Friday, October 30, 2020

Unmasking the Truth About Biden's Domestic and Foreign Policies
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

...And here are four key areas where Joe Biden, as opposed to President Trump who remains totally supportive of law enforcement, is seen as pandering to said minority with his criminal justice plan which includes:

1. Cutting down on rates of incarceration; increasing government oversight of local police and prosecutors; increasing the rights and resources for those no longer incarcerated including providing them with “guaranteed housing” upon finishing their other words Joe Biden's criminal justice plan would reward those who commit crimes; call to task those who help prevent crimes; while at the same time making America's streets less safe for we law abiding citizens...

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The Electoral College Prediction That Will Leave the Left 'Terribly Shocked'
The Electoral College Prediction That Will Leave the Left 'Terribly Shocked'

We’re either right or wrong. There is no in-between here concerning the polls. These liberal outlets are oversampling Democrats, ignoring Trump Democrats, not accounting for fewer young voters turning out, and including way too many college-educated voters to craft a narrative that this country holds a D+15 electorate. It's just not true. Trump Democrats are being ignored. Rural Republicans are being bypassed. The suburban cohort of the GOP—sure. They’re the squishiest and most vocally anti-Trump of the group. At Trump’s rallies, around 25 percent of the attendees didn’t vote in 2016. Some firms haven’t even moved off from registered voter samples. It’s a trainwreck. Biden is supposedly ahead by double-digits, which his camp says is not true. They’re admitting the polls are inflated, which could also be a ploy to keep their base anxious and ready to vote. They don’t want complacency to settle in like it did in 2016. Yet, the rule hasn’t changed: never underestimate anything when Trump is on the ballot and at the top of the ticket.

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Add Florida to list of swing states where early voting data favors a Trump victory

By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT

Man the polls on election day. Volunteer for election action. The Democrats are going to explode. They know the Right won’t do anything, they never do, so expect wild developments.

Republicans have closed Democrats’ early voting lead in Florida by about 300,000 votes since early, in-person voting began and only trail in the state by 3 points five days before Election Day.

“Anyone Democrat feeling really confident right now should look at Florida’s early voting numbers. Republicans are having another huge day across the state,” NBC’s Joe Scarborough noted Tuesday.

 Democrats carried an early voting lead in Florida into Election Day in 2016 as well only to have that margin erased by the GOP, resulting in Trump winning the state.

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