Thursday, October 20, 2016

USA Today: The Cascade of 2017 Obamacare Premium Hikes Has Arrived The Washington Examiner's Philip Klein penned a prescient column in February, arguing that Obamacare was "off to a rocky" start in 2016. In the piece, he noted that potential political pain for Democrats would start to make headlines and land in consumers' mailboxes around...well, right about now: "For months leading up to the election, voters are going to be hearing more and more about staggering rate increases coming in 2017. And this year, open enrollment – when individuals shopping for insurance can start to go online and see the premiums on new plans -- begins on Nov. 1, or just one week before the election. This means that for the months, weeks, and days leading up to the election, the Democratic presidential nominee and all of the party's Congressional candidates are going to have to contend with news of sky-rocking rates coming from Obamacare as insurers struggle to make the business profitable," he wrote.  And that is exactly how things are playing out.  USA Today is out with new reporting confirming that Obamacare rate spikes are being approved by regulators across the country -- some even green-lighting increases above and beyond what insurers requested:

Iran’s supreme leader slams American elections
By Christine Williams  / Jihad Watch 


Iran’s supreme leader slams American elections
A regime that commits the worst human rights abuses and that “refuses to live by the rules of civilized diplomatic practice”, and whose “behavior has gotten worse”: The Islamic Republic still sees the invasion of embassies as an acceptable political tool. Yet this ignoble regime has the audacity to weigh in on the American elections….. […]

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CLINTON LIES EXPOSED: Hillary DELETED Emails With Her Email Server Technician Who Pleaded the Fifth


She’s a bold-faced liar. And she is contemptuous of “everyday Americans.”

Today we find out that Hillary deleted emails with Bryan Pagliano, the IT technician who managed her email server. Clinton had said she did not recall having any communication with Pagliano about maintaining her private email account.
Hillary Clinton deleted several emails she exchanged with Bryan Pagliano, the former Clinton campaign official who managed her private email system while at the State Department.
Judicial Watch, which released the emails on Wednesday, say that they undermine Clinton’s recent claims, made under oath, that she did not recall communicating with Pagliano about her emails.
The emails are part of a trove of 30,000-plus...

Treason...Thy Name is Hillary Clinton
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Short, direct, and to the last night's third and last Presidential Debate Hillary Clinton divulged for the whole world to hear the fact that the U.S. has only four minutes between the time the nuclear button is pushed and a window of opportunity to call it off.

For that alone...for disclosing this most critical of all America's secrets...Hillary Clinton needs to immediately be removed from the race and have her sorry butt arrested like right now!

'Aided and abetted' America's enemies is what she did...that is TREASON...and she committed said TREASON on national TV!

Please share this everywhere...this truth must get this out...the media won't do it so it's up to us.