certainly suspected Obama was ILLEGALLY running guns and weapons to the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels, and was going to expose him. However, in the weeks leading up to Benghazi, Stevens started sensing he was in serious danger and reached out to Hillary Clinton...in her capacity as Secretary of State and as his boss...for help and protection, because he had NO reason NOT to trust her and thought she would come to his aid (NOT realizing that Hillary was also involved in the operation). That would explain his many e-mails directly sent to her where he pleaded for additional security. In fact, on June 7th, July 9th, and August 15th he asked for more protection or that plans in the making to draw down security be halted as security was in danger because the February 17 Martyrs Brigade guarding the Mission was becoming "unreliable." And these e-mails either went unanswered or were flatly refused. BIG mistake in trusting Hillary as she in turn probably told Obama that they were about to be exposed...making the attack on the Benghazi Temporary Mission a calculatedly constructed  cover for what was to be the 'targeted killing' of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. 

Craig and I also believe that towards the countdown to September 11th that Stevens realized he was betrayed and that NO help would be forthcoming from either Hillary or any in the Obama administration. And so he did what was once unthinkable... Ambassador Stevens reached out to the political opposition...reached out to Republicans ...more on that tomorrow.

Now as to the attacks themselves...

September 11, 2012

6:43am...(all times given are Libyan time) staff at the U.S. Special Mission in Benghazi woke up to find one of the Libyan policeman who was supposed to be guarding them, filming the compound from a neighboring rooftop and who then went missing. Happening just two days after Stevens received a warning that one of his diplomats had met with two islamist militia leaders to discuss the U.S. support of secular leader Mahmoud Jibril for Libyian prime minister in the September 12th elections, and warning Stevens that if Jibril won they would "no longer guarantee security" for the Mission.

Later that day the U.S. Senate's Homeland Security Committee issued a statement that warning lights were "flashing red" as news broke of attacks on the U.S. embassy in Cairo. Claiming the attacks were a response to the now infamous YouTube video...The Innocence of Muslims...the CIA sent cables to its foreign consulates warning of possible copycat attacks. And Sean Smith, Stevens' information management officer e-mailed a friend: "Assuming we don't die tonight. We saw one of our 'police' that guard the compound taking pictures."
9:30pm...militia jeeps bearing the black banner of a local islamist militia, Ansar al-Sharia, and packed with militiamen who made no attempt to hide their identities, were seen by locals blocking the streets leading to the compound. 

9.42pm...explosions were heard from the far side of the compound and then shouting and detonations were heard at the front entrance. Gunmen entered by jamming a gun in the face of an unarmed Libyan guard. On the monitor at the tactical operations center (TOC) one of the agents... out of the five on duty from the state department's security force (DSS)...saw the front gate open, armed men running in, and Libyan guards running out. Only then was the alarm set off. 

Procedure had it that in case the outside Mission wall was breached, they were then to take position at the sandbagged emplacements, but three of the four agents with Stevens had left their rifles, helmets, and body armor in the accommodation block, this according to the review ordered by Hillary Clinton...a revue full of LIES and inconsistencies. So as the DSS agents tried to reach the accommodation block to get their weapons, Stevens and Smith remained inside. By the time the three had their weapons, attackers were circling the grounds blocking their path. They retreated, locking themselves into safe rooms in the barracks and TOC. 

9.50pm...Stevens now sent a message to Gregory Hicks, America's Deputy Chief of Mission in Tripoli, telling him: "We're under attack." The attackers then set fire to the guardhouse and a rocket-propelled grenade slammed into the lintel above the front doors, allowing gunmen to rush inside. The DSS agent with Stevens and Smith led them into a final place of refuge, the so-called 'safe haven.' 

10:15pm...by now the Mission was on fire and the 'safe haven' was filling smoke and while the DSS agent made it outside through an escape hatch in the wall Stevens and Smith did NOT make it out. The other DSS agents locked in the two safe rooms in the TOC and barracks remained safe as attackers entered the buildings, ransacked and set them on fire, but did NOT penetrate the safe rooms.

10.25pm...a six-person force of Americans with 40 'supposedly' friendly militiamen began fighting their way through to the compound from the now known to be a CIA facility (annex) a mile away. At 10.50 pm the message "firing has stopped" was sent to Washington, and the five DSS agents went back to the 'safe haven' through the escape hatch finding the body of Sean Smith but Ambassador Stevens was missing. 

