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The Cowards vs. The Pitbull in a Dress
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“I will decline the advice I was recently given by your top negotiator, Saeb Erekat. I will not shut up.”
 - U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley rocks...there is no other way to say it and I cannot say it enough. John Bolton revisited and so very long overdue.

A strong woman...a woman of conviction...I applaud Ambassador Haley for her “bitch slapping” PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat across his chauvinistic, sharia-wanting, disrespectful face after he said to her at a recent U.N. meeting that she "needs to shut up and realize the Palestinian leadership is not the problem."

Oh really...if the Palestinian leadership is not the problem in regards to the farce known as the Israeli/Palestinian anything but peace talks, then I ask Mr. Erekat who or what exactly is the problem.

But he can't answer that or better yet he dare not answer that for Saeb Erekat knows it will not serve him well if he let the truth be known that it's actually the entirety of the made-up people known as the Palestinians who are the problem...a problem consisting of the sum of its parts starting at the top with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas clear on down to the littlest child being trained today to be tomorrow's terrorist-in-waiting.

And what started this altercation between Haley and Erekat...it was Ambassador Haley's previously stated words before the U.N.'s Security Council where she rightfully called out Palestinian Authority President and 'supposed' peace broker Mahmoud Abbas for remarks he gave back in mid-January in a speech before the PLO's Central Council in Ramallah.

Incendiary words chosen just to inflame the passions of the Palestinians and their supporters, Abbas' speech not only deliberately and with much malice intended, ignored any and all legitimate Jewish and Israeli claims and ties to both the Holy Land and to Jerusalem proper, but where Abbas also stated that during the Holocaust years Europe's Jews “willingly chose” to undergo “murder and slaughter” instead of emigrating to what was then British-held Palestine. Then adding that Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, “imported” Jews from Yemen and Iraq to Israel against their will to deliberately “stir up trouble in Arab countries,” it was clear that Abbas's remarks were that of a man who in no way sought peace...and who in reality never really did.

And Abbas continuing on by saying that, “Ben-Gurion did not want Middle Eastern Jews to come [to Israel]...but when he saw the vast land, he was forced to bring Middle Eastern Jews...that didn’t want to come. From Yemen they flew 50,000 Jews...They didn’t suffice with 50,000 Jews. Then they went to Iraq, which had large reserves of Jews.”

“Reserves of Jews”...what pray tell did Abbas mean by “reserves of Jews?” And when he claimed that this was all accomplished by Israeli politicians making deals with Iraqi politicians ..."deals to take away the citizenship of Jews and force them to emigrate,” Abbas' claims became but the stuff of a madman's delusions.

And his reasoning behind these ridiculous statements... according to Abbas' own words it was because he believed that the State of Israel was formed as “a colonial project that has nothing to do with Judaism,” as it was created solely to safeguard European interests. In fact, Abbas reiterated his previously stated demand that Britain apologize for its 1917 Balfour Declaration, which endorsed the idea of a Jewish state, because according to Abbas the history of the British-Jewish connection to Palestine actually reached back to the rule of Oliver Cromwell in 1653, which is decidedly untrue.

"He invoked an ugly and fictional past, reaching back to the 17th century to paint Israel as a colonialist project engineered by European powers," correctly said Ambassador Haley about Abbas's comments.

So what is Abbas but a man buying into the lying rhetoric he probably helped write for Mahmoud Abbas is ever so desperately trying to rewrite history to better serve his and his anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-American cohorts unabashedly nefarious agenda. And he's doing so by deliberately choosing to ignore the fact that the Jewish people, both biblically and historically, have deep connections and ties to the land of Israel including having had Israel see long periods of sovereignty back when the land was under the rule of the great Jewish Kings Saul, David and Solomon.

And know that Abbas in spewing his what amounts to islamic propaganda in Ramallah, was doing so to further push forward Iran's islamic agenda that would see the current Jewish State of Israel...Iran's called “Little Satan”...being wiped off the map and then to claim all of Israel as the Palestinian's homeland with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Levant finally realized...or so Abbas thinks...or so Abbas hopes.

And this is the man that Israel...that BiBi Netanyahu...is supposed to broker peace with...no I don't think so...for how can peace be  Mahmoud Abbas' true objective when he neither understands nor will he entertain the fact that the Jewish people have both a biblical and a legal claim to the whole of the U.N. mandated modern Jewish State of Israel. And dare we forget that Abbas' demanding a two-state solution would be the death-knell for Israel for this is the very man who has never once said that the Jewish State of Israel has a right to exist.

Simply, peace will never be achieved while Mahmoud Abbas is the man brokering the 'supposed' peace talks for Abbas is but a man hiding behind the mask of saying that he wants peace but doing everything possible so that there can be no peace. And that includes him having met just a few weeks ago with the ultimate wolf-in-sheep's-clothing, King Abdullah II of Jordan, the man who says he's Israel's friend but who in reality is anything but.

