Friday, February 4, 2022

ICYMI: Joe Manchin Isn't the Only Reason Why Democrats Won't Be Able to Get Much Done for Awhile
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet
Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have been targeted by the left. They're hated by the left. The left wants them gone for their resistance to the Democrats' radical agenda. They weren't onboard for Build Back Better and its Leninist goodie bag items. They weren't onboard for nuking the filibuster over their party's shoddy attempt to pass a federal election takeover bill. They're not to blame. They're rational. They're sane. It's the rest of their party that belongs in the looney bin. Sinema might face a primary challenge, but Manchin won't. West Virginia is deep red. Biden didn't win a single county, and Trump won the state by some 41 points. Manchin's opposition to Build Back Better probably brought him much needed dividends. 
Yet, for the rest of the winter, nothing much is probably going to get done. Yes, Manchin has said that Build Back Better is "dead" and not coming back. He did crush those Democratic hopes, but there's also another factor...Read more and see tweets here.

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State Department warns Russia, China alliance to backfill severe economic sanctions will fail: ‘Putin knows’ 
The State Department on Thursday warned that, if Russia invades Ukraine, any attempts to offset harsh sanctions against the Kremlin by bolstering the Russia-China alliance will be insufficient. 

The U.S. and NATO have vowed swift and severe economic sanctions if Russian President Vladimir Putin violates the former Soviet nation’s sovereignty.

Reports surfaced Thursday alleging that Russia may be looking to expand its trade deals with China, particularly in the energy sector, as it evaluates the potential inability to use its coveted Nord Stream 2 Pipeline to funnel natural gas into Europe. 

“If Russia thinks that it will be in a position to make up some of those consequences … by a closer relationship with the PRC [People’s Republic of China], that is not the case,” State Department press secretary Ned Price said. Read more and see video here.