September 12, 2012

Around midnight or shortly thereafter...the CIA and DSS teams arrived at the CIA annex, and rocket attacks began just as seven embassy and CIA staff members stationed in Tripoli chartered a plane and flew to Benghazi arriving at 5am, coinciding with the second attack on the annex. The bombs of the first attack fell beyond the walls, but the attackers then 'walked' the remaining bombs into the annex where they exploded. Then there was a lull for about 5 hours, but at 5am as the embassy and CIA staff members arrived the second attack occurred killing CIA security contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.
12:15am...after the CIA team abandoned the consulate, crowds of local men and boys stormed the consulate. The fires were dying down and walking the grounds they found the unsecured window into the 'safe haven' where they found Christopher Stevens barely alive. A video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzGZEFrODP8 timed at quarter-past midnight, shows them carrying Stevens onto the patio (at 48 seconds) amidst shouts of "Allahu Akbar" before deciding to bring him to the Benghazi Medical Center where he was officially pronounced dead after 90 minutes.

 * IMPORTANT NOTE...The five DSS agents went into the 'safe haven' at 10:50pm and Ambassador Stevens was NOT there as they only found Sean Smith's body. However, at 12:50pm when the locals went in they found Stevens barely alive (notice how they dragged a barely alive man out) and took him to the hospital. The fact that the DSS agents could NOT find him could be as simple as the smoke obstructed their view in the room or was Stevens NOT there because he was taken out, brutalized, and returned so as to appear to have died of smoke inhalation. And who are these locals who found Stevens...could they have actually participated in the attack or were they just curiosity seekers who wandered into the compound to see what all the ruckus was about..we might NEVER know. 

At daybreak, (6:05am) reinforcements from the February 17 Martyrs Brigade and the Libyan police arrived to escort the remaining 31 American survivors and three bodies (Smith, Woods, and Doherty) to the airport for evacuation to Tripoli. And only after all were evacuated did anyone go to the hospital to retrieve Ambassador Stevens' body for his final flight home. 

Now you must understand that the Benghazi attacks all told continued on for eight hours with the call about the attacks reaching the White House at 3:40pm EST which corresponds almost directly with the 9:42pm Libyan start time for the attacks, and in this call Obama was informed that NOT only was the Benghazi Mission under attack, but also that Ambassador Stevens and other Americans were missing.  And at 3:59pm EST(2:58am Libyan time) the DOD ordered an unmanned surveillance aircraft (Predator drone) to reposition overhead of the Benghazi Mission, and was subsequently replaced by another unarmed Predator to enable the first to return to base for refueling.

* IMPORTANT NOTE...both Obama and Clinton claimed they did NOT watch the Benghazi attacks on a monitor in the Situation Room in real time but the truth according to some that were there is that they did.
At 5:40pm EST, Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy refused to send FEST (Marine Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams) to Libya. At 6:06pm EST, a third DOS e-mail arrives at the White House from Ansar al-Sharia claiming responsibility for the attacks, and at 8pm EST, Gregory Hicks, the Deputy Chief of Mission in Tripoli (Stevens second in command in Libya), calls Hillary Clinton to tell her unequivocally that the attacks at Benghazi were terrorist attacks. At 10pm EST Hillary Clinton and Barack HUSSEIN Obama met via a phone call to discuss the situation and at 10:30pm EST Clinton, for the first time, publicly blames "inflammatory material posted on the internet" for the violence. 

In that critical half hour between 10 and 10:30pm EST, Obama and Clinton set in motion the video ruse that they had planned as cover all along. And with that done the President of the United States excused himself from the Situation Room as he deemed it more important to go to sleep and be ready early in the morning to jet off to Las Vegas to raise money for his presidential campaign...deeming that more important than staying to learn the fate of the four missing Americans. Amazing...unless he chose to excuse himself because everything was going according to plan...meaning Ambassador Stevens and what he knew could NO longer touch him.

Or so he thought...

Tomorrow, Craig Andresen and I will wrap up our three part series on Benghazi with information about the all important 'stand down' orders that could have only come from the Commander-in- Chief, and we will expose a secret long held as to whom we believe Christopher Stevens turned to for help, and who now just might go down with the rest for both his inaction in helping Christopher Stevens and his complicity in covering up the truth about Benghazi.