In fact, during his meeting with Jordan’s king...a meeting that was nothing but a U.N. generated push-back against President Trump's recognizing an undivided Jerusalem as Israel's capital...Abdullah assured Abbas that he, as a 'supposed' respected voice on the international stage, will always defend what he called the so-called “legitimate rights” of the Palestinians to independence along with them having a capital in East Jerusalem.

And Abdullah does so even knowing well that the so-called Palestinians are actually Jordanians who he refuses to allow to come home...and he does this while still refusing to give full rights to those Palestinians that already call Jordan home.

And so, both men agreed to coordinate positions saying that, “great efforts are now being made to limit the damage” done by the U.S. recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital especially now that President Trump has said that the issue of Jerusalem is “off the table.” But what Abdullah willingly chooses to ignore is that he has now taken sides not just against Israel but against our country as well for Abdullah forgets that Jordan is a U.S. ally as well as Jordan being a major recipient of U.S. economic and military aid...both of which, I believe, now need to be immediately discontinued.

And Israel...and Netanyahu...need to add Jordan and its backstabbing king to the list of Arab...of muslim...countries wishing for Israel's demise.

Now remember what I said earlier, that Mahmoud Abbas really does not want peace and to that affect I offer you this as proof. Just last Tuesday when the U.N. Security Council again convened a meeting on what they call “the Palestinian question,” Mahmoud Abbas showed the world exactly what he and the Palestinian Authority really thinks about peace.

In his address Abbas listed his demands including that there must be a “suspension of the decision regarding Jerusalem and halting the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem.” And immediately upon his last word, Mahmoud Abbas and his minions got up and walked out of the Council chamber, knowing full well that the next two scheduled speakers were to be Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon and U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

See Abbas and his minions walking out before Ambassadors Danny Danon and Nikki Haley are to speak here: https://tinyurl.com/y97ayot7

“I expected Mr. Abbas to stay with us and have a dialogue...unfortunately he’s once again running away,” said Ambassador Danon but really, that is what cowards and phonies do...they run for fear of being confronted and being exposed to the truth, and in Abbas' case that truth is that he really does not want peace.

In fact, Mahmoud Abbas is actually an obstructionist to peace for Abbas knows well that the Palestinian issue brings in big bucks and that he is one of those benefiting directly from those big bucks...so why upset the status-quo and risk losing his ever increasing bank account.

And Ambassador Haley's response to what amounts to being deliberately demeaned and shunned is that instead of her ignoring Abbas she stood strong and hit the now gone PLO president head on. Saying that, “The United States stands ready to work with the Palestinian leadership,” and that “Our negotiators are sitting right behind me, ready to talk. But we will not chase after you. The choice, Mr. President, is yours”...what Haley actually did was tell the Palestinians they had but two choices...as in either go on a “path of absolutist demands, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence” or to follow a “path of negotiation and compromise”...a path that for now “remains open to the Palestinian leadership if only it is courageous enough to take it."

Unfortunately, Abbas, as expected, chose the cowardly path by walking out taking with him Saed 'shut up' Erekat. Both sharia endorsing men now showing the world that they indeed are afraid of Nikki Haley and the words emanating from what they consider a mere girl... one really needs to see both the irony and shamefulness in that.

But if truth be told the entirety of these 'supposed' peace talks is now and has always been but a sham on the Palestinian's side for peace based upon the sovereign nation of Israel giving up even one inch of its precious land...which is what the Palestinians want...instead of working towards a peace based upon changing the Palestinian's mindset regarding Israel’s right to exist as the nation/state of the Jewish people, coupled with accepting as fact the Jewish people's sole historical and biblical connection to the Holy Land and to Jerusalem...will never see their misguided brand of peace working out nor will it ever come to fruition. And President Trump rightfully knows this.

And why...because the PLO, the Palestinian Authority, and their terrorist arm Hamas, continue to promote and instigate violence and terrorism as a way to seek Israel’s destruction by using the 'so-called' Palestinian people as their current favored weapon of choice. A true Pandora's box of contradictions...one the true reality that peace will never be brokered and the other the pretending that peace could be at hand if only Israel acquiesces to the demands of its enemies. And this sees the ones suffering the most being the 'so-called' Palestinians themselves for they already have a homeland lying just east of the Jordan River, but it's headed by a king who simply does not want to let them in.

So the U.N. supported pro-Palestinian banter will continue to drone on with nothing of substance being accomplished, especially when the now officially "off the table" issue of Jerusalem (and with this May's U.S. embassy groundbreaking...groundbreaking designed to coincide with Israel's 70th Independence Day) was something the Palestinians knew... something that Abbas knew...would always be the case. But know that Ambassador Nikki Haley will continue to shine while at the very same time still being disrespected by the very same ones she is trying to help...and all I can say is I hope that Nikki Haley never shuts up.

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Today, Tuesday, February 27th from 7to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Amb. Nikki Haley putting both Saeb Erekat and Mahmoud Abbas in their place; a new mental disease afflicting liberals; and important news of the day.

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